Google Pixel and Pixel XL First Look and Tour!

Yeah, we spent some time today with Google’s new phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. They are pretty great, even at those prices that are still quite shocking. Here is a full tour of each phone as we lead up to a review!


Indonesia says:

Google is the new Apple

Garminizator says:

Google screwed up with the price. If I’m paying that much, I better get a hardcore power user phone full of everything. A microSD card slot would make this phone a much easier pick, but they really had to go down the Apple way.

Josh The dude says:

Wow amazing video!! I love the quality of this video, and the basic yet really useful review & viewing angles of the phone. Kept it really concise. Subscribing! For some reason, the Pixel looks nicer on your video then it did on other review videos. Kudos!

waldo vasquez says:

is the 6p getting those nice buttons and Google assistant integrated?

Eduard Arakelyan says:

Mainstream consumer doesn’t look at a spec sheet. The iPhone is a success story based on overall experience (and genius marketing). Google needs to market this phone right. Meanwhile Android/Nexus purists have a lot of $349 phones to pick from.

Tommi Savolainen says:

600e was my limit. Now 750e is just a bit too much for phone like that, nothing ground braking in it. Think I’m just gonna go for OnePlus3 and save 400e.

Varenya Varshney says:

What is the available memory in 32gigs Pixel?

Eric Nyamu says:

rounded icons suck.

Nicholas Cheung says:

really like how this hands on video is done

EatMoreB8con says:

Would get it if they didn’t take a deal with a shit carrier, Verizon

mb b says:

igoogle, too expensive and ill never buy another lagfest of a snapdragon.

Gameysam Plays says:

but the black looks all stealthy and cool

krisspykrapper says:

Same price as iphones lol. WTF is google smoking. I’d actually buy an ip7 over this crap.

Just go back to giving samsung play editions on their phones.

oren moyal says:

it’s looks unbelievably snappy!

Richard S. says:

Why the big ass Chin?!

myNEONCITY says:

That big ass proximity sensor ruins the look of the silver and blue phones. Black is the only way to go.

dominionn09 says:

Pixel or iphone 7? Having a hard time. I like android better but..
no waterproofing
No dual speakers
Both iPhone has with same price

Dan Perkins says:

I’ll wait till it’s 299$

David Bowen says:

I need some advice, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a note 7 for a few weeks. now that the pixel is out I’d like your opinion on what one would you suggest I buy. I’m really interested in using the new VR to watch YouTube and Netflix. Can you use the note 7 with the Google VR or can I watch that stuff on Samsung’s VR? Since I can’t hold the Pixel and can’t find any info regarding the VR capabilities I need your advice.

Shell Casing says:

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge >> Google Pixel and Pixel XL, because:
1. Water resistance
2. Micro-SD card support
In addition, I wish they’d gone with dual front speakers, because those bezels have plenty of room to accommodate them. And $649 is too damn high. The OnePlus 3 is $400 and yet it offers more RAM, more storage and a bigger screen than the base Pixel. WTF?

r3dift says:

They aren’t ugly. Top 3 what is better then this except galaxy

Melonie Zappa says:

Let me see how laggy it is on Snapchat and then I’ll make a serious consideration lol

SK NorthPole says:

Line or when people say it’s too expensive ^^ It really isn’t. It’s on par with other smartphones on the market.

Al Vapez says:

I really wish they’d give us a 6″ option. I’m clinging to my Nexus 6 because I can’t use smaller phones after having this beast. I have a v10, 6p and moto z force but use my 6 a ton throughout the day.

sydjaguar says:

The price is the problem. Not sure what Google was thinking

Charlie Ayala says:

needs more bezel

Israel Gonzalez-Cruz says:

Question, is the Really Blue Pixel and Pixel XL available with 128GB?

LagIsTheEnemy says:

I’m sorry, but I think the entire design team needs to get FIRED!

Galab Parchev says:

Hmm, it’s smooth… and faaast… will see… maybe for the first time we see how Android phones should be made

Promodh Sridhar says:

Not worth the price price

Goran Petrovic says:

Did they remember to require htc to include audio enchantment on pixels at least as htc 10 or they plan to give us bellow mediocre sound? If they didn’t, I wonder do they know what they are doing….

TheSuperHybrid80 says:

ygly and nothing super new features plus it looks like ecat iphone hyi helvetti no thanks stickking to my huawei p9 wayy better and cheaper

Joshuabrutl says:

am I the only person that wishes it were bigger ?

BldgWha7 says:

Nothing more idiotic than people going out of their way to criticize the look of a phone that will be in a case anyway. Even though their own phone, which no matter how good it looks versus the Pixel is covered up too.

Javier Arocho says:

why no one did a benchmark test of them??? I don’t found anything confirmed about it, just a supposed September leaked benchmark. please, if someone knows if one of the gadgets reviewers did a test, tel me!!!

KJ 1027 says:

Is the fingerprint sensor bigger on the standard smaller model?

Brandon M says:

no shatter proof screen and not water resistant wtf Google !!!

nick ruffier says:

does the camera have a manual mode with shutter speed, iso etc

Nhzhun Hicks says:

why does the bottom of the pixel screen looks like a iphone

Dave Kos says:

I’m excited about the camera and Assistant, but hardware is ugly AF. I’m gonna cover that phone like it’s got leprosy.

Andrew Tran says:

appreciate the video quality at 1080p and 60fps ! awesome!

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