Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a ‘Dumb’ Phone?

Cleaning off my desk before we head out to MWC, I came across this interesting little device. A brand new flip phone in an age of ultra cheap smartphones? Can you go back to a “dumb phone”? Let’s take a look!

Minor correction, we stated this phone is offered through the GoPhone Pre-Paid service when it’s actually offered directly through AT&T. Apologies for any confusion.


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Shawn Mendes says:

Dumb phone? Hey, remember that the 3310 was also in this phone factor, just inna different design, but still, the 3310 is slightly less capable than the phone in the video, but did anyone consider the 3310 a “dumb phone?” There’s no such thing as “dumb phone” in the world. That kind of phone is the trend before QWERTY keyboard phones are made

Nawaz Waseem says:

A dumb phone that’s smarter than an iPhone ahahaha

Amarjyoti sarmah says:

Im using a 1+3 but i also carry a 3110c.. Oh i just love the battery

Idriss Bah says:

2017 phone of the year~

Con Tra says:

But does this have Bluetooth?

Derrick Best says:

I am currently using a dumb phone. Yes it does what is says. But lord I miss smartphones. No, is the short answer. But it can work.

Nyoman Candra says:

Dumb phone O_O
thats a Legend Phone 😀

Grumpy Cat says:

I’m still rocking my Nokia N95 as a backup phone. I have no regrets…

cdude100 says:

unfortunately everyone is obsessed with texting these days I’ve tried calling people numerous times and they wind up texting me when they’re clearing sitting on their ass at home doing absoloubtly nothing and I ask why

DanStatus • Studio Work says:

I could go back to a Dumbphone, just to make and receive phone calls. I don’t like texting, and most of the people who call me I really don’t like talking too anyway, lol.

Benjameen Benjamin says:

Yes. I miss my Sony Ericsson

Nikhil guda says:


Marcial Pérez says:

i was gonna say yes… but now that i think about it, no lol

vikas tiwari says:

At least it doesn’t hang..

jr4chargers says:

If I had to go back to a dumb phone, I would probably get the Sidekick. 🙂

hiber nate says:

i work at bestbuy selling phones.
about 20% of my sales are still simple flip phones.
Mostly old people buy it.

when i sell old people smartphone half the time they will come back because they can’t figure out how to work it properly and we just replace them with flip phone.

STAYlow says:

Doesn’t matter how old you, pull this fossil of a phone out to get your next ex-wife’s phone number for the first time and you can forget about a second date. Juan – The Blackberry passport is less than 2 bills right now, get that for your grandpa, there’s an entire keyboard of physical keys and no real need to touch the screen.

thiago oliveira says:

Of course………. Those phones to do things that must be hidden

Patrick Van Reusel says:

You replaced your grandfather by a phone? OMG


I got an Ad for Captain2phones, who else got it?

dan laesu says:

a person from africa could say thx for this flip phone

Amelia Ortega says:

Raw trail minority bctkub distance rather store aide laboratory poetry.

The Pessimistic Jets Fan says:

I went through a “dumb phone” in middle school, way better than my first Android phone. Still, my current HTC One M9 is probably more useful now.

ava m says:

man , i love flip phones sooooooooooooooooooooo much

Plancha de PIEDRA says:

maybe a dumbphone that acted as a router. giving wifi to my smartwatch my laptop and tablet. always on my pocket ready to make phonecalls and with long life battery.

Las Oliva says:

Next flip phone could be a foldable touch screen bezel less phone

Leo Hamilton says:

Why is it the Cingular flip? Cingular switched to AT&T back in 2007

Camphlobactor says:

Juan, the phone doesn’t ‘beg the question’ (a logical falacy) it raises a question. Hope you don’t make the same next time cause it sounded pretty stupid.

TheWolfHowling says:

“Currently received more software updates then my LG V20”? I thought that the V20 shipped with Nougat? Or is it security patches & optimizations that LG isn’t pushing? I don’t think I could realistically go back to using a feature phone. My Camera & Portable Media Player are in a smartphone. I use the 4G data pipe of my smartphone to create a hotspot for my laptop. I use the offline mixtape in YT Music and stream music from Google Play Music & YouTube, you can’t really do that with an MP3 player, and a tablet or Touch would be cheating.

chizusyo silwamba says:

Magic sushi

Mahfuz Shaon says:

This thing has a very bad chinese mtk os . The nokia dumbphones had much better oses

ECDT1089 says:

Back when flip phones were all the rage. I miss my RAZR2 lol

Misodi says:

I tried switching to a flip phone a couple weeks back at att and the guy told me that they didnt have 3g service anymore or something like that. I have no idea what he meant and was wondering if someone can explain why i couldnt do the switch to the LG Lollipop?

Dr. Drake Ramoray says:

Useful only if you are a hitman, the mafia or a drug dealer.

Floyd Watt says:

I thought the phone was so advanced it just had a vintage look to it before watching the video.

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