Lumia 950 Review: A Windows Phone for Windows Fans

Learn more about the Lumia 950 in our review at Pocketnow (one of our most extensive ever!): (Full description below)

When Microsoft announced in July that it was writing down almost the entire cost of its Nokia acquisition and laying off 7,800 employees from its phone division, many took it as a sign that the bell had finally tolled for Windows Phone. Despite a promising debut in 2010 and some very compelling offerings since, Microsoft’s mobile platform has failed to gain significant traction, peaking at just 3.4% of the global market in 2013 before plummeting to its current low of 1.7%. Microsoft’s restructuring, along with its move to port its Office productivity suite to iOS and Android, was seen by some as a tacit admission that it had lost the smartphone war – and mediocre hardware offerings like the Lumia 830 did little to change that perception.

The October launch of the Lumia 950 (and its larger sibling, the 950 XL) opened a new chapter in Microsoft’s mobile history. The Lumia 950 is a bundle of contradictions: a halo smartphone in a ho-hum chassis; a cutting-edge operating system with a still-nascent ecosystem; a product built not necessarily to sell in volume, says Microsoft, but as a kind of concession to the long-suffering Windows Phone loyalists. In other words, the Lumia 950 is unlike any smartphone that’s come before. While it probably doesn’t represent the future of Windows on phones, it’s one of the only two flagships available on the platform today. So is it worth the $600 Microsoft wants for it?

Only if you’re a fan.


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wow u made a windows phone sounds good for once never new u had it in u u always make windows seems like its the worst and u have another review of the 950xl which u make seems like the worst phone on the market

Atharva Jones says:

I like Microsoft but the Lumia 950 XL is really not a very good soft build I use it for few days and return because of software problem. I went back to my Lumia 1020 I’ll wait until they come out with something better.

BlayzedBlue says:

windows phones are garbage.

mindlesswaffle says:

I don’t get why everybody bitches about the look. It’s a smartphone, not a fashion statement. It serves a purpose and looks like it serves a purpose. Plus people were complaining about the bright colors on the earlier ones and now complaining that they’re gone. That whole thing is petty, silly, and boring.

tmfvde says:

That iris scanner is the only reason i’d want to buy this.. If it were in something like S7 or 6P i’d be in heaven.

Jio Jio says:

Thanks for the info.. u saved my money

Gwen Coonen says:

Me and my girlfriend have Lumia’s, a 635 and 735.She diesn’t bother updating it to win10 and is still very pleased with it. No hassles, no problems etcI have updates mine and never had any issue with it.Very smooth transition to win10 and I find it awesome.And we often get new updates etc, so It’s far from dead. in case of the store..ah well…there are alot of apps, hou won’t find through the normal menu. What helped though wad reinstalling it. But still, many appd you neef to find by manually searching by letter of name. But again, I don’t use a shitload of apps, just the most important ones…i Just don’t bother actually, so I al very happy with the Lumia!

Shafique Asif says:

please make videos of good quality

Not The One says:

BofA came back with a new app along with a couple others. The only big one missing is Snapchat. Also most of the bugs are worked out already.

MrGrislyTooth says:

Honestly I would have a Windows Phone and the 950 would be my first choice but the issues need to be fixed before I consider making the switch. My biggest problem would have to be the marketplace being empty of the apps I use most and the duplicates of which most people wouldn’t download because it’s not from the actual developer. If Microsoft can fix these issues I would most likely get it instead of the iPhone.

Bassamation S says:

It’s the most strange , ugliest looking in the market .. and that because Microsoft doesn’t has the ” sense ” or taste of non desktop media .. they just don’t get it .. and now as we see they transform Xbox into a PC .. Microsoft just don’t play other games .

TheLegend27 says:

Windows phone needs more apps

Eskyl Mx says:

most of the bugs are fixed now. Now windows 10 mobile are far better than ios and android.

TheLegend27 says:

Dude that intro was WAY to serious

Sams capungas says:

Undoubtedly Nokia phones are excellent phones but the OS, sucks..

Der Mattes says:

I love the lumias for years! To me its the best mobile os! Cant understand, why it doesnt impact… It will be my next phone!

antonio rufo-sanon says:

your in somerville??

velocity211 says:

Just bought a 950 after two years of my iPhone 4S. Absolutely no complaints, especially about the appgap. Such a unique and awesome phone. Glad I got this over the S7 or 6S

Nobody Cares says:

Good to know I switched to Android. W10 apparently still retains WP’s bugs: getting images stuck in tiles (no solution), lack of apps, screen unresponsiveness, no updates for most programs. It’s sad, I wish the lumia 1020 wasn’t just a big camera.

sonyxperiavel says:

I love Windows phone, I have lumia 920 and for 2 years there wasn’t even one bug !!! for me this phone is the strongest phone!!!

Kenny Lilipaly says:

the lumia 950 is 400 euros and the 950 xl 430 in the Netherlands

devang kukadiya says:

it is best overview of lumia 950. i naver seen before

Charlie Boyd says:

I found windows 10 to be more stable than windows 8 and I have a Lumia 640

Olaf Mainframe Sergey says:

Most of those bugs have been fixed already.

amandeep singh says:

why back button and minimise Boton in the screen it should be more down side

Collins Vakayil says:

What game is being playing at 1:39?

arricrankin says:

I had this phone for a full 5 days before the “sad face” popped up on the phone and I could no longer use it. I could have downloaded software to fix the issue but I figured if this could happen just after 5 days, how long would it really last for me. During the time I had the phone, many apps crashed just after playing for a few seconds, this became extremely frustrating and I had  to restart the phone a couple times because the main screen went blank. I do not recommend anybody get this phone for any reason.

Joseph Lambert says:

These reviews are absolutely incredible. I love the way the presenter speaks, how everything easily rolls from his mouth. No stuttering, no sentence fillers like “ummmm” and “errrrrrrrr”. He speaks clearly and concise and with clarity. The camera work is spectacular, the video quality is outstanding on my Nexus 6P’s 1440p screen. The sound editing is marvellous with excellent choices in background music and the transition between speaking and playing music. These videos are an absolute pleasure to watch. Good work!

volleyballschlaeger says:

If you want Windows on your phone, run it inside an app on Android. For example Windows XP in something like VirtualBox on Android.

Rikesh Shrestha says:

Lack of apps, Ugly ui with bright fonts, too many bugs windows phone is useless

numbelibae says:

Impressive review. Lots of work put into it. And useful too!

Benedito Paulo says:

quero nem de graça!

The Uncanny One says:

Only £190 here in the UK, cheap as all hell.

Cameron Davis says:

Link to the full review directs u to an error 404 page.

Ward Huyskes says:

Are the bugs fixed anno 2016?

VacancyJB says:

world richest company why can’t produce a great OS?

Sheeba Habid says:

which game was u playing in that phone plzz reply anyone???

Ashutosh Tiwari says:

moto G4+ or redmi note 3 or letv 1 s or Asus zenfone 2 laser ( 3gb)………which is best for gaming+camera????

Josh Figueroa says:

at 3:12 what weather app is that ?? or is it just the stock one?

Neki Tamo Gejmer says:

game at 1:43?

Ziggy Sheppard says:

In the UK, you can get this phone from Microsoft directly for just £249 (about $305) with a free display dock which suddenly makes this phone one of the best deals available. The equivalent iPhone costs almost 3 times as much direct from Apple.

Sean Dougan says:

A phone is more powerful than my 2012 acer aspire one….lol

Tuff2Keel says:

I’ve been a devoted Windows Phone user since the very beginning, been using it for close to 6 years now and I was hoping to renew my mobile plan to get a newer Windows Phone, then i found out that Microsoft CEO cancelled production on all future Windows Phone and is laying off people that worked on them and is currently focusing on developing the Surface Phone. I really hope the Surface Phone’s worth all the hassle and lives up to the standard.

Ishav Khanna says:

I saw micheal fisher ad on this video

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