Bluboo Maya Unlocked Android Phone Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Bluboo Maya unlocked GSM dual SIM Android smartphone with 3G (but not 4G LTE) for AT&T on the 850 and 1900MHz bands. The phone will work with any GSM carrier for voice and 2G data. The list price is just $99 and Amazon sells it for $89 (there are also mainland China and Hong Kong versions on importer websites, so pay attention to the 3G bands when buying). Bluboo is a Chinese company and despite the similar name, is a different company from Blu.

The phone has a 5.5″ IPS 1280 x 720 display, and it runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the low end 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6580A quad core CPU with MALI 400 graphics. It has 2 gigs of RAM, 16 gigs of internal storage and a microSD card slot. The Maya has an 8MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with Sony sensor. It has a 3,000 mAh removable battery, single band WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth and a GPS but no NFC or fingerprint scanner.


Pc 10 says:

La bani ăștia e un cilipir eu miam aciziționat unul și merge suprinzator de bine vă sfătuiesc săl aciziționaț se merită la 680 Lei nosă vă para rău

Larry Berry says:

I have a problem with this phone, it charges very slow, i left it charging all night and it only charged 10%, first weeks it was charging at a speed of 3 hours but now… help me guys, it’s not the charger…

Alan Johnson says:

How about Blackview A8 Max ? would you review this model ? These two models have the similar specification

A Stoke says:

GPC does not work on this phon

PapayaMan says:

I will be getting this for my grandpa he doesn’t really need fast internet nor use it much.

Betatester says:

nice price phone.

Dylan Mayhew says:

Great review, I was waiting to hear a proper review on the Maya!
I already purchased one for my gf as a birthday gift (belated)
For her needs it seemed perfect.

She is more of a light user does not really use data and plays more simple games.
From what I read and what little I could see I was impressed.

I hope you get your hands on the Bluboo Maya Max when it releases!
That phone sounds rather good considering it will cost likely between $150 to $200 US.

Suppose to be 6inch 720p, 8 core cpu, 3gb of ram, 32gb storage, even larger battery, 4g/LTE,
I might purchase that phone for my self when it releases!

Just Ricky! says:

This phone is ideal for preteens. Let your child be responsible for this phone and if they lose it or break it the parent is only out $100 compared to $500+. By time they start high school a better quality phone may be needed like a Samsung or iPhone. Again, an OK starter phone…..

Slitherax Gaming says:

is this 5.5 or 5 inch the real size of the screen please reply fast

Schnaider says:

Does this phone lag with its (slow?) processor with combination of 2 GB RAM? I don’t mean playing games of course, but casual usage and switching between apps: like facebook, viber/whatsapp, occasional browsing (w/ Chrome), maps and Youtube videos?

Jordan Gillies says:

I wish my mom was as cool as you. Lol.

Tomas Mun says:

I understand proanonsirovat Uhans A101s strong competitor for budget smartphones

scootosan says:

These junk devices only empty the shelves of leftover parts and empty your wallet  “BluPoo” will gladly take any Lemmings money…..good review.

ClectaSkiMusic says:

I dont care about the phone, im just looking at this because I love your videos Lisa….

mikeyb says:

Lisa, could you review the new OLED displays in laptops? Lenovo now has the Thinkpad X1 Yoga in OLED. Thanks. 🙂

Leonid Soverchenko says:

Guys, advise. Our company wants to present to employees smartphones, to me charged to choose model. I doubt between Bluboo Maya and an innovation of Uhans A101S. They are called competitors everywhere. One employee has the previous Uhans A101 model. He is very happy. You can give your opinion. Thanks

luqmaan angelov says:

can put sdcard on it ??

Lamesheep GC says:

How many days to arrive?

Rem Anash says:

New Uhans A101s has the same parameters. Price has lower

Eduardo B. says:

I couldn’t stop looking at the white dot after you found it lol

Shrek Kizi says:

Hello i have a question Which phone is Better Galax VK700 Pro or Bluboo Maya

Vishwas Rajashekar says:

Most important question…..Can it play pokemon go?

Jo Sayegh says:

does it work on boost mobile please answer

Ali زهرة القصر says:

Iam get one

TheMrraffinho says:

I have problem with this phone, when using viber video calls, skype, any other aplication for camera other than basic, screen is all black?????

Carl wood 758 says:

Pleaes save your money,dont do like me.I bought this phone and after one week of usage the screen went blank,dead,unresponsive,iwhat a RIP OFF

Ken Zauter says:

This is what I love about this channel: they’re not tech snobs. They understand not everyone has a lot of money and still may be interested in expert reviews on products they can afford. Nice work, Lisa and company.

Timothy Kong says:

can you do a review on Acer aspire s 13? here’s why, it is one of the cheapest laptop with core i processor, 8gb ram and 256ssd. There’s no other reviewer does a better job than you do and I can’t find a decent review on YouTube. thank youuu

victor 91 says:

academic reasons it is

jeffscomp says:

That should be $65.

Mike Newbold says:

i appreciate the review but women don’t know tech like men do

Vedrana Stanojevic says:

I have it and I don’t know how to make a schereenshot. Can you help me?

Karl Mager says:

No support for 4G and it is not interesting

B Smoove says:

more like BooBoo Maya

Patrick King says:

I’m glad that there’s these types of phone options out there. They’re what I like to call “effit phones” because if anything happens to them, or you go out in a scary place or a bad environment, and something happens, then “effit”, it’s not like you sunk a thousand dollars into the device.

I could also see these types of things good for charity donations, natural disaster situations etc. where people just need a phone…

Thanks for reviewing this.

Jake Lo says:

That looks allot like the Honor 7.

Felwoodiful says:

hi what mic are you using thanks

shattaD says:

could u go back to 30fps? 60fps just looks so weird for this type of content not to mention the data suck. Its either 480p or data rape.

Felwoodiful says:

man that deadpixel killed it for me

Bo Rerun says:

I think you got paid for this review

ezam coffin says:

are you still single ..will you marry me preety??

Pc 10 says:

The money is a cilipir I miam aciziţionat one and go surprisingly well worth it I advise Sal aciziţionaţ

Drunken Tiger J says:

will you be doing a review on the new Note 7 phone? awesome video btw!

ImmortalDuke says:

Great review. Subscribed.
I would love to see you review more budget devices.

Lee McLaurin says:

Requesting that you review the ZTE Axon 7

Tyler Jones says:

Best tech reviewer, hands down.

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