Huawei Nova Review | The Best Mid-Range Phone You Shouldn’t Buy!

The Huawei Nova is a 5-inch mid-range phone that falls short of greatness due to dated software, a poor camera and high price. While hard to recommend – there’s still a lot to like about the Nova,


Eric Carrillo says:

That’s a really good phone

vlaerenko says:

How can i optimize my RAM memory? Whitout any app opened i only have 1.5 GB of the 3 GB available. Where are the other 1,5 GB gone? Is this normal?

rasosteva Srb says:

Buy P9 lite and thats it.
Cheaper and better

Dhruv 21 says:

just bought this phone yesterday :/

Karel Ruzicka says:

dont know about gb prices but here its 255gbp now. I think that’s a steal. Do you think its worth it for this price?

Christophe Chardon says:

I don’t get how reviewers keep comparing 5″ and 5.5″ phones… Should be compared to other 5″ or no bigger than 5.2″.

Darth Varder says:

so is it not worth 200 tom ?? ( found one on ebay brand new ends in two days let me know

Jacob sSs says:

Thank you. I see every phone reviver lies, but not you.

Tsvetan Varbanov says:

I can get this phone for the equivalent of 235 GBP in my county (on a ~9 GBP monthly plan which I plan to get anyway). Would you recommend it under these circumstances?

Gauthier Chateau says:

does OK Google detection work on your device ? kinda agree with your review , starting to regret my choice.

Manula Wijayawickrama says:

can you do a reviw of honor 6x/huawei gr5 2017 edition?

kombasanpracka says:

That was my dilemma – Nova for great build quality and good batery life vs. LG G5 for it´s great stbilized camera (with not good batery life, but replacable batery) … It seems I´ll go for the G5.

Daniel says:

Dude,don’t compare the Nova with OnePlus 3T or Lg G5. They’re not even close to price range. In my country, Nova is ~310 euros , the 3T ~550 euros and the G5 ~450 euros. Get your facts straight!!!

Dennis Dowd says:

Another great review, thanks and have a great Holiday. I just purchased a LG V20, which I like very much. I can change out the battery, and the memory. Nice screen and though it isn’t great at everything, it does everything good enough. I don’t like the new Pixel, it is just another iPhone but just running Android. Of course Apple products stay completely away from, they are overpriced and stupid in their design. Of course Samsung has lost its way, because instead of going its way, it tried to be an Apple android phone and we have seen what happened there with the failure of the Note 7. I wonder if they would have had to replace all the Note 7, if you could change out he battery like my LG V20? I know my Note 4 you can change out the battery and the memory card, then, like I said, Samsung decided to be stupid like Apple products are and here they are with billions phone in recall.

Giuseppe Oue says:

I would really prefer a real home button~

AF25 says:

Is there a decent phone with a medium size like 4.5″ screen

harvinsky says:

you don’ like Leica :<

luis sanchez says:

You can buy a unlocked lgv10 for that price

Lee Hobbs says:

the snapdragon 625 has an adreno 506 gpu which slightly out performs the exynos mali t830mp3 in the new galaxy a5 (2017). couple that with double the storage compared to the A5 + a more compact screen at 5″ AND the EMUI 5.0 update just around the corner its beginning to look like a more competitive mid range device. the price has dropped to around £240 making it more affordable. imo its a decent little all rounder but an amoled display wouldve been welcomed considering how cheap they now are.

likklelion says:

I can get this phone for €330 currently, I think I’m gonna go for it I just really like the design

abdul shohid says:

Great review old bean … i mean cold chap! And yeah oneplus 3 has really destroyed the mid range market.

Stewart Bowie says:

Total agree Tom I looked at this phone but for £440 went for the 128gb 3t even though it’s nearly £100 extra! But its total worth it

kenny0904 says:

good non recommendation, i like the conclusion, very reasonable

Wild Heart says:

I have been tempted by these and now they’re in store, they certainly look very tasty.
But, I plumped for a OnePlus 3T, which I love, although I think I may have bent it already, despite being ultra careful with it! :O)
If I were looking for a cheapish spare phone, I’m not sure I’d go for the Nova, maybe the P9 Lite instead?

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