Google Pixel: hands on review

Nexus is dead. Pixel is king. Say hello to the Google Pixel, a handset ushering in a new era of the search giant’s smartphone range.

It arrives alongside the larger (and even more expensive) Google Pixel XL, as the firm doubles down on devices for another year.

The Pixel takes over from 2015’s Nexus 5X as the smaller offering in Google’s line up. Thing is, it hasn’t inherited its predecessor’s price tag, with the new Pixel sporting a decidedly more premium price tag.


rijul sharma says:

can u run something like Moto actions on Google pixel and stuff.. coz there are similar sensors..?

Victor Guerrero says:

Their ads are so fucking annoying. I’m never getting that phone.

Rufus Derpington says:

I honestly think this is a decent phone. A lot of people here are critisising it on how it looks, I’d put a case on it no matter what phone I got so it makes no odds to me. And I want a phone that can let me almost seamlessly switch from iPhone to android.
I’m gonna be one of the only ones to buy this I don’t give a shit. A bunch of nerdy cunts who think they sound smart telling me that it’s not as good as android or iPhone and bombarding me with spec sheets isn’t going to stop me from buying it

Alex McCaffrey says:

Microsoft made a serious error by removing the Start button and now it looks like Google has done the same. The average user is not going to have any idea how to see their apps.

Plus it looks fiddly. Why break what isn’t broken? A button is much quicker than a swipe.

Baku Bhogle says:

pixel is the smoothest phone on planet right now.

XXtheJUMPoffXX says:

Why such huge bezels?

Khairul Ibrahim says:

Didn’t know Jamie Vardy does tech reviews

wonderb01 says:

no sd car slots?

Hippocrab says:

lol hate is real. not worth the price. and iphone 7 plus is? it has unlimited storage from google. the assistant is better than siri. the camera is amazing and its stock android. water proofing doesnt exist on iphone 7 or note 7. they are resistant. anyone that needs waterproof gets a case. people like to hate for sake of hate. im getting rid of my note 7 for this phone. and its not an iphone copy if anything iphone is an htc copy. use what you like. stop trashing stuff cause you got a branch up your ass

hind akeel says:

if someone wants to try their luck the link is a google pixel giveaway and it is legit done by androidathourties if you know who they are..

Hexer McCraken says:

why is more and more brands opting for the stupid design of apple phones , not a big fan of the camera being at the top left corner looks awful

Ashmit Khadka says:

for £400, this would be fire

Swaminathan Sivaraman says:

“Why shouldn’t there always have been a swipe-up action to bring up the app drawer?” – Because you don’t accidentally remove the mail app.

PKTV says:

Review seriously? The phones not even out your picked it up for like 5 min 1 hour tops and your doing a review???

lovedeep singh says:

i like this phone but i think it’s need to be improve on the base design and apps..otherwise it’s look like a usual android phone…may be i wait another year and they will launch with improvement and better design…

Jordan GM says:

If the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the phone…how do you put on a case?

Sean Genge says:

I would have liked if the back was a bit more nicer. That top shiny part seems kind of weird. The other features though are very nice, like the ui.

jsv says:

Was this guy the salesman? My one big question is – How does this phone
justify the new £600-800 price tag from previous Nexus? Previous Nexus
used to be cheap but well made good phones. Apart from unlimited photo
storage and a better camera (should be standard anyway) I don’t see how
they can justify such a huge price jump. Removing OIS from the camera is
really going to effect your shots too. Replacing it with a software mod
is just a downgrade, whatever way you look at it.

jeff lee says:

is it water resistant?

Yusuf Baş says:

What! 1 mono speaker and 1 fake?

Jez2008UK says:

Not waterproof, no wireless charging ? Shame, as without those I’m not interested

Luis Pacheco says:

It looks alot like the iphond

Luis Pacheco says:

Iphone anybody else agree like if you do or drop comments

lexii miller says:

Looks like they borrowed the shape from the GNex, and that alone has me wanting it.

HchQue says:

This isn’t a review you idiots

anicetune says:

It looks like they’ve blended together an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6.

But where they’ve peeled off the iPhone’s home button (to stick it on the back) it’s left a ton of useless space.

Mr Meh says:

Why did they remove front-facing speakers and add huge bezels all around…dafuq google. -_-

Adrian Hishow says:

This is not a review.

Jaimen Maisuria says:

Expensive, no front facing stereo speakers, fugly design (subjective), huge ass bezels, no water or dust proofing, no wireless charging… Huge long-term Nexus fan but I’ll be holding onto my Nexus 6P for a little while longer – so disappointed!

Banana Phone says:

So this will store all my dick pics forever right?

Alex McCaffrey says:

This is a Samsung Galaxy S7/ and S7 Edge competitor first and foremost. It’s unlikely to make many iPhone owners buy it because few iPhone users are interested in seeing if anything is better out there.

Apple users rarely look at other devices, whereas Android (Samsung) users will look elsewhere and most have Samsung Galaxies.

Keegan Beaulieu says:

Can you play games

TheMexicanBoy says:

Those of you who are buying an iphone or own an iphone please read the book, “Common Sense”, by Thomas Paine. I just preordered the pixel and its faster and better than the iphone 7. Better camera quality, better battery life, and it has a headphone jack. On top of that, you get unlimited storage for photos and videos.

Lizzie :D says:

am i the only one who doesn’t mind its appearance?
also I heard rather be in the backround 🙂

Shane Horne says:

basically you want shit with sugar on it

Victor L says:

It’s so ugly holy shit

Shane Horne says:

if its the first google phone then what the hell is the nexus line up

Shane Horne says:

iphone 7 plus

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