Amazon Fire Phone Review: Right Phone, Wrong Price

Its price tag might be all wrong, but the Amazon Fire Phone still gets a lot right as the vanguard of a new platform. Be sure to catch our full written review, available August 1 at!

GAMES FEATURED: “Alpha Wave,” “F18 Carrier Landing II,” and “Airplane!”


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Malik Fahad says:

any one tell me about amazon 1 smart phone how to do software flash file or firmware any one plzzzzzz tell me about it

Vahan Nersesyan says:

it is now 67 Euro new

Matt says:

2 years after the review, I still have one.
Upgrading to Oneplus 3 any day now (and before you hammer me about the Axon 7, in the UK it’s over £500 = $653 so NO)

Dread Pirate Regan says:

3:17 can see the dead woman you murdered weeks prior in the reflection of the phone you sicko’s! Stereotypical serial killer flaunting it in our faces! I can smell that corpse from here! R.I.P Jane Doe!….

jamal kamran says:

how much is the price?

nur aliah says:

where can I have this phone?

NikoliZZer says:

An Android phone with none of the app support? Pass faster than light.

Eli Story says:

Is it possible to disable the flick the wrist gesture?

Andy Ostertag says:

If you can do without the Dynamic perspective option, turn it off. It is a HUGE battery killer for not much ‘wow’ factor in my opinion. I use two phones and love having the Fire Phone for it’s solid build, hardware, and for what it does [me being a prime member]. Different lost aspects of the Fire Phone are strengthened with my S5 Active. Google Voice allows me to use both phones on one number.

TheKoobCam says:

Long live the king of reviews! The caption button should be disabled on your reviews its not necessary.

ShadowSlayer says:

since its now $130 with a full year of amazon prime for free. it’s very much worth it. But if you don’t like the OS then flash CM on it and put the Google play store on it

cikopelo says:

can i see any diffrence when i record a 1080p video on a 720p dispay Phone? i mean will it look better than a 720p?

Icy_ Hyoudou says:

who tf paid $649 for this shit? absolutely disgusting in price. I wouldn’t even pay the $199 for it. maybe, for it being unlocked. that’s prepaid looking shit. glass, and plastic *pukes*

Janice Pickett says:

I love my fire phone

gabanciano says:

I’m a simple man. I see Michael Fisher, i’ll press like.

Jebrysalus says:

I use to have a Moto X (2014) but it was stolen a month ago. I saw that this was on sale for $150 unlocked. Would this be a pseudo replacement? Not a perfect one, but something halfway there?

Fritz Wunderlich says:

“Now the price is below 200€”

Samuel Coughlin says:

If this had the google play store, It’d be perfect.

nokia 3310 says:

but my note 7 has fire os

Alessandro Vaselli says:

yeast install Google play store I seeing do it

get out of my room ! says:

drink bleach

Orkhan NAGHIYEV says:

Guys does it have a notification light ?

Adrepixl5 says:

it kinda looks like the new google pixel and pixel xl…. *ODD*

Mohammad Noman says:

Photos just OK????
Well I’ve been using this phone since an year and still getting sharper more detailed and saturated photos full of light as compared to my friend’s Iphone 5s and nexus 5

Jim G says:

Nice phone once you load Google play store. And it can be had cheap now since Amazon is dumping it.

Matt says:

Once I did the ‘flick’ at 1:38 (possibly a little too vigorously) and flicked the phone out of my hand… fail. It stayed intact though XD

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