LG X Power Review: The Best Phone for Pokemon Go!

LG X Power is a entry level smartphone with a massive battery. It’s the perfect smartphone for Pokemon Go. Watch for the full review!

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Laura Santos says:

I have this phone through cricket wireless and I love it! the only thing is I can’t figure out how to add more stuff to the qslide. I love the pictures it takes on it and the battery life does last quite awhile its not a bad phone to have.

Sugar Foot Draco says:

is it fast

Nurkila Mustapha says:

Malaysia banned Pokemon Go!!!

Ahmed Nour says:

The best phone for Pokemon GO doesn’t have a gyroscope sensor?!

FubarMike says:

can this actually play pokemon go even with 1.5gb ram? Pokemon go states that it needs 2gb

DingoGamingXD says:

is there a website for this phone in Australia?

xcaliber says:

man it can play gta san Andreas best phone i owned the battery wow

Usman Naveed says:

Thanks for the review!
I think i’ll go with this phone for my mom and take my landline phone away.
She’ll be mainly using for calling / video calls. (first cellphone for her)
Was thinking of Moto G Play and Samsung galaxy J3 as well, what do you think?

LeBeautiful says:

hmm how does this phone cope with heat? any bootlooping issues?

Gamer MZ says:

How much is it

Julie Parsons says:

Through the u.s carrier Boost Mobile it has 2 gigs of ram and a 1.8 ghz octacore.Plus its only $100

Riki Wick.! says:


sentienthalo1 says:

Great review. Exactly what I’m looking for in a phone. Battery Life Ubar alles. I’m sick of flagships with crap battery life.

Epictech says:

I thought this phone had a snapdragon 210

InvisbleMario says:

The battery life on smart Phones has kept me out of the market my flip phones goes for days without a charge. This LGX is what i have been waiting for and would love to be able to promote to my clients

MakoRuu says:

The Oukitel k10000 is still better, and half the price (with two and a half times the battery.)

An0nym0us9001 says:

“It’s made of plastic but ver light weight”
Wtf dude.

Roberto Munoz says:

i heard you could charge other phones with thiis phone. have you tried that?

awesomeguy Ly says:

planning to get this phone. Any problems with it?

Evilshoot2 says:

Actually in my phone there is no ar.So yeah.

horror from me says:

is it better than stylo

Rob G says:

its actually a Mediatek MT6755 8-core @ 1.8ghz(A53). 2Gb ram with Mali T-860 video graphics. it seems good to me in real world use for a budget phone

Bella cat says:

I have g3. Been thinking about getting power x. Thanks for the review.

AndrewN502 says:

just got this phone at Cricket Wireless on sale for $99.99. if I was not an existing customer and had ported my number I could have got this phone for 50$

Tigron says:

Where did you find LG X Power this much cheap in Canada? I couldn’t find it at all unless it is locked with some SP. Unfortunately not my SP.

Rob G says:

did i mention i love this phone? For $100 i really think it’s worth the money. Been using 3 weeks now and very few flaws for the price point. Battery life amazing. can watch 3-4 movies no problem

van brown says:

does this phone has NFC

Mr.Lenoir says:

matthew moniz your a liar 🙂
the best phone for pokemon go is the samsung s7 Edge !
u can use explosion while batteling a gym !

NBH BadBoy says:

Lg stylo vs lg X power ??? Any lag on Pokemon go and any lag on just multitasking and watching videos

Zach Scott says:

No AR, might as well get BLU Life One X for $200 CAD. I use it for pogo and it’s a dream. I bought the last white one in stock for $200 🙂 just the colour was discontinued by manufacturer, same specs. Now it’s $390 lmfao.

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