Google Pixel First Look Live


Duncan MacKenzie says:

I personally really like the design, it’s different and I like it, I think it will grow on me more

Get Get says:

They look like iPhones

arconreef says:

when I try to watch this video it freezes every time I press play and says “This live event has ended. Tap to retry.”

Jan S. says:

probably not a smart question, but will this phone ever be available in Belgium and he Netherlands? please help

Luke Free fall says:

i was going to buy this phone but that bloody advert that always pops up annoys me so much I not getting it. cant stand the music it uses

TechTranslated says:


Stevachii says:

This phone is flat out sick!!!

Jessica Stone says:

SOS can you go live on FB with the Pixel? I have asked the droid community and Google Support. no luck yet. help?

Jackson Harris says:

I call it the Google iPixel

BlackRavenA7X says:

does anyone know if this phone works with boost mobile?

Cmhml Ogsmtw says:

the google phone looks so cheap

Ebonie Tate says:

I like this phone. I really do want because i don’t like I Phones so i been using Samsung. Soooooooo basically i am getting a google phone.

candy can says:

Only $29.99 for Pixel battery case on Amazon.Original Price:$49.99
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Ralph Datoon says:

hey lou

Wlodzimierz kruczek says:

Im getting the Pixel XL

Katy Rupp says:

First off great work as always, loved your review. but dude I love your camera man to death, though a camera stand would cut out all that shaking. i’m watching a tech review not an action film.

slenderman slender says:

i can build a gaming pc at the price of this phone

RiaHazWafflez zz says:

Looks like
iPhone/Samsung/Nokia :/

Slain Bisley says:

The BlackBerry DTEK60 has the same specs and more and € 500,00 Cheaper , but only the pixel has a bigger battery 3400mAh vs 3000mAh and the
qualcomm chipset is the same like the 820 but only overclocked with the same processor. Also the BlackBerry DTEK60 has a better Camera 21Mp and
also a 8 MP front camera for video calls or selfies :). I tested both devices and both has stock rom and Android 7.1 will be there at the end
of the year for the DTEK60 but it’s tuned with BlackBery own software and works much better then Google stock rom. So keep some Money in your
pocket and be smart to buy the BlackBerry DTEK60 with monthly security and apps update and earlier then google.

Abdul Kareem says:

its tooo expensive I want

ashok kumar says:

hello sir i am a student and i want a Google phone for good purpose.
can you please give me a google phone. please

Mark Zeng says:

Name a cellphone which will wobble on a flat table.

SUPERBOY Videos says:


Murtumans says:

So much bullshit from his mouth. 😀 He would never ever actually use this phone over samsung or iphone. 😀

Eternia says:

Sadly it has that security breach recently
Oh and the horrible storage
No SD card slot? Why not?!

John Bonjour B. Bagas says:

pixel xl… i need that …. please…

DaltonLee23 says:


Kristian Ludvigsen says:

Take that stupid cap off, your look like a stupid teenager…

MrRay31 says:

damn she looks beautiful, but it’s not available in my country 🙁

Chay W. says:

watching on the Google pixel♥️

Reza Zaman says:

What is the best VR for iPhone 7 plus?

anythingorz says:

Do not slam the back of a phone with glass cover…might cause ghosting touchscreen

Teddy Bass says:

The camera sells that phone all day long

Ralph Datoon says:

hey, i really need a smartphone 🙁 do you have any extra phone? im really sad rn. any smartphone will do 🙁

Dominic Theissen says:

can I maybe get that phone pleas because I think you wont need it because you have 100dreds of phones that you don’t youse.THX

MbmYT says:

I was in the livestream but the camera was soooo bad so ya I left

Sathvik Venkatesh Seshadri says:

will pixel and pixel XL be available in the middle east?(DUBAI)

Brian Roode says:

Stupid name and ugly ass phone.

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