iOS 10.1 Beta 2 Released! 5 New Features & Changes Review

iOS 10.1 Beta 2 Released! 5 New Features & Changes! Portrait Mode & New Features Review. + Speed Test Comparison.


Dominik Pente says:

Fuck off tell us about the jailbreak infos when is it comin out

Gian Garcia says:

@everythingapplepro do you think they will fix the wallpaper dimming issue?

stefan corpas says:

Anything on the jailbreak on ios 10? I haven’t updated and am still on ios 10.02

John kevin Cabanatan says:

And how to downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 10

Eva says:

My provider can’t be find, how can I fix this

XpXp 28 says:

Please add the link because my phone keeps loading on “searching for update” screen.

Andrew Ford says:

are you going to hand out i phones,

Ivan Luchezarov says:

still no video for beta 3

Dom Mazzo says:

Lmaooo guys building a ford raptor in the background. Represent!!

Sean O'Connell says:

lol I looked up the gimbal you were talking about in the video and I’m not gonna spend that much on a gimbal. I would like to hear you review some lower priced ones as well!

Alex meador says:

iOS 10.1 beta 3 came out today!!! Do a video

Owen Chen says:

My iPhone 7 cant connect to reception, but if I put the sim card in my iPhone 5 it works pefectly, plz help!!!

Jayson Hidalgo says:

Hi Someone please help! I have a iphone7 plus and My geek bench score is much worse on iOS 10 beta 4 with 1791 single core and 2784 on my multicore why is that so low compared to the other betas he had

Prime96 says:

Is there a way to go back to iOS 8.4.1 without jailbreaking? Like entering DFU mode or something?

Mr PickyOnEverything says:

How Do You Download The Update My Iphone 7+ Is On IOS 10.0.2? And Theres No Portrait Mode When I Bought It, Thats What The Update Was On Anyone Help?

Patrick a.k.a bs09 says:

so nothing new what a waste

N 10SZ says:

I just upgraded my iPhone SE from ios10.0.1 to 10.0.2 and now my iPhone is buffering on the status bar for two seconds longer, plus when I open apps, it showing the app logo for two seconds longer. What can I do? Why is there such a difference in speed when upgrading to 10.0.2 on a brand new iPhone SE. I have only had for one month, and just updated yesterday. I didn’t think the slow update effect would take hold so early in my update cycle, plus I didn’t think 10.0.1-10.0.2 would be that drastic of a change, BUT it literally went from 00.1 milliseconds when opening an app to 2.7 seconds in every app. Will somebody please help! I just bought this phone!

Carlos Garcia says:

What about battery life…we really need some improvements on this issue. God Jesus

Jaivik Trivedi says:

When iOS 10 jailbreak release???

Shirley Wu says:

Why do I have to 3D Touch on the notification (i.e. Snapchat) before I can actually click on it. It’s so annoying someone help

DDSYT Channel says:

They just did the beta 3

Andrew Ford says:

cool videos

Usama Raja says:

is the portrait mode gonna be available on iphone 6 also?

QuakeTrolling says:

We don’t need changes, we need fucking fixes. 1000s of them.

Damian Kieras says:

Why u don’t have open and close app animation when you clicks icons and home button?

Ryan Reed says:

Are you going to do one on beta 3? I’m just wondering if it’ll work as a “daily driver.”

Aggelos Portsakis says:

Can you jailbreak ios 10.0.2 right now?

leobob159 j says:

you should do an iphone 7 giveaway and give me one i really like your videos they are very imformative and entertaining

John kevin Cabanatan says:

Is iOS 10.0.1 is the same of iOS 10.1 ?

Tech Junkies says:

How do you stop doing the beta program. I already uninstalled the beta software but it still says I’m running 10.1

Robin Kandel says:


Dimitris Kritsilis says:

I wish it would fix the fugly UI (Control Center, Notification screen, Music) too.

kukikarlolukaps3 says:

white balance is not what it’s called when the camera compensates for exposure you retard

Maya Durand says:

Joy useful practical.

haley says:

I just got my IPhone 7 Plus and i don’t have portrait mode? 🙁 help

Benzn Bimma says:

EverythingApplePro IOS 10.1 Beta 3 had been released today any new features

NeHCirE Milkweed says:

beta 3 is out

Rahul Sura says:

Can you do iOS 10 pranks to piss off your friends

deth6ex says:

Do a vid on beta. 3 plz!

MIC Gadget says:

IOS 10.1 isn’t cool for iPhone 7.

SIKE- Agar says:

On my iPad Air 2 can’t be updated to iOS 10 but it doesn’t say that I am up to date I waited for 2hours and I tried everything and it would not work can you help me

___ ___ says:

You had my respect until I just noticed that you dont actually have an S4, you have a regular A4 (S-line pckg) and you put the S4 grille on it. As a true B8.5 S4 owner, shame on you

Kendall B says:

Beta 3 was released

Gee Kinght says:

@everythingapplepro i just updated to ios 10.1 beta2 but my front camera stopped working and the back camera sometimes fails. i already tried to restore my phone to factory settings but still on 10.1 i have iphone 7 plus. something went bad and dont know how to fix it. anyone else haveing the same problem?

Albert Stephano says:

do the update for ios 10.1 beta 3

Kristen says:

I updated to the beta 3 but I don’t have the portrait mode???

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