Google Pixel Review: Pricey, but still the best Android phone

Google’s getting into the hardware game with the pricey Pixel and Pixel XL. But has it done enough to tempt iPhone users to switch to Android?

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balwinder13 says:

Don’t mind the haters; love the cheeky intro.

Stephen Johnston says:

I don’t see the chin being bad? Does anyone hold their phone by the chin when watching video? You need room for your thumb without covering the screen…

Sean Baker says:

This was a very entertaining and balanced review. I eagerly await AE/AF locking. I used that on the iPhone in the past and have wanted that in the Google camera forever!

Twell609 says:

ha ha NO!

firesoul453 says:

Got plenty of facts wrong. The smaller phone also has a 5.5″ screen? And if your going to spend so much time complaining how HTC copied Apple at least mention how Apple did it first.

claypool0 says:

what a dumb intro, I shut it off after that.

Syed Alam says:

terrible review!!!! Dear reviewer fix yourself first!

Dal Singh says:

What a crap reviewer, obviously doesn’t like android and this is coming from an iPhone user

Andrew Henze says:

Water resistance, who keeps dropping their phone down the toilet. It appears a bigger problem than I thought.

Kiefer Nguyen says:

Well it’s obvious this guy hates google and android

Marco Pereira says:

Obviously a APPLE FAN BOY! I’ll stick with THE VERGE/ENGADGET reviews.

Brainfreeze says:

Keep it up ! Cheers

Eric Ryan Sound says:

Dude…you sound like a iPhone #fanboy lol Its WAY superior

ImK4Os says:

This is the worst reviewer I’ve ever watched Jesus

Brodie Dooley says:

this is the angriest review I’ve ever seen

chupa chups says:


Shahin Montazeri says:

what More Do you Want

Sam chen says:


Tuhin says:

The review is okay…but you look really frustrated while you speak. Appreciate the effort bro..

yasaswy nagavolu says:

I think it’ll be ugly if the chin was cut. And you didnt even do an analysis if it has some internals that needed that space.. Monkeys getting excess youtube money and doing reviews. I’ve never touched an android been an iphone user since the 1st one. And it looks interesting to me as i use most of the google apps anyway on iphone and this one looks clean like iphone.

Immanuel Uy says:

that has got to be the best intro ever.

Eduardo B. says:

Review is too editorialized

Jon Tovar says:

yeah the dislikes? lol

Trevor Birberick says:

I can see why he only has 12,000 subs… hes garbage.

Tabish Syed says:

Dumb intro.

cleanupman22 says:

It’s S O C not sock.

Jake Gant says:

Yeah, sorry dude, but you are completely biased. It shows.

Paul Valas says:

Just buy a OnePlus 3 for $400. Definitely not worth the price.

zorkor says:

I was here for a professional review and ended up up watching a review worse than a teenager reviewing sneakers on Youtube. Horrible.

Tuhin says:

At 3.23 you say 5.5 inch screen. Actually it is 5 inch.

Tuhin says:

You only smile and seem pleasing at 4.22 till one more second. hahaha. relax bro. it’s just a phone. All will fall in place.

Evan Vance says:

I agree it could have been better looking. Its bezels are killing me. i just took my beautiful.exploding note 7 back it.was more than beautiful and powerful. The uh gave my money back and practically gave me a note 5 at $200 with a free defender series case couldnt pass it up. iys niced looking and pretty zippy so.i couldnt pass it up.

Mafaesto says:

Single-handed discredit all of Ars Technica with one video. What a farce. Who hired this buffoon?

Divesh Chudasama says:

Face it, it doesn’t look like an iphone ur just blind

Meoknet says:

Well, the new BlackBerry android devices get the security updates at near the same time as the pixel, and have extra hardware andsoftware security baked in. And now that TCL is effectively BlackBerry Mobile, I’m sure the new ones will compete in specs and price.

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