Huawei Honor 6X Review: CES 2017 Travel Phone Success

With the LG V20 being used as a back up production camera and audio recorder, we needed a phone solely for team communication. The Honor 6X filled that role nicely. Here’s our full review of Huawei’s newest inexpensive handset.


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Ethan Vink says:

lol… 2016 was a killer year for GSM midrangers. the only good CDMA midranger is the Nexus 6P. that is a 2015 phone.

mohammad nasir says:

Does it support otg?

bitethenet says:

megapickle 3:40

JW WAN says:


PhoenixFabled says:

Did he say a 12 megapixel main camera with a 2 “mega pickle” additional sensor?

Abraheem Juma says:

what is the stylus you use in your videos?

VoloKin Project says:

Great review, only 2 small gripes with it. First, QHD is pointless if 1080p already sucks and second, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with EMUI 4. Its better then most and provides a bunch of extra features.

Soulife says:

3:38, a 2 megapickle companion? Is that better than pixels?

Atiqur Rahman says:

that pickle camera is great

billchen0014 says:

unless you do the 30min stream at least 3 times, the value is highly unreliable: the time is simply too small: what if some app decided to upload/backup in the background? Please use a more reliable way to test battery life.

Rolandas Šukšta says:

Great review

karthik deep says:

you know, i love the taste of mega PICKLES!!!

the joker says:

Hi there I bought a honor 6X and it supports fast charging and have nfc and otg. It is a great deal totally worth every penny of the price

陸元豐 says:

A noticeable screen delay has been found when swiping the screen, very annoying.

sujit suram says:

what case are you using on the v20?

Neeraj Mahato says:

neeraj mahato

ashique elahi says:

Xiaomi mi5s review please! Same price as honor 6x!

Chris Mendes says:

Ive got 10 hours and 30 minutes screen on time on this beast yesterday all day used on wifi, games, camera mostly on low brightness because i was home all day. Before i had Lg g3 and max screen on time that i get was 4 hours, its strange how well optimised is this phone. Very fast, no lag, camera excellent, the screen is very bright and haves punchy colours. My favourite thing is fingerprint sensor just wow this thing is ultra fast wow.

Matt Ambrose says:

This is a really solid phone. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and I love it. The battery life is simply incredible on it. I only charge every other day with an average SOT of 9+ hours. I never had a phone capable of that. They have all topped out around 6 hours. Really great phone for the price!

Charlie D says:

1:17 I saw that

0Wise0 Wisdom says:

Can I have the white one?

shinigamilord86 says:

heh, 2 megapickle, lol

Typhoon792 says:

Wish there were more budget phones which were NOT 5.5″, but rather, 5.1″ or smaller… 5.1″ with a large screen to body ratio really is absolute max for me, and only if with top performance. Otherwise, slightly smaller is better. I don’t want a two-handed device as my daily driver as I’m juggling around all the other things I have to deal with on a daily basis.

DT B says:

the honor 6x is in my pocketnow.

smoshbooz says:

Can you adjust the shutter speed with this phone?

Infidel Gastro says:

For the price you’t really complain.

Auto tech traders says:

not that bad honor 6x with that price tag

Thennarasu J says:

is that a phone hybrid slim slot or a dedicated memory slot???

lovegadgets says:

Honor 5x sucked & 6x also sucks only battery timing & good for those who use facebook/whatsapp/youtube apps

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