Hands-on with the iPhone 7 Plus

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The new iPhone 7 Plus comes with a new home button, graphics processor and dual rear-facing cameras.

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Mark Angelo Devota says:

gustu ko yan 🙁 🙂

Arshad Yazin says:

Guaauu hermosa ami

Deepak Deeraj says:

read:why i would choose iphone 7 plus over galaxy note 7……………………………

Hanapetals says:

I’m crying over my lost audio jack

SHADOWGIRL1971 says:

I think the iPhone 7 is way overrated. I’m sticking with my iPhone 6.

Space Y says:

the iphone 7 must have had a feature that would help you smoke weed…
stuff it in one of the holes and smoke up….. too bad doesnt have one
given the company was started by a bunch of dopes

riri nasir says:

I dont like the wireless earphones

Elite AKB says:

As usual you people complain about a company’s new product. I have a solution for you. Don’t buy it and don’t associate yourself with it. Whining and moping and bitching about it isn’t going to make a difference. Apple has and always will be successful regardless of its visions.

Tri Nugroho says:

So basically it’s not a mechanical optical zoom like the most cameras but when you’re using 2x zoom mode it switched to second camera which is a telephoto camera optic (longer focal length). Maybe next year for iPhone 8 it has 6 cameras. 4 cameras with different focal length for 4x zoom mode, 1 for night vision and 1 for thermal vision. And hopefully for iPhone 8 plus has one more camera for naked vision mode LMAO

MrNYCman530 says:

For over $1000, it better blow me and fix me dinner!

usman1alam says:

Watching this on my new iPhone 7 plus. Colours are amazing fyi

Amir ojha says:

Valentine’s Day 2017 Offer, Chance to Win iphone 7 plus. Gift for your sweet lovers :

MrYosef425 says:

So we dont get airpods when we buy the iphone?

mint hos says:

Home button feels like shit. The feedback from the tapmyass vibrates the whole phone.

underthesouthercross says:

Check my iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6 speed test as well as Geekbench

iLedioSpeak says:

At least it wasnt clickbait, liked.

Helmanda Karzai says:

Here’s where you can get you iPhone 7 https://t.co/hMm0C1Gx5P

almondbrowne says:

Why would you say 10x? Does he not know what the x stands for?

jravens1313 says:

But does it catch fire?

Anderson C says:

I’m so eager to jump ship and go from Samsung Galaxy to Apple iPhone..but Apple STILL refuses to offer a PLUS iPhone with a built-in stylus a la Samsung Note 7 (their battery problems withstanding). The Note has always been THE “phablet” to own. Apple needs to step up and offer a direct competitor to the Samsung Note series of phones. Perhaps in the iPhone 8 Plus

Lost In Thoughts says:

can you record nd zoom in hella crazy on the 7 plus

Abdulla Attia says:

the only problem with the iPhone 7 is the display> its ancient!

Lisa Gabriel says:

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Silvia Ieremici says:

Doamne ce frumos
e Iphone 7 plus, da!

nice_q8t says:

reply about removal physical home button here :>

Deepak Deeraj says:

read:why i would choose iphone 7 plus over galaxy note 7……………………………

Plushie Princess says:


nice_q8t says:

reply about removal audio jack here :>

Robert Harvey says:

Why do I keep getting these annoying Hillary Clinton ads. Can I just delete them?

Yo mama What says:

Anyone else think it looks like an ipod5/6

Teodoraa says:

I just want earphones…

TheM275 says:

Anyone’s ass stink right now?

Bat Man says:

Awkward Moment when you realise you still have to pay student loans

babatunde ogunde says:

lol Apple = paying more for less.

No OLED screen
IP67 instead of IP68
No expandable memory
No headphone jack
No wireless or fast charging
Tiny battery in comparison to phone size

John Allen Dequilla says:

No earphones included on the box?

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