Alcatel Idol 4S Review: the upscale budget phone?

The Idol 4S represents a move up towards the mid-tier market for Alcatel. We were big fans of last year’s Idol 3. Does this new “premium” offering maintain the magic? Here’s our full Idol 4S review!

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loony toony says:


Bane the player says:

can you get this in the UK?

Remy Cajallena says:

I love a lot of things this phone is offering, however I just can’t see how I can pick it over the ZTE Axon 7 offering a Snapdragon 820 for $399 just $50 more than this phone!

RapidSausage says:

The selling points for me were the 1440p screen and amazing speakers, the camera is great too but the camera settings could use some more features like adjusting contrast and saturation to be somewhat on par with the Huawei Honor 8’s amazing camera (it has 2 cams, one is monochrome for more realistic and natural color depth)

The processor is also on the weaker side but is perfectly fine for a media phone.

The size is also great, at first i thought it would be too unwieldy, but even with its imposing dimensions it feels very natural and easy to handle and hold for long periods.

Highly recommended if you mostly take photos and watch videos, but if you want a multitasking phone this isn’t the one for you.

RedruM says:

snap 652 is on pair with the snap 810
snap 650 is the one that takes the place of the 808…

OscarDaGenius1 says:

I’m lovin the budget phones this year

Steve D says:

with this video you also reviewed the Blackberry DTEK50

grawnut says:

Did he just say only 3 gigs of ra

pramesh gurung says:

amazing review !!!!

jérôme françois says:

il y a pas de lecteur d’empreintes digitales normalement sur le 4S ???

hmilles says:

Would you like to make a comparison video between the best smartphonespeakers out there (built in)? With the Axon 7, Idol 4S, HTC 10, Moto X Pure, maybe the 6P or an Xperia

Nathan Buffington says:

AXON 7?!

Infidel Gastro says:

It looks like a pretty decent device but they can shove all that VR gumpf and lower the price even more as far as I’m concerned.

Bloated Tony Danza says:

The moto x pure is still a better option than this Alcatel phone… Better camera, video is steadier, not so good compared to the geek benchmark by a little. Moto gets one of the fastest android OS updates, and the VR is for gamers or just for watching porn I guess…. And don’t over heat

GIGUNG says:

r u gonna review zenfone 3?

Ultimate Gohan says:

Watching this on my Idol 4s, damnnnn shame i cant root the thing thought. Only reason i picked this over the axon 7 was i thought this would be rootable and the axon 7 wouldnt, its the opposite….

omgwtfbbqxD says:

Sigh… camera bump. Guess I’ll stick to the idol 3 for a while longer. 😛 Still waiting for MM on that though. Should be real soon since it’s already available in many other eu countries. I have to say I’m pleased with Alcatel so far. When I bought the idol 3 I was totally prepared that it would never be updated to MM, but they actually did it.

Luke says:

Oneplus 3

Ward Huyskes says:

this is €300 in the Netherlands right now! absolutely worth it.

swat37 says:

Bagnell, when are you reviewing the ZTE Axon 7?

JASP 4K says:

who wins the idol 4s or motorola g 4 plus?

Alec Barton says:

Samsung should call their lawyers

Mahin Alam Emon says:

please do the blackberry dtek50

Jessey Lawson says:

Pocket now has sufered from the silver play button curse, NOW ThEY Will faIL.

Josh Figueroa says:

since I’m on T-Mobile there’s a windows 10 version of this coming out I have read it’s got a 820 processor and only full HD screen ? And 21 mega pickle camera? this true ? I’m thinking about getting it the specs aren’t really a huge difference to me but besides the screen res it seems beefier

ericcartmansh says:

only + 3 gigabytes ram. What a world we live in

Cheradenine Zakalwe says:

Egregious…word of the day! 🙂

Saad Naeem says:

Juan, I am eagerly waiting for the review of axon 7 and it’s comparison with OnePlus 3.

ColdFusion says:

Loving that 60fps goodness

Phillip Morales says:


NoobaGutt says:

it looks like a samsung phone

jawahar vasu says:

Its good that they ship it with VR headset. But they should make it optional which could make 20-30$ difference …. some of us don’t need it or already have one …gr8 review….

Cholo says:

Hey Juan, is 190 lux good enough for watching movies indoors with indoor lights turned on? I don’t have a light meter so I don’t know. And at what percentage is the 190 lux usually on a phone brightness control?

T. Bigums says:

I was really considering getting the Idol 4s but then I thought about the price. It’s 350 pre ordered and 399 after launch. At those prices, you can get a flagship like LG G4 or a Galaxy S6 both unlocked. Don’t really give a crap about VR so if they give the option to buy this phone without it for around 299, then I might reconsider. I’m also not worried what the spec nerds say about the processor and how good it seems because the differences are marginally noticeable

Dalton334 says:

I have unsubscribed to pocket now because Michael has made his own channel. p.s. it’s called mrmobile

iLoveJoeyGraceffa! says:

Where did you get that stylus? I want one!

Jan Morrida says:

Glass back?, forget it!

Ian Hoswell says:

Who else is pumped for the Asus Zenfone 3?
I’m actually considering it because the Snapdragon 625 chip looks really efficient, but at the same time fairly fast.

Ward Huyskes says:

this is almost exactly like last year’s idol 3 In that it’s ahead of it’s competitors in refinement and the overall package is very awing, but it simply lacks the decent specs and the camera is so so.

Christopher Michael says:

is the model sold in the us the 6070O?

Lennart O says:

Idol 4 s or Huawei Nova? Quick answer would be appreciated

Ryan Leach says:

For under 200 it’s a great phone just bought mine today for 199

Akash Dikpati says:

Is that SD652 good enough for 2K I feel they could have gone for SD820 and charged a bit more like $30-$50 for it.

wilson ndebay says:

frequency bands are just few and so does not work on some carriers

Eduardo Cerero says:


Bo Bi says:

I cannot imagine what sorcery could cause the weird cut-in-half shake at 5:50

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