BlackBerry DTEK50 Review!

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Blackberry claims that the DTEK50 is the world’s most secure smartphone but is this phone worth buying solely on it’s security features? Find out in our review!

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Benny Kleykens says:

Not so sure Pokemon Go can be considered a basic game though. But this is obviously not a phone for gamers.

Scott M says:

Will this phone continue to get updates and be worth while? My fathers z10 is useless now but he wants another blackberry

amit sethi says:

it’s made by Alcatel on its idol 4 platform. Much cheeper

Doofens says:

there is no speaker on the back, its just a sticker.

Vishal Yadav says:

Would go with Moto Z Play…

VanCityVloggers says:

Inconvenience key lollllll. Instant like bro.

Help Me Reach 5000 Subscribes Without Any Video says:

I’m sorry but I believe people select nice and handsome guy for a making a review video. But this guy is freaking ugly. It changes my impression to watch the video. No, I’m not being a racist

Bryan P says:

The focus of BlackBerry in their devices is security. And this guy keeps stressing that you wont be able to play your favorite games like pokemon go as smooth. (-_-) People dont care about security I guess. They dont read the fine print or see what apps/games unecessarily force you to access. You cant use 99.9% of the apps on google store without letting them access your contacts, microphone, or camera. One day the facebook app is going to ask for your soul and people will accept.

Raaz BK says:

why bb not ugrade its own soft. os please upgrade this soft. its really good

arnold oliver says:


Ratio c says:

i thought it was ooogly at first but its growing on me

Billy Swain says:

the speakers on the back aren’t real

Potatoge says:

story of creating the bb dtek50:

jim: Mike, what are we gonna do with all the alcatel idol 4’s that we stole?

mike: hmm….. lets glue on a rubber case, tweak the software and tell people its a completely new phone!


The Paranormal Opinionist says:

The rear speakers are fake.

Harsha Goud says:

In this watsapp works

Bran'sTech says:

Could you make a review on the DTEK60

Mike Czenkus says:

It’s not based off the Idol 4,It literally is the Idol 4. It’s just rebranded.

rich - says:

Can you change the stock font?

Sushant Reddy says:

what the hell was that at 2:38 xD

Nikola Tesla says:


Mustafa Mirza says:

This or the honor 6x

FreeSpirit says:

I do not want perfection at this price…. These reviewers are morons who give bad reviews to Blackberry because they are paid to do so !

I would think Blackberry hardware would be much much better than the Asian phones, and given their superb software and security, I would love to buy one of these at less than half the price of an Iphone !

damper213 says:

Blackberry needs to stop trying to be “different” and produce one very powerful, elegant looking phone. Something with the galaxy style look, catching the eye, glossy black glass with that awesome looking blackberry symbol, and powerful stats

Calypso says:

Hey you know the back speakers are just vinyl, and don’t contain speakers underneath. Soooo…its just for aesthetics.

I think…

Theodore Lewis says:

great flow!

Aaron Clark says:

whatsapp just extended to contract with BlackBerry 10. Im using the android apk and it’s works the same as it does on my priv, download the Waa Fixer for Whatsapp apk and it will fix everything. I don’t use whatsapp much cause a bbm guy.

Rahat Alam says:

waiting for Dtek6o…………….

Twunk says:

I stopped the video when I realised it’s a complete copy of the idol 4…wtf were they thinking? they got rid of the only think that made them special-keyboard…and named it with the weirdest name possible

Enrique Pennas Martínez says:

PLEASE!!! TALK FIRST ABOUT BLACKBERRY SOFTWARE.. then pokemon.. and that stuff like every single android phone…We need a “BLACKBERRY USER” for the next  “FULL”  review (DTEK60).

Arris says:


Sed P says:

Blackberry is done RIP

MarkoYT Shadow says:

I have the same phone

Nader Jaber says:

kill yourself

zelmar hernandez says:

I like to watch Netflix o my phones, I watch it on my Classic for now. I wonder what the netflix app would do to that security scale that’s built in the DTEK50?

ThatWolffe says:

the speakers are in fact not mirrored on the back, check out a tear down video, those rear speaker holes are there for show, also like always blackberries are often used as business phones, those people probably wont be playing pokemon GO lmao, you guys need to do research before you review a phone.

Siddharth Singh Chandel says:

Is this a dual sim phone, a hybrid case, or just a single sim phone?

Ayush Jindal says:

The thing where you put the phone facing down without any deterioration in sound cant really be done, as there are no back speakers in this phone. Those are fake grills.

Ketut Wigunarta says:

bb ohh bb…..

Matthias Wong says:

How is this guy still reviewing phones.

AholicKnight says:

hell yeah David paroty!

ГАНА АРЯ says:

it is so nexus

Mark cbay says:

This should be a dam good Android phone , so will a Nokia Android phone ,when they release one

mclste says:

i still have a curve, i dont use it but its still there and still alive 😛

Stephen Pluhar says:

It’s a great phone I have to say… I’m sold because you have the freedom of android but it’s secured. Good job blackberry.

Chris Bird says:

I love this phone but have the 60 not 50

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