Google Pixel Review – The Best Android Phone You Can Buy?

The Google Pixel is the ultimate Android phone. The hardware and software are made by Google, so like iPhone, it’s fast and reliable. The camera is incredible, with the best video stabilisation I’ve seen on a smartphone camera.
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Jonaldhino says:

Hi dude from Australia are you gonna review the new Blackberry DTEK60? I personally reckon it’s better value for money than the pixel phones, I bought one from Clove in the UK, your thoughts would be appreciated.

lover boy says:

Still waiting SGS8 ….

Randy W Horton says:

I purchased the phone kept it a week and sold it. Will try it again when version 2 comes out. I can’t say it was bad but it was boring.

Zencann says:

8:42 Hey Tech Chap! When is it considered worth the buy for Pixel when it comes to previous smartphones? Like you should invest in Pixel when you have a LGG4? or older?

Johnathan Smith says:

Rather than taking one image or video from the pixel and panning over it with the same image using the S7, you should just do a side by side comparison. I find it much easier to tell the differences in image quality.

Nguyên says:

but it looks just like an iPhone.

Shane Horne says:

no it is not

Wickedpowerupguy says:

The camera isnt as good as the Nokia lumia 1020 with 48 mega pixels

谭青军 says:


kenneth czyz says:

Yeah if you can find one google and Verizon 128 gb out of stock till march and also finding as much as 1600.00 on amazon

Dupas Raja says:

What is the default music player like? Has it got EQ settings and other functions to enhance the audio or is it just basic and they expect you to download a Music Player App? Please advise.

Element Zero says:

Is that Cardiff Castle at 6:26?

Tyrese Thompson says:

It seems nice but ion think nothing topping iPhones especially iPhone 7 & plus. iPhone is just as fast and responsive may not have unlimited storage but 128!and 256 is over kill more than enough space for the average user. What I love about apple is if they do have issue or bugs they send a update asap to fix the issue unlike android you’re stuck with the issue on ya phone until they get ready to fix it I just had too many bad experience with android

Shisui Uchiha says:

Im getting mine at the end of february 2017. thanks for the review by far the best one I’ve seen.
You earned a sub. great review!!

Rodney Fisk says:

I use the heck out of Google Now. It’s so handy when you’re in the car or have your hands tied up.

Haik0 says:

Oh I’m tired of this reviewers calling that back panel plastic, it’s NOT, it is a glass !!

Debashish Jena says:

an iPhone wannabe

Dennis Tetrault says:

It’s glass on the back not plastic and yes it’s ugly. But a nice phone!


in my country (india) i have to pay almost 970$ for the same phone which is available for 750$ in the U.S
(google pixel 128gb)
And still people say its overpriced….i really think that at 750$ its a good price for what you are getting!
agreed the design is not great(atleast its fresh not like iphones which are having the same design for the last 3 yrs) in every other way it can hold its own against the iphone…this is the first time i think i can say that about an android phone….the only place i feel that the iphone still rules is the 3rd party accessories area…(cases mainly)

Miss Pattie S says:

thank you, very helpful

Chava Lit says:

hi Tom what keyboard are using ? Do you video review on it?

Phen0mable says:

Can you use internet during phone call ??

JP says:

This guy is such an Apple whore. Thanks for making me rich.

Gaurish Kadam says:

my phone cracked (glass as well as a hole in the frame under the glass) after falling from waist height :-/

Pixel certainly has one of the poor designs and quality.

Poor design because the upper half of the phone is thicker than the lower half. Now imagine yourself taking a selfie. You take phone in your right hand facing the front camera to your face. Your fingers will have to bear the weight of the hanging heavier upper half. That means you need to put extra efforts to adjust the camera.

TheAverage Joe says:

The more reviews I watch on the Pixel/XL. The more I want one. Looks like an absolutely awesome device! Current 6s Plus user…

Blackman Whitesuit says:

EIS vs OIS is the biggest thing I see that brings the Pixel down a notch. Something just feels off with the camera.

Tomislav Lozančić says:

Lumia 950 has much better camera!

Christopher Carter says:

Not bad. But its not an iPhone. IPhone still way better.

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