LG V20: Most Underrated Phone?!

Top 5 LG V20 Features – sleeper phone of the year?

Dual camera phones explained: https://youtu.be/XVL0ybe18yI

LG V20: http://lg.com/V20‎

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


Pre-production device provided by LG.


Arturo Atherly says:

yeah, yeah all that……but wheres N7.1.1 OH and the bluetooth radio sucks

nuke018 says:

but its so ugly

Negan Lannister says:

No, the LG G5 is the most underrated, underappreciated, and misunderstood.

areeb1296 says:

What do you guys think about the G6?

Erick Washington says:

I remember switch from the stylo to the galaxy…charged my galaxy to 100%…1 hour later its on 50%…LG stylo on 100% from beginning to end of the the day…maybe 99% lol

Kris Rana says:

Is this waterproof ?

120506torque says:

im curious what app r u using for text messages the factory app wont let me receive or send pics

cjgt77 says:

I would love to see you do a review of the V20 paired with the upcoming Audio Technica ATH-DSR9BT or DSR7BT headphones. I’ve been hearing good things about aptx Bluetooth tech and since both have this technology it would be nice to hear the results. I’m in the market for some headphones, but want something that takes advantage of the V20’s tech.

Michael Moore says:

chest normally transaction plant fresh museum french

xainy100101 says:

did he said one of them is front speaker ? is it true because other reviews said it ony have bottom speaker plz help

HaSSan KhaN says:

what does skinned and unskinned mean…?

Enian Seng says:

how much impedance exactly can it drive max

sukaran grover says:


G Nye says:

I want this phone! !

Dae says:

Got one yesterday. Love it.

Randy W Horton says:

all of the LG phones are underrated and have little following. I have a LG G2 as a backup phone for 4 years and it still is great today. however, I prefer iPhone or Google pixel as I like the latest greatest proven phones.

Rouzbeh says:

how is the in-call volume dude ? you know some of us still use a phone to make voice calls. all these new phones have become game boys with poor in-call quality since reviewers only care about specs and only review specs… for the love of God look at it firstly as a phone then a multimedia equipment …

dave clarke says:

for this phone to put music on it can i plug it to my laptop and drag and drop?

Gayathra Perera says:

Marques please do a G5 Review !

Kevin Bianchi says:

Damn. I wish more reviews were this precise. Well done.

Srimayangsari September says:

You must say : Quad D-A-C not Quad Deck, misleading

Toobula says:

True that. I have one. Fantastic phone. And so far for me, too, great battery life. Could never get the Samsung Galaxies to last the whole day (I REALLY use my phone). This one has gone to “low battery alert maybe twice in the last month since I owned it.

Ben Felizer says:

Great job plus the tv speaker voice you. With that voice I’ll be on tv. thanks…..

Sheraz Khan says:

nice phone

Wilfredo Martinez says:

Strong candidate for the boot loop syndrome

ipad 4arab says:

2015: LG V10 is rare bread…
2016: LG V20 is a rare bread?

Raghavendra Guduru says:

What headphones are those?

юрий бочаров says:

watching this on my lg v20

John Dow says:

I use 250 ohm fostex np with LG V20

JOSE says:

Marques, could you make a review of the Huawei Mate 9?

Rabih Saad says:

The V20 is the best 2016 cell phone..Still put it the best in 2017 as well as unique looking, DAC, manual camera controls, the ability to record ausio and video with hifi audio, drop resistance and functionality.

Christian M says:

I’m going to get one it looks great

ElGallo says:

you can change the apps on the second screen. delete them then drag the app you want up there

Dobbsy says:

Shame it’s not sold in the UK, at least not by any reputable sites 🙁

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