iPhone 7 and 7 Plus review

TechCrunch spent some time with Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The devices look very similar to the 6, the new flash, camera, and water resistance make it a compelling purchase.

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Mark Castano says:

It’s annoying that apple removes the headphone jack. serious deal breaker.

Learn Now says:

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the iPhone made me exist on technology. I like it because the feature really work and fast responding what I want it. you are businessmen had busy job, the iPhone is solution to help you. whatever you want, it’s best a way. thanks for your video made me know about the feature and that’s really amazing.

Durghm Al klabi says:

hey can give away any kind of iphone 7 plus i really need one i do not have phone and it’s so expensive here to buy one

Jose guadalupe Vargas salas says:


Fusions3789 says:

Does apple phones get hot like galaxy?

a d o l p h i n n n :3 says:

Apple: What do you want for Christmas?

Me: A headphone jack.

Dima Khanjaliashvili says:

Most overrated phone and brand ever


Do you want all got alzheimers or what the fuck, iphone builds constantly the same phone every year


apple where is SAMOLED u cheating us

Manmath Parulekar says:

Iphone 7 is the best phone

Supaa Dupaa says:

Dear Apple and Samsung all we fucking want is that we can use Facebook app and YouTube app at the same time!! without shuting down music on YouTube when we want to use Facebook or any other app! Not a bigger phone…And yeah more battery and than il pay 700$ for a phone…

Dharhel Gapit says:

P45,500 or P50,100 SRP

Nancy Casas says:

There’s no standard headphone jack, we’ll have to use Lightning, or the included adapter, or go wireless. Design is showing its age, as competing phones squeeze a 5.5-inch screen into smaller, sexier bodies. And it’s really expensive.

John Hanathen says:

4 minute review. No words on the battery life, display and speakers. That’s not what I call a review.

mridulmathew says:

This is what happened to my iPhone 7 within two weeks. And no response from Apple Support. https://twitter.com/Mridul_Mathew/status/818719728680259584

swiperboy sb says:

who can afford theses?

Jin Lee says:

I have a three year old Galaxy S2. The world is spinning a lot faster than me.

antono leon says:

Thanks for the review very helpful. Water splash funny

Yasmeen Lily says:

I bought iPhone 7 Plus

clerıston santos says:

very expensıve

Dharhel Gapit says:

iphone 7 SAVE P12,500 iphone 7 plus SAVE P13,500

Georgi Lazarov says:

Great video! Wish i can afford to buy one soon

Juan says:

To me the most exciting feature ever on a smartphone would be complete resistance against falls and scratches. When I really don’t have to worry about the phone falling, the screen breaking, or scratching against keys, and I don’t have to put a stupid ugly cover on it, THEN I will be impressed.

Dharhel Gapit says:

125 GB

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