BlackBerry PRIV Review

It’s a big moment for BlackBerry: for the first time ever, they are going all-Android with the PRIV. This is our review of the new slider smartphone that tries to unite BlackBerry security, Android, a big touchscreen, and a physical QWERTY keyboard all in one.

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Nimrot Hutagalung says:

it’s an anti-mainstream phone. it’s a very good phone.. but it’s pricey as hell too. bad. there’s still no news about would priv be enter Indonesia soon or not

Poet Productions says:

I find it funny that people think a finger print sensor equates to security. Meanwhile, Apple keep having cloud and data theft on a regular basis for celebrities and apps taking information from regular users… Blackberry KNOW what security actually means.

UsernameUser says:

So location, connection, Bluetooth headset support and call quality is all done poorly.

Those don’t sound like things highly mobile business people care about at all.

nr3rful says:

blackberry? Blackberry? Hahahahaha

Lutfi Prayogi says:

Design rocks.

Théo Durocher says:

Microsd support: 2000 gig wow! Better specs than almost all phones and the advantage it’s the physical keyboard slider!It’s the best smartphone of 2016

Radeyah Begum says:

we can able download whatsapp for blackberry or not ???

Ass Burgers says:

You sound like Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

Bradleigh Davies says:

What network and is it uk

Hà Buzz says:


LLPDize says:

Its on Verizon Now

Adnan Arif says:

So it will be fifth BlackBerry in my hands soon 🙂

sojux42o says:

I can never understand what this guy is saying.

vijil says:

There was a time when a physical keyboard was a must – I loved them back in the day. Until…. swipe. Now that the default keyboards on both windows and android support swipe style input they are vastly superior to the speed you can get with a physical keyboard or even an iphone keyboard with or without autocorrect. I can type almost as fast on my phone as I can on my laptop, which is about 60wpm. Good luck doing that on a physical keyboard.

This still looks like a great phone for those who find swiping tricky to learn.

PheonixFire 939 says:

It was just made available for Verizon today.

vishal thind says:

just an awesome phone … love it

sorstudios says:

Wish they’d made this for boost mobile.

John Tony Sandoval says:

like phone exploding in 3 2 1 boom

ZippA T says:

Incredible phone! Blackberry really stepped it up!

Aks R says:

Samsung phones are shit…blackberry is better option

Mr Scytale says:

Ive been using the Sh*t Berry Priv for almost 5 months now. And yep you guessed it I am absolutely not impressed. 

First of all, the keyboard is absolutely useless. Why? 
1. When slide up the phone becomes overly long and the weight of the phone is shifted towards the top of the phone. Making it hard to hold the phone while typing UNLESS your hands are larger than normal. 
2. But if your hands are larger than normal you will have a hard type trying to type on the small keys as your fat fingers will be pressing everything except the one you want. 

So why not just use the screen-touch keyboard? Well yes… that’s exactly what I have been using the whole time so really the keyboard just becomes a useless function that makes the phone heavier, and the battery power less efficient. 


This phone constantly overheats when you have too many background apps open, or especially when downloading new stuff. And it gets super hot making it a nuisance to touch, and just plain out makes you feel like your holding a crappy phone. 


This phone 4 out of 7 days is having a spaz lag party in which you the user must endure and bear until for some reason it goes back to normal. The way I handle this is by using cleaner apps, speed boosting apps etc. etc. Which wastes my time. 


The camera is horrible. The quality of photos taken is horrible, the capture speed is terrible. When taking a selfie with this phone make sure you dont move a hair for at least 3 seconds after you press the button, or it will be a blur. 

Takes long time to fully charge, and 100% battery use is about 7 hours maximum. 

In conclusion… 

The money spent on this phone can be so much better spent. Please think carefully before buying this phone, unless your a real BB advocate I suggest spending your cash elsewhere. The keyboard gets old after about the first week, so if that’s your reason to buy this phone then seriously think again.

priestof1 says:

wow looks like a real solid phone. I’m an HTC fan but this is interesting. wonder if the spell check software is as good or sucks like LG.

Ign. Enrico says:

Should i switch my iPhone 6s to BlackBerry Priv?

Godlik3Gaming says:

OMG THE PLAY STORE… Finally. I actually really like it’s design and I really like how they implemented android into it

Senso Rieskin says:


Hendry Timbul says:

blackberry android……OMG

Erik says:

totally have been looking at this phone for months now and i gotta say im in love with it. it has expandable memory (2000gb) and actually looks simple to to use and with a physical keyboard it just gets better and better.

Angelica G says:

good review. need to upgrade, any thoughts? a friend’s newer, but used samsung (more affordable too, in comparison), a new moto z force, or this blackberry? don’t want to go to iphone or samsung (new), unless absolutely necessary. thank you

Ello Oku says:

Any BIS Support?

Tyrone Steele says:

So kids, whenever in doubt, come to android

Anthony I says:

I don’t know why, but I like this phone so much!

krazed0451 says:

“We still find text input to be faster with the touch input”… Close your eyes and tell me that!

Grace Zhi says:

I love my iphone but this looks amazing

Pep Abukas says:

unleashed the monster!

mac daddy says:

What good is it if it does not work with Verizon and Sprint?

ThatGreekGeek says:

Do not buy the BlackBerry Priv! BlackBerry will abandon BlackBerry 10 OS and that will be bad! BlackBerry 10 OS is the best! I left android for their OS I don’t want to go back..

Jesus Alvarado Jr. says:

I think I’m more excited about an actual physical keyboard comeback

indonesian nationalist says:

so far this is the best phone design i ever saw in my whole life

asyifa nuraini says:

Waow.. its cool i love it

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