BLU Pure XL Review: A lot of phone for its price

I know BLU is mostly known for budget smartphones, but this device is actually one you need to pay attention to. 2015 has been BLU’s boldest year when it comes to design and hardware improvements, and the BLU Pure XL is proof of the company’s evolution.


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Groud Frank says:

What about software updates? You could get a Nexus 6 for about the same price.Add a little more money and patience(One Plus invite system) and you’ll be able to get your hands on a Moto X Pure Edition or a One Plus One. Xiaomi also has solid offerings for the price. *I want guaranteed updates to Marshmallow and Android N otherwise my money could be better spent.*

Hank Sharpe says:

how is the display brightness outdoors. i’ve heard its so dim that its hard to see it. i’ve even heard it’s dimmer than nexus 6 (motorola)

Raymond Martin says:

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is the greatest phone ever made by human hands!!

Alexandre Hô says:

ths sound recording of this specific video was not good at all. I even had a couple of words that I didn’t even understand.

Shelgo says:

Very impressed by the price of this thing

Supriyo Bose says:

NO evolution. Just Did Copy Paste from others.

Franco Yauri says:

Does the phone overheat a lot?

Chaotic Fung Shui says:

Don’t Click on this link as it is a Survey scam. Don’t fill out any offers and leave the page if you do click on the link.

Mark Snawder says:

great phone.
Blu is horrible for updates though (the ONLY phone they upgraded is the Life One).

basit bhai says:

Wait does it have a play store

Saalar Ahmad says:

Hey are you wearing the microsoft band at 03:22 ????

Oscar Garcia Esparza says:

Jaime Which fitness tracker are you wearing? is the new microsoft band? Saludos y me tomare una cerveza en tu honor desde Monterrey Mexico.

Luis Daniel Mathews Malavé says:

good review @jaimerivera

DrGanja99 says:

Nexus 6, MXP, 1+2 >>> This

TheLiam426 says:

Where’s Michael Fisher?

Mow Better Lawn Service says:

BLU finally makes an amazing device but ruins it with a huge 6″ screen smh. I want them to succeed. BLU if BLU means Bold Like Us, why didn’t you guys do a bold move and make a smaller inch screen? Or why on earth did you guys not bother to include an app drawer? Come on guys.

vik bane says:

is it a GSM service?

ThatCrazyRCGuy 67 says:

were can i buy this phone? thanks

Dominic Thephasdin says:

Software looks like the Sony Z5 line’s this year.

Chandler The Changeling says:

Mediatek CPUs are like AMD CPUs. They have laughable single core performance. Having more cores isn’t useful in most applications as most android Apps only use 2-4 cores. So those extra cores are useless. Also, their GPUs in their SOCs are laughably mediocre aswell. Mediatek processors aren’t bad but they’re FAR from beating Qualcomm. A 5ghz AMD or Mediatek won’t beat or even match a 2.5ghz Intel or Qualcomm SOC

Adrian Hall says:

Lg g3 dual lte beats this phone for the same price.

DJVADO17 says:

don’t hate the phone but dislike the company…they have very poor customer service and don’t provide any updates for their devices…well some of their devices..

Nick Ackerman says:

I was going to buy this phone but I decided to go with the nexus 6 as I think it is the better phone for the same price

sudarshan pahwa says:

A better choice would be LeTV Le1 Pro!

Aymeric de Theux says:

oh, so the minor issues can be fixed via software updates ? too bad Blu still does a terrible job at that

Elk Kapaska says:

Your name is killer, no way i could ever type it correct 😉

Michael Nyanteng says:

my dad own a blu phone

SwagGod 22 says:

it has 2k display n shoot 4k vids.

Lokesh Kumar says:

They are offering a good phone at this price point.

Mike Majeski says:

Was skeptical about BLU but I had a Win HD for a little bit and thought it was a great phone.

Feadds / BlackKidTv says:

its not octa core. its deca core

Ruby H. says:

Good for developing nations where BLU does a lot of business but for anyone living in the US, the Nexus 6, on sales now at Amazon for $350 kills this thing! Plus it will get the latest updates of Android guaranteed.
Anytime a company with a MediaTek based device tells you “yes, we’ll fix those issues in a software update”… avoid them like the plague!

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