Google Pixel phone review

The Pixel and Pixel XL “Phone by Google” are the first true Google phones. Subscribe:

They stack up against the best phones on the market and have the Google Assistant inside. Also, great cameras!

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John Hendrix says:

I was to busy laughing at when he said stupendous twice!

Cesilia Lopez says:

i hope the iPhone 8 is water proof bacause when ever its summer we get on our pool thats outside and then i tell her dont bring your phone out here and so she didnt listen and she fell on the pool

UnitedWeStand4EVR says:

Looks small. I wish the note was still around.

Roger Blakemore says:

so what about Google play will the hd movies look a lot more better than it does on the galaxy???

sukhdeep gill says:

beautifully shot…with some scenic backgrounds

Roberto Angeles says:

Google pixel is a decent phone tbh

Magii an says:

Im a iPhone user and lemme just say that iPhone lost whenever they decided to take away the headphone jack..

WARZONE 21122112 says:


Rachel Fajardo says:

I love how he said Googel on the last part

Boze Udovicic says:

how about asking People what they want? phone companies should ask the consumers which Features they want. Here is the wireless charging missing, no removable battery, it’s not waterproof, no micro SD slot, second sim slot and so on….. why not ask the consumers?

pinky1933 says:

I like the Pixels pictures and video but that is all subjective anyway. I don’t own it nor ever used it, but from all the videos like this that I’ve seen, it does a great job.

Jushwa Dezmin says:

“The pixels are really big for the low light images.” wat?

Kodi DC says:


Waycool jr says:

Do your research….The phone was designed,built and implemented by HTC.

ThePhiZzo says:

Obviously an ad.

jed pittman says:

about four seconds in you realise your watching a commercial, not a review.

Alexander Austin says:

I have an iPhone 6 at the moment and was thinking of switching to the pixel. The one bug problem for me is that I have Apple Music in my iPhone and just wanted to know if I could use Apple Music on the pixel. If not can you share a Spotify account across both an Apple phone and a pixel?

Richard Foxhall says:

No matter how good it is, Google Pixels pricey price is likely to make it unsuccessfully competitive with the established upper level brands in the neighborhood. Not unlike comp pricing in real estate. Needs to run around the track some more. I’m hoping it succeeds; but not on my nickel. Just my opinion as one who is otherwise a Google lover.

Cesilia Lopez says:

i have the new google phone XL i say its better but my husband has a iphone 7 plus and he says his phone is better noo its not

Nehemiah Joel Actub says:

This isn’t a review. This is an advertisment.

Erislandy Valdez says:

do you think Google will offer the unlimited photo and video storage in the next pixel phone? or will they move onto something else

Morgan Woodfield says:

I could only focus on the background- twenty one pilots video for migraine

Tech Felix says:

you just said there isn’t image stableization

Daniel Perrault says:

first Google Android phone, I guess the google nexus didn’t count?

Aditya Salunke says:

Just buy a OnePlus 3

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