A Phone Cord Hair tie?? Invisible First Impressions Review!

This Invisibobble looks like a phone cord, but it’s a hair tie? Here’s my first impressions and review!

This scrunchie was designed to help people who get headaches from their hair style. The founder discovered that when she wore these she no longer got a head ache from her ponytail hairstyle. If that’s true, than this product is great for people with long hair or thick hair that tends to be super heavy! So here we go, this beauty vlogger is putting it to the test.


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Akiko Barreras says:

So I just bought these today and everything she said is so true! Like it feels like my hair ends where the invisibobble is holding it up. It’s so comfy I love it! but because my hair is so thick and heavy, it gets loose faster for me and I have to redo my ponytail a lot. Other than that, I’m really happy with it!

Laavanya M says:

if you want to shrink it back to shape after using it, use a blow dryer on it!

Wendy Schnapa says:

Thanks Melissa for your review. I saw them at Sephora but didn’t pick them up until I watch your review. Of course I am late but I’m glad I watched your review now. I really appreciated that you included your review for girls with thick hair. I am Asian and have long, thick and heavy weighted hair. Now I know I can pick them up and hope they don’t get me a headache like regular hair ties do. Thanks again!

Chloe AH says:

Our phone has a cord

Mady Thompson says:

I love your couch

Madison Groves says:

One of the best things about these though is that if you have straightened or curled your hair and need to put it up for a while but wanna take it out and still have your hair done, it doesnt leave that big bump in your hair that normal hair ties do

Shelby Miller says:

Fun fact: If you blow it with a hair dryer or put it in hot water it goes back to it’s original size! 😀

Marlena K says:

Have you tried it on a bun? I’m curious to see how it would work out.

Dragonpopper says:

Bigger ones are worse

Isidora Rioseco Iturriaga says:

Im from Chile and I’ve had two of this ties for about 3 years, they dont break or streched, I wore them almost every day. Here you can get about 5 of those for a dollar, and almost anywhere.

Esmé O'Sullivan says:

okay guys, I finally figured out who she reminded me of -Bridgit Mendler.

Gweneth says:

I bought some of them one or two years ago… I was extremely dissapointed. Everyone said it is better for your hair and is sooo great. But not just that my hair got tangled in them and it did hurt alot to get them out (my hair is actually really soft and has no problems with other hair accessoires), the ponytail just looked bad with it. So I just used my old elastics, which are great the way they are. No head hurt XD But I still see a lot of people running around with them, and honestly, they don’t look good ,at least, that is what I think. If you like them, just go ahead and wear them. But really all the hair styles I saw with them were… not nice. It is a pity. But maybe I am just too stupid to wear them…might be a possibility.

Anna Hobik says:

Ok that is a thing in Austria for quite a while now ^^ 2 years or so 😉

Lorelei Vngelia says:

When I do a bun with it it get soooo messy !!! Like everything tangled and I can’t get it off my head x.x

roshinr says:

These had been popular in Taiwan for years and I absolutely love invisible bubble. There are even the more cloth wrapped felt ones that gives more traction and more grip.

文清 says:

i use these all the time

CCinterklaas says:

It’s a lovely thing but sadly enough my hair is too long, heavy and thick to be kept in place by such a hair tie. I also don’t like it when my hair loosens up that much like what happens with these hair ties.

tashaly says:

I love using them. specially on a busy work day. they seem to last all day. you didn’t see if it left a mark in your like normal hair bands. I find it doesn’t but I have fine hair

Levina Lauw says:

It’s actually very common in my country. I think I’ve used them for 6 years and have lost and messed up maybe 60 of them !


This is just like a normal hair tie in the Philippines XD

Vivian Pinto says:

These work very nice on me. If I tie my hair with other kind Of hair tie, it doesn’t hold it enough, but with these ones my hair stays up for hours and hours

Amy Suzanne says:

for my job i have to have my hair up, i love these, it means i can straighten/ style my hair and even when I remove it there is no kinks and i can enjoy styled hair without a hair tie kink.

Rachel Holmes says:

Can we talk about how adorable her fashion is tho. In every video she has the cutest clothes omg <3

Peyton Wetzel says:

I looooove phone cord hair ties! But that price is ridiculous! You can a pack of several at places like h&m or primark for $5

sbiiine says:

After about 6 months of my friends wearing them and loving them, I gave in and got them too. And I definitely noticed that I don’t get as much tension / a headache from them as I did before. For hairstyles, I still have one or two normal hairties. I feel once you’ve used them a bit longer and they stretch out more, they can make a tighter and perkier ponytail. ALSO, what you didn’t address, is losing hair because that is one of the main things I’ve noticed: you definitely lose less hair once you remove your invisibobble compared to a normal hairtie.

Rylie Hickey says:

your pretty

Mijou♡ says:

Your hair is so pretty <3 <3

Tessa O says:

this has been something we’ve been using here in the Ph for a couple of years now. im even using one right now. lol. i didnt know it’s called invisibobble. cool.

Siti Melur says:

$8??? That thing only cost 20cents in my country, equivalent to 5cents in the US

Amelia Regina says:

hasnt these things existed since like years ago?

Livia Blood says:

how often do you wash your hair?

Hilde Ras says:

for me, a girl with thick ‘long’ hair, the invisiboble works perfectly. maybe not for releasing the tension from the roots, but because i can wrap it around my hair as many times as i want. it is so stretchy. a nornal hairtie i can only wrap 2 times and it is to loose or trying it a 3 time and have my hairtie broken. with the invisiboble i can easily put it around 5 times and have a comforteble ponytail (but if i have it in for 10 hours non-stop i will feel it)
and the price for me is no problem. because they are more expensive you wil take care of them better i have 9 invisibobbles and wear one probably everyday. i have them for probably 1,5-2 years and i only 1 broke.
i hope this helps haha

Jaci Walker says:

I love those hair ties for messy buns, especially for at the gym.

Abigail Gianinazzi says:

If you have to pull up your hair at school or work those elastic are perfect! But if you want to do a special updo they are not the best!

Umera Khan y says:

it really works as you mentioned

Jolina Ong says:

People told me that it is used when you want to keep your hair straight (natural straight or rebonded hair) so that your hair will not have any dent.

MissClassyCutie MSP says:

quick tip, these stretch easily but if you put them in hot water for a few secounds they instantly shrink back!!

Frosty's Art says:

I had a lot of these when I was little

Emily McCoy says:

where do i find those!

eunoia k says:

lol in asia we’ve been using these phone cord hair ties for more than 10 years

Hugh Jass says:

It looks kinda like top ramen when it’s in your hair.

capturedprints2 says:

Can you please do an updated bobby pins video or how to use a marcel iron??

Ana Reyes says:

I was so unsure about this, with this I really get no headaches anymore. I love it

shes-madimine says:

I’m in Australia and I use an Australian brand’s, called Lady Jane, version of these, I have straight, fine hair and I find I’m still able to put my hair up in a reasonably tight high ponytail (My pic is old). If you want a more secure ponytail I would suggest wrapping the Invisibobble around your hair a few more times. In your video, it looks like the bobble still had a lot of give in it which I suspect is why it moved as much as it did for you when you wore it without the extensions. 🙂

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