Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!

Google Pixel delivers an experience good enough to be my Top Android Phone of 2016!

Google Assistant 4K Video on Tesla:

Google Assistant vs Siri:

Google Pixel skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Clique – Kanye West | Instrumental



chengcen sha says:

Just curious what is your clothes? I like this hoddie haha

Jacob Bagger says:

StackSocial is currently doing a giveaway of the Google Pixel, the Daydream View, and the Google Home. Check it out here:

Amhar Feroze says:

Google Pixel is awesome

Flame9464 says:

wait isn’t google assistant basically s voice?

Brian Felshaw says:

Have you found that it has slowed down and gets extremely hot? my HTC one got really bogged down after a year and a half

kgajic says:

That purple thing on the left made me shit my pants. Knowing I have had problems with s7 edge display before.

Strikye B says:

play the intro at a 1.25x speed

Andy Singh says:

@Marques, great review, as always. I’m not worried about the lack of wireless charging or waterproof but the camera is the feature which is pulling me towards the phone.

How does having Google Cloud, as well as the phones internal storage help?

Yonatan Tibebu says:

Liked for “That’s Dope”

Zato says:

All phones must be boring when you played with a phone that could explode at any moment. #note7

Tommy Ciputra says:

Only some Nexus fans will buy this. Most people won’t buy it. Looking at the price, I might as well buy an iPhone

Manu Niaah says:

Marques is a photographer/videographer first and then a lover of tech, then a youtuber and that’s why the quality of his videos is in a class of its own

jfk 79 says:

Just wondering about the price.. please help !! I can get Pixel with 9GB more allowance per month and over the course of 24 months contract £210 cheaper than Pixel Xl.. Is the 0.5inch display worth that £210 and 9GB data less per month?


Dude! Is that your Model S?

Liu XinXin says:

Nobody noticed at 3:40 when it says 2560p?? xD

shayan ebrahim says:

Hey you guys think I should buy this or wait couple of more months for the pixel 2

4Headollino says:

i won a google phone 1 month ago, idk i should sell or keep it

Wyatt Grindling says:

2560p….. try 1440p lol

ComputerMagicMates CMM says:

I am getting this phone soon

William Hayden says:

How do the external speakers suck? Please elaborate. This is a bit important to me. Thank you.

Dash Melrose says:

I like the pixel… I like the pixel because it’s basic they only need better speakers and water resistance and a better display

isaac10231 says:

It’s nice but… if you keep scrolling through your multitasking people might see private information.

Flame9464 says:

am i the only one who likes the design of the pixel???

claudiu ilie says:

best phone i have ever used , and i used them all 🙂 i work in a phone shop

esoa1000 says:

Excellent review. Thank you for speaking clearly and concisely.

Maisha Maliha says:

@MKBHD Will you do a Google PIXEL XL give away?

TokyoKazama says:

The ‘That’s dope’ part was really smooth.

YUSH says:

I use the iPhone 6 looking for a new phone, should I wait for pixel 2 or just get the pixel?

lele chauke says:

you need to hook me up with one of these phones you review bro

Snorlium Z says:

Ha, can’t trigger my phone, Siri.

John Baker says:

stock android is plain boring

Cowboy Frank's Personal Videos says:

Just received my Pixel, second manufacturing batch for Google. Major problem. They have included an adapter for transferring from my old phone BUT, the adapter is totally useless. Included is a USB C to USB C cable, a USB A to USB C cable and a USB A female to USB C male adapter. I would think at this point most people would be coping from a Micro USB phone to the USB C of the Pixel. You can use the C to C charging cable so the adapter is useless. Now I have to find a Micro USB to USB C cable which so far I have not seen in stores.

Peach inc. says:

I watched this video and before hand I was really proud of my nexus 6p and afterwards I was still of it. But I rather have a pixel now instead

Hayden Arter says:

Is that an MKBHD Hoodie your wearing?

sham pera says:


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