Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing

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It’s finally here! The Nexus…I mean Google Pixel! It’s Google’s latest flagship. Is it the best camera on a smartphone yet? Is Android 7.1 delicious? How about that battery life? All these questions and more are answered within this review. Enjoy!
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CHSilvercore says:

Just bought mine, upgrading from the Moto X2 (2014).

Its me Kanyon King says:

Who ever wants to bye me on feel free

Heylookitsassassinlion says:

So safe to say to upgrade from iPhone 7?

aaron villalta says:

does this have nfc

Hector Najera says:

you missed DayDream VR compatibility, so far Google Pixel is the only phone compatible with the Google VR Headset.

Dave Smith says:

It doesn’t seam so amazing at all sticking with my Samsung s7 edge for now lets see what apple come out with 10th anniversary Iphone 7s

deanmoriarty says:

Bunch of Trump supporters bitching about phone specs…..What else is new? #iphone4eva #notmypresident #notthephoneoftheresistance

Иван Вашека says:

You wont have any problems with not getting software update for two years… only two years!?

Madman1397 says:

The version of “Google Now” shown in this video can be experienced by all android users with the Google’s Allo app

Christian Flego says:

Who else agrees that this is the best phone on the market

Heylookitsassassinlion says:

So safe to say to upgrade from iPhone 7?

Emi Fore says:

Oh wow, I love my Macbook Pro! It is easy to synchronize my pictures to my iphone using icloud. Also, Photoshop opens in 1.5 seconds and to use multiple windows I can use Magnet app, or click F3. Macbook Pro doesn’t have too many apps as default and I can open hundreds of windows, exports videos, and working on a audio production at the same time. I think some people should stop hating apple because they can’t afford it, but it all depends what operate system you like more (AS INDIVIDUAL). For me I love how adobe programs works on my Macbook Pro Quadcore 16 GB RAM + SSD.

halozone3 says:

This is how it should be. A smartphone should last you 2-3 years, and sometimes even 4. There is no need to get the latest and greatest EVERY year. Just my 2 cents.

blitzkgrieg says:

Any information on protective slick cases? I personally don’t like to have a giant phone with an even more giant case.

Chelsey Houston says:

$530 Google Pixal HERE ->

frankytap says:

Are you holding the XL version or the smaller version? Im used to Iphone5 so I think the XL version might be a lil too big.

DJ SNAPP-e says:

I fucking care about the design of a phone. I want my phone to be durable and shatter resistant

Lheine says:

Im sticking with iphone 7

BKDon718 says:

+android police what is that wallpaper your using in the beginning of the video with the sky scrapers?

artistic zero says:


Christian Skui says:

Maby maby

Paul Ramos says:

the only thing good about this is the software other than that its crap

MercilessHobo says:

The phone is slippery. *tries to wiggle phone out of hand to prove you need sponsors product, phone sticks to hand* Fail.

Ab Fitaaz says:

Can yu root it

Infernus Ape says:

as good as samsung and iPhone are these other phones don’t have lag or glitching problems unless it’s lg of course

Robert Adamék says:

I plan on upgrading to the Blue Pixel from my Droid Turbo 1. Should be a major change I hope. Anyone know?

Infernus Ape says:

as good as samsung and iPhone are these other phones don’t have lag or glitching problems unless it’s lg of course

The Good Life Productions says:

i will upgrade
to the

Ray the jelly snake says:

i always chose crap phones. i am an andorid user and so far my main phones have been; sony xperia sp and i am currently using a HTC one mini 2. Like i said, crap xD. Im wondering if the pixel will be any better for me? Anything compared to what i have now is an upgrade..

Eugene Barber says:

I love my pixel. 100% satisfied with it!

saurabh adhikari says:

what is the name of the 1st game in the video your were playing ???

Will Bryan says:

I have a Galaxy S6… I’m going to wait for a… MAJOR upgrade… doesn’t feel like this is it…

Stephen Landy says:

its all about the s8 edge now

Squishytrishy 98 says:

Jesus have mercy not htc

Mart1an says:

i have a huawei p8 would it be worth switching to this from that?

Xro says:

One thing I think I am going to Love and no one mentions. Reads & Writes to and from USB.

Ahmed Nabil says:

Should i switched from note 5 to pixel XL ??

alpha beta says:

one plus 3T is better value for money. Paying so much for an android phone is waste of money, iphone is the best choice in that price range

ChevyChafes says:

why the blatant rip off of the body design of iphones? Sad

PKN Patrick says:

Would never buy this, so many better options out there, like the (Affordable) Nexus 6P.

wulf says:

smh 9gag

megagangster321 321 says:

what game was he playing?? it looked really good

Crazcompart says:

As of 02/17, the top seller right now…Inches ahead of the SSGS7/Edge…Odd, since there’s no SD expansion whatsoever…However, it has the AMOLED display, Google Assistant, and bare-boned Pure Android N, whereas GS7s have the TouchWiz UI that some can either take or leave, but no adoptable SD option…

Mario says:

I was watching a LG G6 video and remembered about the Pixel. I looked up what’s the price and I was like HOLY SH!T! 875 eur for 32GB Pixel and 1,2k eur for 128GB XL.

Luca L says:

Whats the game at 6:22

netcalibur says:

Bla bla bla
Amazing my ass. Overpriced. Having it on the desk you have to pick it up to use fingerprint sensor (if you can find it without looking)
Big chin – a wasted space that could been used for home button, a front speaker or capacitive keys.
Ok, these are no big deal but for the money you pay for this shit, you don’t want any compromise, do you?

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