Google Pixel XL Review: The Android Phone I’ve Always Wanted!

Here’s my full review of the Pixel / Pixel XL. A phone designed by Google. The Google Pixel is a premium smartphone aimed to take on the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7. Watch to find out if it’s worth the purchase.

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Muneer Ahmed says:

are there any heating issues with Pixel XL ? what’s the normal battery temperature? mine gets as high as 44 °C? is this normal?

Adrian Almeida Aroche says:

Hi Matthew:
 It’s nice to see yo again, thanks to your reviews I bought the Note 5 and the S7, great phones by the way.. Yesterday, I bought a G Pixel XL with 128g, which is a great phone, I like the design, android N 7.1 is great and the camera is one of the best right now. But I have a doubt right now, I was taking photos and I noticed that this phone doesn’t have front flash led for low light conditions. I tried to find something in the phone to get an extra light for selfies in the dark, but I didn’ find nothing. Does the screem flash like the S7 when you are taking selfies at night? please help me with this. I’m traveling all the time because I work in a travel agency and I love taking pictures and selfies.

Thanks and kind regards from Cuba.

Josh Lee says:

why do tech reviewers all have the same video styles now? god damn it

Sam Corona says:

why do they say it looks like a Ipnone?

Oscar .P. says:

I want this phone so bad.

Nguyen Luan says:

People only look at the negative side instead of the good one. There’s nothing perfect in this world and accept it people. Not a fan of google, but damn people your wants are always bigger than your needs

Mrjoshlukee says:

Nice vid man. Could this phone end up being your daily driver?

TechCilium says:

i wish next year google makes the pixel more affordable


I have heard that the chin on the pixel devices are there so there is something to grab onto. Instead of touch capacitive buttons to accidentally press or click

Hassan Janjua says:

cool shirt man!!

Iacovos Florides says:

Why they keep saying in Reviews is made by HTC but for the iPhone they never say is made by Foxconn?

Angel Fimbres says:

Good job on the mobile device review Matthew, thank you. My issues are few, I have my Nexus6 and really appreciate the 2 things missing from the Google devices that came after and are decidedly absent from this device: 2 front facing speakers; a large 6 inch viewable screen. Why did mobile devices go big and then all manufacturers sent us home with devices smaller than we want. The 6 inch screen size is just right, no need to go bigger, especially since I travel a lot and like to view programmes on my N6 and do so comfortably. I’m Android for sure, no i-problems for me. Thank you for the honest review. Keep up the good work!

Armani t says:

I have found no flaws with my Pixel XL I have the samsung 7 still and the iphone 7plus…. I love the Pixel…. handsome down. A few refinement dual speakers

Senad Selimovic says:

why always people say it looks like a babyphone, noobs plz why not saying it looks like htc 10? babyphone got nothing to do wthis this phone!!

Azaan Hafeez says:

Great review

Dean Soings says:

the photos look real good, that’s about it, other than that there is realy nothing standing out.

Justin Time says:

I got a PIxel and I’m going to return it for full refund.  🙁
The camera is great actually.  Google assistant is cool.  However, very simple things are lacking/don’t work.  There is absolutely no indication that the phone is charging without looking at the top of the monitor–when the monitor is on…no LED light to indicate charging or done charging.  Also, the back button, which is part of the screen, sometimes fails to always be on top so is completely disabled, and when that happens, the home button is also so–literally–there’s nothing that can be done to get out of the app or video opened, except open up the multi-app button or restart the phone.  What??!!  I paid $750.00 for the Pixel 128 GB and these VERY simple and basic things aren’t functional/working or present?  I did try and fully exhausted all possibilities of figuring things out with Google support but, they said “sorry for the inconvenience” and also said that these things will not be fixed in the next update.  Awesome.
 Nope.. I’m not gonna pay $750.00 for a “top-tear” phone that I can’t even tell if it’s charging or when it’s done charging–without picking it up and turning on the monitor or the back and home buttons disappear/become disabled where I can’t get out of a function or video.  Nope.  Returning it for full refund…sadly

Zak Vidinovski says:

I had a play with the Google Pixel today. I have never been a fan of android. But… I found the Pixel to be native, clean looking and unique in its own way. iPhone and Samsung haven’t been overly that innovative in their recent smartphone releases. I am glad there is a new phone on the market to compete… I am even more happier is it google.

Flory May Reyes says:

The design looks like a riff off of LG G5

Kieran Yonker says:

Great review dude!

3Qu1nox says:

Hey will the galaxy 7 edge get nougat and if so when cause touchwiz blows and lags all the time

Jeff Barlow says:

I wanna love this phone but so far these issues are making me consider returning it.
1. Ambient Display Notifications- You only get ONE it doesn’t pop back up EVER so if you don’t see it then you open phone to check for notifications.
2. Stay on while I’m reading please, if you don’t adjust screen timeout to a high number the screen will sleep. It doesn’t notice you are looking at it. My last 4 phones (motos) have all done this, makes reading the news and spreadsheets nice since it says up while you read.
3. Driving mode- the phone should have the option or be smart enough to know when you are in the car and switch or offer a switch to voice interaction. Again a feature that I have become accustomed to that adds safety and convenience.

If you buy a phone to play games and take pics alone it great, if you use it to receive communication you not be as happy.

Amarino França says:

The video is way better on the Pixel than on the iPhone. The iPhone footage you have has too much reds overall especially on the whites.

Hello says:

+Matthew Moniz Hi Matt! Sorry to comment on a random video again, but I was wondering. Since YouTubers including yourself really like Dbrand skins on smartphones, do you need to have a hairdryer in order to “slap on” the skin or can you do it with just your hands? I’m thinking about ordering a skin for my iPhone since there are little scuffs on the upper/lower parts sections of the back & I want to hide them, so when everytime I remove the phone from a case to clean it, I forget about the scuffs. Thank you.

Valicious says:

This or oneplus 3t?


Nice review. Does pixel support QC 2.0 or 3.0 ?

Asyraaf Azman says:

Still remember not too long ago you were getting only like 2000-6000 views and now over 100000 views. Well done matt! Proud of you

Sam Corona says:

not even close lol looks more like Samsung minus the home button!

Cyndre Gaming says:

The Pixel isn’t necessarily waterproof, but testing has shown that it can withstand more than 1h of submersion in tap water.
I wouldn’t take this discovery in the real world, as swimming with the phone will definitely cause water damage to places like the mic sound, headphone jack use, speaker sound, and even rear camera backing. These can be dried, and the test showed no hardware damage. You should not be worried in the rain, or if you drop the phone in a puddle. If you are, rice is your friend.

Cheryl M says:

SD Card???

Ken Kimmel says:

Google did not design the hardware, they simply assembled a “list” of available components. Apple builds their own chipsets for iPhones.

Brian Hochhalter says:

Too many shortcomings to be interested in this outrageously priced average phone.

Ismayil Kerimli says:

+Matthew Moniz Hi. Which one would you suggest to buy iPhone 7 or Google Pixel? (I’ve heard that Pixels front and back glass is really easy to scratch so I can’t decide but I love software on Pixel more than iPhone)

James Russo says:

I really like the phone, almost reminds me of the HTC 10: a great all rounder. But the HTC looks better and for the money, I still don’t think it’s worth it. When it goes on sale though.. oh yeah.

Saurel Viagbo says:

How have I just now discovered your channel lol. Awesome video man. Great production and excellent review!

sukhdeep gill says:

nice review…

caleb green says:

you made my Google assistant turn on

Willy K. says:

Thank you for the great review. I will be getting a Pixel later this week. I have alway been with Android so I’m excited to experience the change for myself.

osha nefa says:

boring as fuck

The Pussy Diaries says:

I’m in love with that shirt. Can I have it?

Yes_ says:

Mat, you need to turn on HDR+ Stabilization so the pictures look much better.

Morgan Imhoff says:

I love this phone and all of the complaints are not very justified….. no front facing speakers but the Audio is very loud still. No water proofing but it lasted 1 hour under water with only the speaker being a little scratchy…I have no idea who would accidentally leave their phone in water for an hour and I think the design is sleek and simple. Everyone compares it to the iPhone and how it looks similar but then says it sooo ugly so is the iPhone ugly too? I think this phone is gorgeous and I currently have an iPhone.

Omar Vazquez says:

do they have good quality

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