ASMR | Tech Unboxing/Review | Pitaka Phone Case iPhone 6S

Hello Guys!

Welcome back to another tech unboxing and review – this evening, unwind to the sounds and commentary of testing out a new phone case and the failed attempts at applying a screen protector!

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jonathan vazemiller says:

Can u do more mouth sounds videos

Mazda3 says:

Your only a year older than me, I like your content man 🙂

CreeperPuncher15 says:


Rayhan Laksana says:

I believe those are Japanese characters and not Chinese 😀 ?

Jesse Pinkman says:

Dude you use an Iphone?

My condolences.

TipsyTheVigilante says:

2 VIDEOS IN A DAY? Ben youre spoilin us m8

Just A Roman Soldier says:

Hi Ben! I have recently sent you a message on Xbox and you replied instantly! I was amazed. One thing I forgot to mention was, I was just wondering if you wanted to play some battlefield 4 one day or maybe even Battlefield hardline, if you have them. Thanks for the time Ben! Love your vids!

Ps please do an OPEN LOBBY on any game! It would be ace! Thank u

Idk Idk says:

The language in the back of box is japanes

yeah son says:

Any chance for a LoZ or bioshock RP?
Great video btw! 🙂

J.P. Realest says:

When will you make another civ 5 video

RoyallyNifty says:

That fucking ad…

Daron Birkholz says:

thats japanese writing!

ーデップ says:


Extreme Salmon says:

Ben at this rate, I’m going to be sleeping for years! Amazing video mate.

Toby Curless says:

Just what i need with C3,C4 and Biol5 in the next 4 days xD

baby girl says:

Love the tapping on the phone case ^_^ another brilliant video!
All these product placement-y videos show just how well your channel is developing! Brilliant to see how well you’re doing.

Freddii says:


Geometry Dash Apollo says:

Wait…who’s holding the camera?

Melissa Smith says:

6 dislikes thats dumb

Moritz says:

So when are real ASMR Gaming Videos coming back?
All these product placements are so disgusting..
“Oh, i’m not getting paid for this”
This channel is on a downward spiral.

Bye Ben, has been a nice time for a short while, get over yourself.

Arcanum says:

Love the tech reviews!

SparkzMxzXZ says:

it’s never too early to watch asmr, not even at 8pm haha

RepeatThis says:

A video now? Oh yeah!

BOSS123631 says:

Why do you wear a ring

Sam Huang says:

That’s now Chinese it’s Korean on the back of the package

weelazybhoy88 says:

Hi Ben, is it possible for a new game store role play to be done, once you’re settled in at the new house of course!

DylanMurray07 says:


Lewis Westcott says:

10:20 “looking very wet” pmsl

Hargy 16 says:

Was that £30?

Dean Check says:

28th I believe

Potato ! says:

No offence but He’s acting like a Pervert/Creep/Stalker like the way he’s talking and tapping the box it’s just really creepy

Bloodhunter0408 says:


The Moon Man says:

Quick question, if you’ve used the case for a bit, I’m a tad clumsy with my phone, how well does it protect the phone? If you could respond that would be great! Have a nice day.

Blaze9281 says:

I’m taking a dump while watching this video ;P

Kelly Reeves says:

I really enjoy all your unboxing videos. Super relaxing.

Lava Fariq says:

why tf are you whispering like that

Gligow says:

Thx! Just what I needed

Macknell Dsouza says:

The language on the packaging, its Japanese not Chinese.

HostDisorder says:

iPhone 6s has no faults. The battery is only average if you want to include that. IOS obviously the smoothest software, great camera, best aesthetics and of course Apple Music.

Kesko8 says:

Why do you have your ring in the middle finger?

Bri Boc says:

A bulletproof phone case? Sign me up lol. Nice video as always : ]

Drew B says:

That was Japanese…not Chinese 🙁

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