Google Pixel Review: An Android For Normals

“The best Android smartphone” is a tough thing to pin down. For years it’s been split between the Nexus line of stock software and fast updates, and the feature-loaded superphone family from third-party manufacturers. But what if you could combine the best of each world into something that straddled the divide? You’d have an all-new “Google phone” – and in some ways (but not all), the best Android phone ever. This is MrMobile’s Google Pixel review.


MrMobile’s Google Pixel Review was published after two weeks with a Pixel XL review unit and two retail Pixel handsets (one standard, one Pixel XL) purchased from the Google Store. The devices were tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and New York City, and on Project Fi in Shanghai, China. The devices were paired with a Moto 360 v2 for the duration of testing.


Google Pixel

Nextbit Robin


Google Pixel Review at Android Central:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

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BigSCTVfan says:

That big chin is horrible.

matt albert says:

I am considering moving away from iPhone to this and part of that is Project Fi. For all you out there, what has been your experience with Fi and Pixel? Seems like the extra upfront cost for the phone is made up in smaller monthly bills?

John Renz Caballero says:

Where do you ?. Get your intro . its good and fascinating . please can tell where you get the intro music. Thanks In Advance

Logan Wake says:

The main thing I want from my new phone is for it to hold its own for a long as possible. Would you say the pixel, with it’s stock software and google support, the Huawei mate 9, with its machine learning algorithm, or the Samsung s7, with its being pretty damn good in general, has the longest lifespan*?
Any input would be appreciated.
ps. These options are a combination of my preference of android and my limited options from living in Australia.
*Continues to be functional, not necessarily compete with new models.

Nadun lochana perera says:

Google now was always there but it wasn’t very conversational, it didn’t have personality like siri… The assistant is a better AI all around with a ton personality

Augusto Hernandes says:

Your videos are awesome!

Munjee Syed says:

” new feature for phones running Android 7 ” I had on lollipop lol

Fishkeeper63 says:

After being an iOS user for 4 years, the Pixel XL finally tempted me over to Android and while there are quite a few things I miss about IOS, I think I’m liking my Pixel better overall.

Linked Devices says:

It’s funny how many times he taps to launch something and nothing happens.

Northcliff Fries says:

Is that a Daniel Rubino cameo I see?

The Money Man says:

someone did a test where the pixel was frozen in a bowl of water for 90 minutes and the only thing that didnt work were the speakers but once the speakers thawed, they worked too

Victor Hugo Lopes says:

Really like your videos, awesome reviews!. The voice over and music production is awesome as well. Congrats!

Juvuner says:

idk it’s me or anybody think but pixel is just a piece of art

Linked Devices says:

How does it at all combine the best of the two? It’s just a really obvious next iteration of the nexus. It doesn’t come close to the feature range of galaxy devices. You can literally do anything with the S7.

Sithhy says:

Can someone link that wallpaper @ 3:58? *Looks noice*

H says:

Don’t you mean “normies”? 😉

Joseph Monsalvo says:

thanks I literally just bought the blue 5 in variant. It’s not for me though, it’s for the wifey but man do I want one now…

vaibhav chafle says:

Watching On the Nextbit Robin A.K.A. Cloud phone 3:09

Genrey Lino Gonzales says:

oh god I’m serious. you are the best phone reviewer I’ve ever watched.

Maciek Marcinkiewicz says:

I like it’s looks more than s7 looks

kaihtheloner says:

An Android for Normals? Hardly. It’s an Android for the Rich!! This phone costs about 60,000 rupees in India which is roughly $900. For $315 (Almost $600 less), I bought myself a OnePlus 3 instead.

In a country where there is no subsidized pricing on phones or those carrier contract phones (no idea what they’re called), we have to pay the entire amount upfront and in a developing country, $900 is a bit too much for a phone. For that price I could buy myself a new bike.

Tejanshu Nikam says:

is it that best smartphone right now???

applekumi says:

killed by Oneplus 3t

SolidPonce13 says:

hey michael… just wondering… “your” phone is a Nextbit Robin? If so, awesome.
I’d like to know what your thoughts were on that. Can you give a Reader’s Digest condensed version of that review? 🙂
Great Pixel review btw. Keep up the good work.

_ 卐 _ says:

I prefer the xl

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