Android’s Best Unknown Phone | Huawei Honor 8 Review!

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▶This is the Huawei’s Honor 8. This is one of best phones I’ve used this year, with only a FEW things to hold it back.

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Wild Heart says:

I love the look of this phone.
I’m more, or less swayed into buying a Huawei phone..*but* it’ll be the new Nova, or the P9, as I couldn’t be doing with the glass back…fingerprints and scratch city and I’d put a case on it as soon as it came out of the box! :O)

TechTranslated says:

Great video Kevin!

mR s3xY BoDy says:

huawei phones are honor 7 fell in the toilet,fell from 3rd to 1st floor of my school and got inside the washing machine,and u know what???up until now it’s working.

BDD says:

It’s only unknown in the US. I heard Huawei is pretty big in Europe

Ankur Godyan says:

How did u bring 6 apps icon in a row? A bful matrix sort of display! Plz say

Sarah Muhammad says:

does this phone supports 4G LTE and 4G internet?

mohammed khudhair says:

i don’t found blue color in Amazon only white and black

Rabab Noor says:

Huawei has the 3rd most Market Share after Samsung&Apple.
You call this Unknown Brand.
Sorry for not subscribing you.

Joey Sandoval says:

I’ve never had a phone with a better battery life

Mustafa Mirza says:

This or the g5 or any other sub $470

Yoshi Park says:

Please try to do a review about Zenfone 3 base model the 5.5 inches!

Shawna Renee says:

Uggghh Galaxy C5 or Honor 8 I’m so confused…. I heard sound quality and loudness is not good on Honor 8 but don’t know how much louder/ better the Galaxy C5 is

Chetan Dontulwar says:

Hey Kevin.. great video as always. … just a quick question, what game were you playing during the demo?

eetu53 says:

These settings look very simialr to iOS, would be better to look like stock android.

CGPhotoKandou says:

how about the warmth of the phone? does it get hot?

tim bucktooth says:

the tech niggja..

Vodin says:


Aftab A says:

“Unknown”? Honor 8 is the only thing I’ve been seeing all over XDA and a lot of other Smartphone-related areas of the internet for quite a while now.

La Eternidad Imaginaria says:

Reviews from the Dark

PiccoloVegeta97 says:

watching this on my honor 8. upgraded from my lg Stylo 2 and it’s amazing. phone is a beast. it’s on Amazon for $285 currently. great price, awesome specs.

Parasitemol says:

Unknown? That’s click bait.

Brendan Phillips says:

Should I get this phone or the Xiaomi Mi 5?

SavvyOverSwag says:

I subscribed right after the intro. Great video

Steven Penny says:

Screen is great !!!

Saurav Sitaula says:

i dig your intro

de legacybwoy says:

the only problem for huawei is resolution.other phones now are 1440 and 2560 but huawei still 1080 and 1920

veilcerpintaxtless says:

Just like a mullet, the “back” is really where it happens. 😛

Hossain Abeer says:

iphone is all metal. this one is all glass. glass and metal look similar to you?

Mrs. Un says:

which screen is more sensitive? honor 8 or oneplus 3?

AnarchyDev says:

which clock widget is that on the homescreen? Thx

Ankur Godyan says:

How did u bring 6 apps icon in a row? A bful matrix sort of display! Plz say

Fred Mancity says:

your channel name very ridiculous , unprofessional name especially for tech channel. it’s made me think this is not a serious, intelligent, smart channel it’s a joke.
never ever watch your channel again.

SilvereWolf says:

first video I saw from this channel .. heard the intro.. instantly subscribed (y)

Sydney Curry says:

im trying to get a up to date phone and im down to this phone or the z5

steelee says:

this phone is not unknow 🙂 but its amazing youre right

James Ambrocio says:

Calling Huawei an unknown brand bothers me.

fkade11 says:

Can we get that phone wall paper Mr tech ninja?

Steve Michael says:

looks an awesome device. still got my old honor 7 from last year and that was also very good. huawei definitely make some very good devices.

guomaster says:

What’s the game at 7:00?

tanteiritzo says:

Which phone should I get, the honor 8, axon 7, or the oneplus 3?

Ethan Hall says:

I have one, and I love it. This video just made me feel better about buying it 🙂

TheNotoriousNemo says:

I returned my note 7 cause of the recall and easy scratch screen for this, blue and its awsome for 400, go get it worth it.

Hyro Proto says:

Kevin> Connor or Alvarez?

Social Tech says:

If that’s amazing, then why not check out Huawei’s P9 Plus?

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