Google Pixel XL hands on review

Google’s 5.5-inch Nexus 6P successor. You don’t have to shop in the big-and-tall section of stores to want the Google Pixel XL. It’s a powerful phablet, at a still-reasonable size, and it’s made by Google.

This 5.5-inch Android phone is the successor to last year’s Nexus 6P, as Google is altogether ditching the affordable, developer-focused Nexus brand in favor of the Pixel XL and smaller 5-inch Pixel.

You’re getting top-of-the-line specs, but a noticeable price bump. It once again has a full-metal body and 2K resolution screen, but debuts a blazing-fast Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM inside.


hind akeel says:

if someone wants to try their luck the link is a google pixel giveaway and it is legit done by androidathourties if you know who they are..

Nujad Bolivar says:

What about tap to wake or ambient display?

Ovie Onoriose says:

Damn the only thing it needs is dual front speakers and ip67/68 and it’d be just about perfect.

bizmonkey007 says:

It seems like many Android users have already written the Pixel off.

In their minds, the Pixel is either too expensive, too much like an iPhone, or they’ve decided they just don’t like something trivial about the appearance (the bezels). There’s a lot of cynicism in the community with a heavy emphasis on value first. It’s a big reason premium Android smartphones fail: Many Android users don’t want a premium device, they want the best bang for their buck.

The Pixel, unfortunately, may be the victim of this mindset. It doesn’t matter that the camera is the best smartphone camera out there according to DXOMark, or that the processor is top-of-the-line line on the Android side of the fence, and that Google Assistant could be a groundbreaking feature that is miles ahead of Google Now and Siri. If Android users don’t see the most return for their money, many won’t buy.

Michael P says:

it looks like every other smart phone out there

TopToad says:

Ugly, android OS and overpriced, this is not going to sell very well

DrPorum says:

I need some help: I cant decide between whether to get a matte black iPhone 7 or just to get an iPhone 6s Plus can people tell me what they would get and why please!!

Annalise Milligan says:

I’m gonna hold on to my iPhone7

Lauri says:

1,009€ for Pixel XL 128gb no thanks.

Enrique Sanchez says:

I’m not impressed with the design, why are many phones trying to look very similar to each other?

Sokha Top says:

Similar iPhone even the wall paper

Cjur says:

It has a larger battery, but it does not have a longer battery life due to the bigger screen.

Blood Staz says:

look like the honor 8 😮

Annalise Milligan says:

Who has the google phone?

Y YOU mad bro says:

aghh the place of headphone jack desapoint me not buying

prakash reddy says:

is it water resistant

BloodFlow HigH says:

apple is garbage yo,i don’t EVEN WANNA feel no apple device in my pocket

Coconuthead says:

Massive company like Google… But cant come up with their own design language. They even copied the price of the iPhone 7. No originality, please someone be bold and make something truly different

Ronaldo Brito says:

Wow, thats so…Meh…

Patty Johnson says:

I could not listen to ur review because of the loud background noise.. why was that a must?

ahmed hussain says:

rather get iphone 6

Stony Super says:

Is it fast?

ColdFlare X says:

Buying. Only real complaint is price, but I currently have the funds to spare and I am not into the notes, galaxies, or other brands as much as Google.

Mike Jones says:


Kam Private says:

this phone is just awful and horrible

Kim Bridge says:

xl please like the look of android 7. still wish they would put the back buttons on the phone rather than the screen

Luis Miguel Méndez González says:

Don’t like the design.

Arif P says:

the price omg. i better buy iphone 7 plus

Jaimen Maisuria says:

Expensive, no front facing stereo speakers, fugly design (subjective), huge ass bezels, no water or dust proofing, no wireless charging… Huge long-term Nexus fan but I’ll be holding onto my Nexus 6P for a little while longer – so disappointed with this years offering!

Evelyn Kim says:

Would be nice if water resistant.

Chí Mạnh Nguyễn says:

Whu you no opening app drawer? That’s quite uncormfortable.

Angel Gutierrez says:

Fuck this review suck ass learn how to do them not on a public place where there is people do it at home or somewhere more peaceful and make them better and longer i almost drink my own bleach

Haru Hiro says:

phone is made by htc i can see come similarities to it on the htc 10 but u cant really tell its more of a hybrid of htc 10 and apple or even huawei lol and ye i think ill just stick 2 buying a huawei p9 or htc 10.. the processor which is 821 dsent really make a major diffrence so not worth the xtra $$

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