LeEco LePro 3 Android Phone Review

Lisa Gade reviews the LeEco LePro 3, an unlocked GSM Android smartphone with 4G LTE, a 5.5” full HD IPS display and 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU that sells for $399 or less with no contract requirement. The phone has 4 gigs of RAM, 64 gigs of storage, a 4,070 mAh battery and an aluminum unibody design with Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the display. The smartphone has WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and stereo speakers. It has a 16MP rear camera with f/2.0 lens and 4K video recording and an 8MP front camera. A TPU clear case, USB-C earbuds and Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 charger are included in the box.

The hardware is compelling, though phones like the OnePlus 3t and the Moto Z Play provide stiff competition. The software is unique and perhaps less compelling— it runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with heavy UI customizations called EUI (Ecosystem UI). LeEco is making a big push in the TV and smartphone space (they bought the TV maker Vizio in 2016).


Mark De Korte says:

i wonder if you can get this phone in the netherlands. i think this is a very beautifull phone that looks like samsung ,but not the childish interface. ik hope i spell de lines correct haha…

Junior Suarez says:

you can buy this phone on aliexpress 276.99$ i just saw it there is an IR blaster at the top of the phone also

Edgar Renje says:

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t get me somehow…every feature is acceptable, but I’m still going with my S6 Edge – everything bigger is not for me anyway.

Jaky Mo says:

Why are so many companies coping Apple???

Rena Chan says:

what those manufacturers don’t get, is that they should cut the crap to win European and US markets.

Users are not waiting for a random Chinese services pack, that brings nothing new.

Just look at Huawei, they are learning and fast, EMUI is less “Chinese iOS copy” and it’s getting better with every iteration.

Besides, partnership with Amazon, Leica and others brings a lot to the table.

StereoMathematics says:

its like they have a 12 year old in charge of naming everything.

Pawan Kumar Pahuja says:

Good to watch…..but what about launching in INDIA and what PRICE ?

Guns N Gaming says:

Are you going to review the Gear S3?

Gamer Studio says:

Could you do more phone reveiws plz

Oscar Diaz says:

Any plans for a review on the ZTE Axon 7?

dela vago says:

Oh look another phone that looks like other phones.

Nothing new.

hoboneedshemp says:

Could you review the Honor 6x

princeD1100 says:

MobileTechReview – Hi Lisa, great review as usual. A phone I highly recommend which I am sure you would like very much is the Huawei Honor Note 8, 6.6″ screen with a 2k super amoled display. This phone is amazing and is getting rave reviews from users. Please, please, please do a review of this phone.

Ben says:

I have it’s big older brother, the Le Max 2, which has a 2K 5.7 inch display. Their hardware is solid – powerful and well constructed. The visual design lacks flair a bit but isn’t ugly or anything. The software is definitely the weak point – it isn’t awful once you get used to it as there are since useful functions, and it’s android so you can throw any launcher you like on it, but there are quite a few quirks and useless stuff. Rooting and/or ROM is the way to go, so it is something of a nerd phone. If you can get one under $300 then it’s a steal (mine was $230) but at $400 you are probably better off getting a OP3T or an Axon 7.

Raion` says:

Le fuc

That Guy says:

I had the S3 for awhile, and not having a headphone jack reaaaaaally killed it for me. I can’t do it with the LeEco phones. 🙁

grizdeluxe says:

I wish reviewers would stop placing importance on the box a product comes in.

Momfasa says:

Chinese copies the no 3.5mm audio plug. What a fail. Hey Chinese, you are not supposed to copy the bad ideas, ok?!

TheHermitArcana says:


Tony MTA says:

another Chinese spy

miao li says:


Hillary Is Evil says:

IPS? No thanks. Once you go Amoled you don’t want to go back to IPS

freq32 says:

Le cool and stuff, but where’s the 4k camera samples?

Dene. F. says:

Cest une le OK. Merci.

Clous von says:

LeEco is such a sketchy company

Michael Hart says:

Again hold smoke fkoho willing public scared standard ballot

Gus Wagner says:

This phone is just screaming for a root and custom rom.

Todeskommandant says:

My Le pro 3 dont have the headphones.Its only with charger and usb-c cable.

R arun kumar says:

iam using it since 4 months… similar model

Brian M says:

Nice enough looking phone but the UI isn’t great, but it’s cheap and many people with small budgets will find this to be a good buy.

chard cruz says:

Le copy

WBT Facts says:

Why can’t they just make a phone 15mm with a rugged design and a 6-8000 battery

The Doge King says:

Are you planning on reviewing the X1 Carbon and YOGA (2017)?
If so, when?

byron floyd says:

if a phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.. then in my opinion it’s an automatic fail….!!!!

Mark Zheng says:

0/10 for its software optimization and system update.

Parker Englert says:

LeEco also owns Faraday Future which is quickly becoming a failure.

roadrunnersk2 says:

No headphone jack, no purchase. No idea why folks would go for these.

sebastian razatroc says:

This phone is $260 in aliexpress and other Chinese stores shipping to the US so please don’t compare it with OP3, it’s almost a $200 price difference.

Reecharge says:

So we’re gonna ignore the swastika looking photos app?

monica geller says:

silly name, why not use name like spectre,odin, onyx,vortex,vanguard,opal,quartz,bolt,Chrome,lunar,elNino,laNina,aurora…and it’s not even french, isn’t it?

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