Freetel Samurai Kiwami Unlocked Android Phone Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Samurai Kiwami unlocked GSM Android smartphone made by FREETEL Wireless, a Japanese company. This $389 phone works on GSM networks and it has 4G LTE that’s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US (LTE bands 2, 4, 7, and 17). It is not compatible with Sprint and Verizon. Despite the low price, the phone has a 6” QHD 2560 x 1440 IPS display, a high end MediaTek MT 6795 octa-core 2GHz processor with PowerVR G6200 graphics, 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage. The phone runs a clean Android 5.1 build and it has NFC, a fingerprint scanner, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, GPS and a 3400 mAh battery. It has an 8MP front camera and a rear 21MP camera with Sony Exmor RS IMX230 sensor. It’s available on Freetel’s website and Amazon.


Simsforever2000 says:

have you used the gear vr it’s amazing I love. am planing on using it on the plane and hoilday this year

EveryDayTeq says:

this looks very much like a Note 4

Judiel Gonzalez says:

A one mighty cell for that price…

kyleboyz400 says:

Could you please review the updated Asus Zenbook Pro Skylake edition?

خالد القحطاني says:

How can I get one
i am in saudi arabia

Marky 360 says:

Did she say 62gigs of ram O_o?

zermomia says:

complementing a piece of shit ,good job Lisa…

Patrick King says:

Samurai Kiwami vs Oneplus 3 smackdown.

Moomin74 says:

Could probably get a flagship from last year for a similar price and with a better spec. The LG G4 for example.

Parker Time says:

I wish you would get a hold of a Nextbit Robin!

Nirav Gohel says:

Please, do a review on Oneplus 3.

nazcalito says:

I bought one of these a week ago. It is a very nice phone, very solidly built, no lags at all, fast, great 6″ screen, great camera. It is something like a Sony high end phone with a bigger screen and metal instead of plastic fittings. The only drawback is that the thing is so overpowered it eats battery time if you’re using it. I was able to root it with Kingroot but it’s so new there are no custom roms or recoveries out yet.

Matthew Benson says:

I’d actually be interested in how this does in the USA. Here in Tokyo, used phone stores have literally dozens of Freetel phones in stock seemingly all the time. Often they aren’t even used, yet still sold for well under retail price.

awd111980 says:

Anyone know of a good dual Sim card device that supports Verizon and Tmobile?

jammin4jonathan says:

it’s has 3 GB of RAM check the website

bobn27613 says:

There were a few items not mentioned. Does the unit support fast charging such as Qualcomm 3. The other item does it have wireless charging and fast wireless charging.
Good review

Yo-yo says:

I think it’s a gig of RAM short and $100 expensive. Considering you can grab a Galaxy S6 or a G4 for around the same price. But the 6″ form factor does put it in a different category.

rainmakr20 says:

2 gigs of ram. is that a joke?

RansuMaru says:

I have the Freetel Musashi (the dual screen flip phone) Freetel makes really good phones! I’ve had several of their phones. I’ve recommend them to my friends.

MrRiggyRiggs says:

Nexus 6 is better

Team Hair says:

What 6 inch phones are compatible to Sprint?

AzuMentch36 says:

Thanks for reviewing this phone. As we encounter more Freetel phones coming to the US, are there any reports that Freetel will bring these phones to Verizon and even Sprint? It seems Sony is pulling a Shoganai/”It can’t be helped” mindset in terms of bringing well made phones to those markets. They will be open to a much bigger market if they can do that, not to mention adding competition vs the samely Samsungs and iPhones taking so much of the market.

TR-8R says:

Note 4 D:

I wish Samsung made a refresh of it like a special edition. I would straight up pay $100 more.

BenMJay says:

Is it just me or is this a very uneventful year in tech?

Saif Bukhari says:

If it’s written “made by Japan” or “made in Japan” im so gonna get it, just because it’s only in childhood we had made in Japan electronic stuff, and it has been china all along (no offence) just for a change

59seank says:

Great shirt!

Frank Reid says:

Love the shirt!

Seth Clayburn says:

Looks a bit like the Note 4

Tomislav Habazin says:

Please, make review of nextbit / robin.

Reasonable Fan says:

Darn no band 12, T-Mobile just acquired band 12 where I live.

Chaplin Johnson says:

No thanks. Great channel though.

DannyPeacock222 says:

hi Lisa, will you be doing a review of the new HP omens, they are in many different configurations and I’d like your opinion 🙂

HelpI'mLost says:

holy fuck the specs

Alan Yael says:

Review of the Gamer Laptop “Origin EON 17-X”? Pleaaaaase?!?!?!?!

Kriss Rog says:

Where is the Huawei Matebook review?

Mukund Ramakrishnan says:

This phone or the OnePlus 3? Both seem quite high-end for their price range, but the OnePlus line is more well known…

John Wayne says:

Does it have an IR blaster? No? I won’t buy it.

Jane Grassmarket says:

Amazing reviews.

En Sabah Nur says:

Do a review on the mic you have pinned on you!?

yellowhorse52 says:

I’m still using a galaxy note 4. So far I haven’t found a phone to compare for what I like and need. Like the LG this phone says it is 6″ but when you add the buttons and the top and bottom bars it is much smaller I would think. Guess I’ll stay with the Note 4 until something shows better with equal features. All about personal choices, Love the videos!

Chris Devine says:

1440p screens on phones are just a waste of battery. No one needs a phone with more pixels than a retina iPad.

scootosan says:

seems like a nice device, with all the real-estate the finger print scanner should be on the front

Ching Ting Ng says:

is it just me? it looks like it’s a s5 with freetel logo on it.

Kelvin Peacock says:

Looks like a JUMBO Note 4.

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