iPhone 7 Review: 4 Months Later!

Thoughts on Apple’s latest flagship smartphone!
Marble iPhone skin: https://dbrand.com/iphone-skins
First iPhone 7 Impressions: https://youtu.be/uVRcbo9_OdA

iPhone 7 camera video: https://youtu.be/-ICgMYIzhxg

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recom…

Intro Track: On and On by Hocus Pocus



M. C says:

Boring device

uSER says:

I don’t give a fuck about you.

Gerald says:

They could start to make headphones with the lightning connector.

Wizard Ed says:

I got my iPhone 7 Plus and I don’t really use my iPad anymore 🙁

Paul Giulan says:

Wireless phone video!

(bluetooth health hazards?)

keivaly Pujara says:

9 minute long video and you forgot to mention stereo speakers! :/

prashant mehan says:

The only apple product i can afford is APPLE JUICE.

Celtic Fans says:

you get an adaptor with it so you can plug your old ear phones into the iPhone 7 so a don’t see why people are still complaining,, no one really charges there phone while listening to music anyways

Chilltrillgangtx says:

I thought it was water sustainable like can only go a certain amount of feet under for a certain amount of time, is it actually water proof?

Parrish Thomas says:

dang this crap has a sniper camera on it!!! he zoomed in so far and it was still mega clear. POW!!!!!

HairCare and Hairstyles Lol says:

fucking brownie

rea says:

no headphone jack = deal breaker

acruz691 says:

What song is tht? Jcole? U gunna get flagged change the music u don’t pay him for views…I’m warning u now….JcoleMusicPirate –
ChAnge the song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honi Hight-Warburton says:

Where’s the marble skin from??

Scarry Larry says:

I agree, the phones don’t need to be any thinner than they are now.

Carlitox b says:

I want a 7 plus so bad, please donate me one for experimental uses

Vinne Prado says:

The iPhone 7 is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of using.

Ramesh Kanagalingam says:

There’s a difference between “water resistance” and “water proof”. The phone is not “water proof”.

Sean Sullivan says:

Hey man what browser do you like more on iPhone, Safari or chrome?

scottysize says:

No. I have no problems giving up the stupid outdated headphone jack. No. Never missed it at all. Never once did I care it’s gone.

chuckm1701 says:

I hear Billy Joel in the beginning beat…

Mokhtar Heydari says:

no Rasict ❤

omarokon says:

Wow My lucky day, i got New iPhone 7 from this link https://getpocket.com/s/McpVq

ben charlz says:

This guy can make anyone love an iphone…
Big up bro☆

Tapeworm says:

I’d definitely like a video on wireless smartphones. I’m an S7 user and I’m considering buying an iPhone 7, but as an audiophile with absolutely no appreciation for bluetooth headphones, it seems like I’ll get lightning headphones, should I get the phone. Keep up the amazing work! c:

Christopher Austin says:

Should do comparisons

DragonBytes says:

I just picked up an iPhone 7 32gb, and while it IS very responsive, I do get a fair amount of dropped frames and stutteryness, particularly when scrolling the app switcher. I dunno if it’s slow flash in the 32gb model or what, since im guessing his phone is higher capacity. other than that though, i love it

linkinduck94 says:

Please make a video on wireless phones

Mirokism says:

The audio quality of wireless will never sound as good as cable, it’s not even about forward thinking, it’s something you cannot replace.

Tejus S says:

Surprised at the omission of stereo speakers. You normally race about audio in other reviews!

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