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David Pierce reviews Amazon’s Firephone. To find out more, visit the full review at the link below:


hippoownyou says:

Instead of a whole phone, just make the app.

Vincent Rubino says:

iVerge. LOL

Aneta Maciejczuk says:

just ordered it from amazon for £99 i think its more then worth it

ZenithZephyroth says:

so sad only 223k views for this phone

George Deal says:

Outstanding Review.  Thank You.

Victor 1028 says:

People have to understand that its the first phone Amazon produces, further in the future, they will make better phones learning from the mistakes in this phone. It was the same thing with their first Kindle, its liked better every kindle they add and trust me, they’re improving each day thanks to reviews of their items.

Android Authority says:

This is guy doesn’t know what he is talking about, this is the best phone ever

Assadullah Solangi says:

Fire Phone 64gb or Nexus 4 16 gb? what should I go for?

Andrey Tarasenko says:


Waqar Zahid says:

This is the most biased and unprofessional review ever. Due to this lame review i was skeptical about buying this phone, but I’m glad i did anyway, because I’m in love with this phone. I’ve used all the flagships from all the big boys (Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc) & can honestly say this phone here was the best Android UI I’ve seen among them. It’s refreshing and cool, and I’ve been successfully able to impress every single one of my friends & girlfriends with the dynamic perspective feature. I really love this phone. The only sad part is that there won’t be a successor to this, and eventually i will have to upgrade to a different phone with a typical UI.

denotsstoned says:

This phone is definitely not worth the $650 price tag… It’s a joke.

Christian Galesias says:

ppl actually bought that? ==

Tugumi says:


Silas Betz says:

I think you’re just an idiot. This phone blows any appl phone out of the water, especially android. I mean, if you’re really that hung up about them not having a good size of apps yet, then you’re just not using a phone for what it is intended. The smartphones arent intended for you to feel super comfortable, they are tools to help you learn and progress while still being able to entertain yourself. Amazon did a fantastic job on this smartphone and NO other first generation phone has ever come close. Verge, you must be getting checks to publicize Apple products, because they arent half as good as what you make them sound

Jake The Snake says:

It’s only $200 now, big surprise. 

TechGeek112 Gamer says:

Why do have be hater about the amazon fire phone

Marky Marc says:

The 32gb version is now $199 unlocked Amazon is probably just trying to clear out their inventory.

ShadowSlayer says:

if I was in school I would but this phone to be THAT GUY.

Jeremy R says:

You suck at reviews its a square no fucking duh u moron all smart phones are square guys don’t even watch this morons review.

• SunniDayz • says:

sounds complicated..

Alessandro Vaselli says:

yeast install the Google play store problem resolve

CJ Zanders says:

Fire fly mode 2:40 looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

crazy gamer says:

is this mobile good or not????please reply i have to buy..

Sarah Adams says:

Lol, I saw what you did there. Gotta stock up on those Magnums!

Lori Hall says:

does anyone know which hdmi cord I would use to watch it on tv

Kid Stagram says:

Can you please do a news app video ??
I dont know which one to choose.
Please help

Nazurex says:

Almost looks like an iPhone

KAY JAY says:

I don’t really think so iphone or androids are way better I will stick to them
Amazon fire phone no way

Shane Horne says:

It’s got 2 speakers not 3 ones a microphone


so much amazon fire phone haters…ppl it’s a phone like any other phones makes call n surf internet like any other phones this guy makes me wanna choke him through my phone for his hater review…they say there no Google play store all up have to do iz side load it an u are straight…there is alot good feature on this phone that other smartphones don’t have n specs I’ve even challenged my friend iPhone 6 to put it side by side the specs are as clear as iPhone 6 when viewing YouTube n the speakers are alot louder than iPhone 6 so I do the math paying Damn near 1000$ for a phone or 200$ or less n save u some money??..

Nick Woodman says:


apart the ones that using google servises which are not that many!!! how to do it?

1)open the browser.
2)google the name of the app you want to install followed with .apk ex.

snapchat.apk or
Youtube.apk download or
uk motorcycle parking. apk or
google maps .apk

3) now download this file.

4)using a file manager ( download one from amazon store) go and find the file you downloaded  on your phone. is not that hard!! as soon as you find it at the fisrt place the rest of the files are going to be on the same place.  

5) click on the apk file and install the app. and thats it really.

you can now delete the apk file. you can also download the apk files using your laptop.  drug and drop the files to your phone and the run them. and they will be installed at your phone.

quite str8 forward.
i think you can install google play store with the same way but i havent done it yet just got the phone yesterday .


Daniel says:

Liked the basic spec concept. First half of this video almost got me, basic design, functionality and battery life are some of my priorities. But yea the hand flippy stuff isn’t going to fly as I’m struggling to pull up a map as I’m driving. And seems like all the self prompting features jacked up the price quite a bit. Also can’t help but to cringe at that kindle home screen..

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