Apple iPhone 5s in 2016? [Review]: Should you buy this phone now?

iPhone 5s in 2016? Well, Apple iPhone SE has launched, but iPhone 5s is now much cheaper… So should you be buying the 5s? We review this popular smartphone, years after its launch. Watch and know, if you should be buying the iPhone 5s in 2016… We talk about its design, display, camera, performance, competition and all pros & cons!

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elizabeth cranch says:

they are now 100 dollars at refurbished or 130 with a month phone card and brand new for 150 in stores! just ordered mine the other day can’t wait to get and now since there newer phones amazon and eBay small putter box cases cheaper just got a camo one usually 30/40 new for a 10 brand new and took two days to get with free shipping!

Kshitij Anand says:

i bought it 3 days back. awesome device!

Francis. Mingora says:

wallmarts has this phone s5 for stright talk 150 bucks nout bad

pratik gaikwad says:

nic bro
i buy it iphone 5s

Sachin Hooda says:

Bhen k lund hindi bhok le

Katie Kruger says:

This was incredibly helpful! Thanks!

social samosa says:

u have very gud concept I’m getting both iPhone 6 and 5s

Wumibee Lady says:

can i still get this in 2017?

jason lyle c says:


Rohan Bhoir says:

Hii there! From where did u got the 91mobiles app in ur iphone (shown in the video)?

Muzammil Nawaz says:

Who else watching on 5s in 2k17

Ayuob Mohammed says:

Buy se

Archit Mehta says:

Where in the world one can find this in 200$ ?

Divyesh Kharkar says:

I bought it today

kavi arasu says:

is it worth in 2017

kavi arasu says:


Cool Abhi says:

in srilanka iphone se is 52000

Tashawn Moffitt says:

I want that for Christmas for 22 dollars for 24 months

Baby Ally says:

im getting one at least before March 2017

Dev Nath Verma says:

bro grt so will i buy it….in 2017….

Ainuddin Fadzil says:

English please

rakesh kumar says:

is it a good time to buy a 16 gb version in 2016 for general use , pls help

Divyanshu Singh says:

it never looked like that you wanted to say something againts it or tell some of its cons

Kayla ßoo says:

what game were u playing at 5:08

seiboy guite says:

just got subs………. nice review, u clear my doubt….but hard to decide whether i should compromise Jio or an

Vishwas Ravindran says:

say that same thing comparing Redmi 3S prime. huhuhuhuhu

Samsung Galaxy Note says:


Astrylux says:


Dev Nath Verma says:

is 4g work in

Abiram S says:

is buying now this phone is good idea? I will kepp this phone for 2 months… Will it HAVE GOOD EXCHANGE VALUE?

Glamoure Boy says:


Lean Agapito says:

Hey bro nice reviiew we have the same iphone gold edition 🙂 im using mine for almost 1 year now but still look brand new i just updated mine into 10.02 ios the 5s and se are cool phone than the a5 samsung s5 and s4 for today 2016 and 2017 the iphone 5s is still worth it to buy now a days i bought mine for 15 thousand pesos here in phillipines and the good thing about the iphone you have the anti virus i play games sometimes the battery is so good to i am a android user before but the samsung now a days are sucks i only love the s4 and s5 with snap dragon i think thats it then i bought my ios iphone i love it nice video bro

iCantMakeUpAnyGoodNameInThisaccount Bleach says:

yes it is worth, Unless u want to be a FUCKING instagram whore taking 1k pictures everyday and every 1 hour.

Mir Mohsin Ali says:

Bought iPhone 5s 16 GB in March 2016. Flawless experience. Beats android every goddamn time.

Girish Reddy says:

Im getting the iPhone5s 64 gb gold next year I’m excited 6 and 7 are not looking good at all anyone agree?

Luis Enrique says:

YES O NO???????

Alex bruce says:

Did apple manufacturing Iphone 5s.?
how can I get orginal 5ss or recognize..?

amitparuthi123 says:

800$ smart phone in 200$… wait for another 2 years then in 100$…50$..10$ also…..

Sam GoPro Vlogs says:

shut up u stupid Indian u make bad reviews just shut down ur channel

heetendra rathor says:

till 1:35 bakchodi

Baby Ally says:

umm iphone 5s is now like 100$

Sumit Patel says:

My exchanging my redmi note 3 with 5s its worth or not

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