Google Pixel Review: The best Android phone?

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Bankhead 1 says:

The Pixel is no contender for Apple or Samsung. More like a new tag along. It will never surpass.

Chirag Jain says:

It’s a fucking bad smartphone, I found oneplus 3t cheaper and better performance than it

Rowrow Jordan says:

Pixel is the Winner

SayreHarder says:

i have it and yes you should throw away your s7. the s7 edge has nothing on this phone. good review though

The Untoten says:

the union is unmistakeable in the background #UNT #gmg

Kapilan Tamilselvan says:

What is the game that he plays there?

Gran Cero says:

Absolutely NOT the best Android phone

Julian Osorio says:

whats the game’s name

Bernard Rodriguez says:

NO, is not the best smartphone.

Bankhead 1 says:

Nope. It’s flawed. Also, ugly and shot themselves in the foot for no waterproofing.

Wally Aime says:

Dude, you can’t just “bet” it’s there just for looks. Its a duel purpose design. Better reception,  cool design to do it. Just like Apple’s antenna stripes.

Gavynn 1000 says:

one plus 3 is faster than this in speed tests… Android phone??….Yeah right biased fool

Jacopo Piscina says:

Actually the glass back is there to get better cellular reception and NFC communication, as Google says. Most NFC modules works a lot better and farther if the back isn’t metal.

Michal S says:

Why does everyone repeat that this is the first phone with snapdragon 821?! First on US? Ok, maybe. But not the first in the world. The first was Xiaomi Mi5s 🙂

waltz 22 says:

I am a Apple fanboy but Samsung s7 is definitely the android king… not google pixel… #truth

Cody Lujan says:

Sorry. This is a nice phone, but is by far not the best android phone

Chuck M says:

i used google support on the phone today for a bluetooth issue not pairing up to the car. I was blown away with how fast and great it was! Every phone manufacturer specially Samsung, should offer that kind of support. That alone and free pictures and vids, anyones complaint about the price of the phone should be put to rest.

x111 xxx says:

pixel xl is not the best phone at all, It is not even a good phone since it had HUGE bezels, no wireless charging due to stupid metal back, lack if waterproofing !!! In the same time with increasingly high price !!I’m really hope google will not make the same mistake third time because nexus 6p is very ugly stupid build phone as well.

Kevin Davis says:

Project Fi is not affordable cellular service, unfortunately. Charging $10.00/Gb, whether you purchase 1Gb or a 100Gb, makes them a worse cost proposition than any of the major carriers, once you cross a threshold of about 6Gb per month.

I wish they would introduce sliding scale data buckets, based on your data purchase size, but, at a straight $10.00/Gb, no way.

Edward Smith says:

#Nexus = Stock Android
#Pixel = Not stock Android

Because for good or bad, the Pixel has bloatware.
What is bloatware? Software that doesn’t appear on the base version of the operating system.
If Pixel was stock then all the other #Nougat phones would have that launcher. The idea of a phone running pure stock version of Android died with Nexus.
Not saying its a bad move, I personally like the move even though I do not like the Pixel phones, its just not stock #Android.
Otherwise nice video!

Daniel Ehlmann says:

Well, this is awkward. I saw you sitting on UNT campus when you were filming this (you were by the Sycamore Hall Science Library and the Life Science Complex buildings) and I saw the phone from a distance and thought “Is that a Pixel? People have them already?”

Now here I am watching your fucking video lol.

chrisak49 says:

Lol same price as an iPhone and it doesn’t have IP67, OIS, stereo speakers…since when did Apple become the more reasonable choice?!

Spencer Charles says:

Thank you for mentioning the vibration. Haven’t heard anyone talk about it

waltz 22 says:

why didn’t they show the iPhone 7? imstead of iPhone 6…

Jeff Barlow says:

I wanna love this phone but so far these issues are making me consider returning it.
1. Ambient Display Notifications- You only get ONE it doesn’t pop back up EVER so if you don’t see it then you open phone to check for notifications.
2. Stay on while I’m reading please, if you don’t adjust screen timeout to a high number the screen will sleep. It doesn’t notice you are looking at it. My last 4 phones (motos) have all done this, makes reading the news and spreadsheets nice since it says up while you read.
3. Driving mode- the phone should have the option or be smart enough to know when you are in the car and switch or offer a switch to voice interaction. Again a feature that I have become accustomed to that adds safety and convenience.

If you buy a phone to play games and take pics alone it great, if you use it to receive communication you not be as happy.

Majestic Ebony says:

I am watching this on my iPhone 6s. I just wanted to see more about the Android.

Ujjwal Gurung says:

no never … samsung and iphones are far better

Gaurish Kadam says:

my phone cracked (glass as well as a hole in the frame under the glass) after falling from waist height :-/

Pixel certainly has one of the poor designs and quality.

Poor design because the upper half of the phone is thicker than the lower half. Now imagine yourself taking a selfie. You take phone in your right hand facing the front camera to your face. Your fingers will have to bear the weight of the hanging heavier upper half. That means you need to put extra efforts to adjust the camera.

Linked Devices says:

The Galaxy 7 is faster, has waaaay more features, a better display, much better battery life, and is somehow cheaper than the pixel by 100$. The pure android nougat experience has far less optimizations and features baked in than Touch wiz android marshmallow.

Nicho Kill says:

If the note 7 didn’t have any problem that would have been the best phone so far..

Poppin' Suspence says:

Mehhh more “waterproof” than the iPhone from the tests on youtube.

moonwalker5445 says:

Thank you

Adrian Alegre says:

NOT the first phone to have the Snapdragon 821… that goes to the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe

Cole Jiang says:

Is the dongle included in every box? I ordered one but never specified that I am switching over from an iphone

John Edmonds says:

The poor Google support for older devices will always prevent me from buying an Android phone again. This phone will only get 2 years of Google updates. That’s ridiculous. I do really like this device though. The new keyboard looks great. I wish more innovation would occur in this area of smartphones. It’s the most important and most used.

Nick G56 says:

Could not be happier with my pixel. Been a fan of Nexus for a long time. Pixel just picked up right where Nexus left off

Rohan Purohit says:

voice is kinda low had to turn up my tv alott


Bro….any mood for giveaways

Ryan Preslar says:

I recognize the Denton square from some of the test photos. Nice review.

keyobo guy says:

once they add the google assistant to nexus 6p, there will be no different between the two, except the camera. so i’ll stick to my 6p thanks.

Jay Erwin says:

duuude Denton!

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