Z Review – DAP’s : The Movie (Fiio – Hifiman – Cowon – A&K)

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FiiO M3 [http://amzn.to/2jNAS1m] – 02:35 – Cheap, small and functional. Still sounds good even without high power output. Easy to navigate and 24 hour battery life makes this something to actually consider. Great for kids and people who behave like kids.


Astell&Kern AK240 [http://amzn.to/2jBfgBP] – 12:04 – Throwing the price bell curve in the gutter while on fire this unit only surpasses the others only in pure sound quality and built in storage. How much is balanced out and wifi connectivity really worth to you?


Fiio X1 [http://amzn.to/2jcqOPo] – 32:10 – The most USABLE feature rich unit of the group. Bluetooth enabled, mostly intuitive navigation and for the price? Why choose anything else?


Cowon M2 [http://amzn.to/2jcolnM] – 50:16 – This has amazing feel in the hand and you can dance through your music in the dark. It also lets you draw dicks, take notes and listen to FM radio. And record it. And watch video. and pictures and FFFFFFFFFFFFFF


Hifiman MegaMini [http://amzn.to/2ilh00U] – 1:19:43 – I want to list all the things about this unit I love. But that is a short list. Simplicity and sound quality. Everything else but the build is just too weak to match the cost.


Cowon Plenue D [http://amzn.to/2jcsvwf] – 1:30:40 – Sex in brick form. A bit more power then its cheaper cousin but WAY less features. A joy to hold and behold and listen to and 100hr life to keep you happy. Forgot the quirk where the volume sets to 40 if you unplug the headphones…


Wrap Up Time 1:46:26

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Rob D says:

Dude, I know this is old, but the Hifiman MegaMini is now $99. Do you think it is worth it at this price?

Jyotirmay Gupta says:

I’ve been using the M3 for almost 2 years now. I must say that for such a tiny device, it is really good at giving me a good music experience. Super portable. Can drive almost any portable headphone. Sounds is quite good too. I prefer a slight warm sound output than a crystal clear one, and the M3 provides just that. I generally pair it with my px 80 or Fiio F1 headphones, which are decent at best, but are quite neutral in their output compared to others in that price range. But I have tried them with mx40, px 100 and some other good quality cans. I’m in love with this tiny little device.

I have been thinking of upgrading to a better DAP, but the M3’s portability and battery life is hard to match. That’s what stopping me from upgrading.

Hendrik Mostert says:

Now that is an anime picture

Michael Skram says:

Zeos, thank you for the review – very informative and concise. I come from
a review writing background ( covering high end sixthscale figures ), and I
find the no-edit, freeform style that you use to be very refreshing. I also
like the humor and directness you bring to your reviews. Excellent content
throughout. Hey – it’s a review of a review within a review. Thanks again for taking the time
to post this, and keep up the great material on your channel.

AnarchoArchitect says:

Has enough equipment to buy a lamorghini…drives a ’97 Corolla

Aaron Jimerson says:

Get one of these or stick with the phone and a chord mojo or a red dragonfly(or something similar)?

Claude Faustus says:

will i sit and watch your 1 hour+ videos!!!

dave says:

Haven’t finished the 2 hour video. But on the EQ on the second player, I love that EQ

wowerman says:

“Looking at the facts”.xddddd

jcat187 says:

Gonna make a DAP/Vape just to piss everyone off.

Kelany Said says:

Great Review. But can you or somebody tell me what is more important to get a good audio quality?
– The music Format
– The quality of the DAP or
– The quality of headphones
Because am asking myself whether it worth it invest so much money in a DAP if we only have MP3 format music on our DAP..

Dave Cochrane says:

Jesus Christ, this “review” is fucking tedious.

Padma Dorjee says:

Hi Z.
Thanks so much for your great videos, you’re funny and also eccentric but so bloody accurate and detailed. You have helped me decide on the Fiio, I appreciate your advise.
On a side note, I was wandering what are those classy looking headphones to your left, the first pair from the centre on your headphones block thingy? I am in the market for the awesome closed back and they look like they are the perfect pair, hence why you have them on your podium of fame and awesomeness. Thanks again and when I finally get a job I would like to become a patron of yours, my first.

Michael Nager says:

Well Zeos, after watching your review of various DAPs a number of times over the past few months repeatedly and also watching and reading numerous other reviews I decided to buy the Cowon Plenue D.

One of the main reasons is that listening to music over my phone just got to be a freaking major pain in the ass, especially with regard to organising music.

As with other decisions I have made with regard to audio equipment, I gave your review and opinions on the various devices a lot of weight.

Funkywallot says:

could somebody make a quick summary please ?

Nick Baysingar says:

The X-1 is fucking phenomenal for the price. I was sick of using my phone to play music on the go because it sounded like shit, so I bought the X-1 as a dedicated portable music player. Best decision I ever made. The difference in quality is super noticeable.

Only thing I dislike about the X-1 is that the touch wheel is kind of dodgy at times. But other than that I haven’t really had any issues with it.

elukok says:

Very nice review but i still dont get why would anyone use one of these. Just use your phone.

Rob Petrie says:

After this, I bought the Cowon M2. It must be added that the UI and resistive screen are HORRIBLE.

FlakeSE says:

wew… HiFiman went for $50 just last month on M assdrop.

Sahen Liyanage says:

Why are you talking so little about sound quality? Its the main thing right?

dosduros says:

Dude, next time use excel and put it on google drive…
Side note, so far in my life my fav player was cowon i9 (no plus one).
That thing felt light as a feather and lasted 29 hours music. Might get the i9 plus.

David Harrison says:

Hi again.
Do any of these work via an ‘on-line’ head phone control? Saves keep getting it out of your pocket.

DanLikesATHing says:

Is the Hifiman worth about 90 dollars today?

Temenes says:

I loved the sound of my X1 but man updating your collection takes ages.

Major says:

Don’t google *DAP* with SafeSearch disabled

Hazardous Jazzgasm says:

I’ve owned the Cowon J3 and currently use the Cowon Plenue D and they beat the shit out of my old iPod classic, let alone my phone

Noel E says:

I would love the Cowon M2 if it had a friggin capacitive touch screen. Who the hell uses a resistive touch screen anymore? They’re a pain in the ass

David Harrison says:

Thanks for the review FILM from here in the U.K (England).
My Cowan died a couple of weeks ago which I’ve had for soooooo long I can’t even remember, I can’t even see a model number on it, compared to these it looks like a Beta-max video player!! I’m not bias against other makes as I’ve only had 1 player but I’m edging between the 2 in the middle but more so towards the 1 on the bottom right, sorry, at time of typing I can’t remember the models. For a dedicated music lover/listener I don’t need or want an ‘all singing & dancing’ unit, I was just want a player that has great sound & memory (did you mention the memory for the 1 in the bottom right or did I miss that? If so what us it?), there is NO NEED for a Stop Watch/Calculater/typing words or anything else, JUST GREAT QUALITY MUSIC & MEMORY!
Can I upload any of my C.Ds direct onto the 3 I mentioned? Do any of them work via an on-line control from the head phones?

Update: Now I know you said ‘PLENUE D’. May I suggest you put the name up on the screen when you say them? The cost here in the U.K (1st on-line place I visited) is £200 & that’s without the case, extra memory card & headphone (unless it comes with headphones).

No One In Particular says:

Nice wallpaper m8. Interesting video tho.

Ian Kirk says:

what a tosser loves his own voice

Eric says:

watched the whole thing, love the reviews. already bought a couple pair of headphones based from them. looking to upgrade my dap next.

MikeyZ Synth-Eti-Cut says:

Eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bllllip the end sums this up. All the gear no idea.

infringinator says:

id be leery buying Astell Kern I bought a player and it has software bugs and no firmware ever fixes anything. You call customer service and no one ever picks up or emails back…if the thing breaks you’re screwed.

Josh Neal says:

In my car I EQ the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUckkkkk…. out of everything

Adrian Lyons says:

I had an M2 plugged into a Fiio E11 and custom IEM’s. Loved it to death but I lost the whole kit on a plane Grrr. I bought a Fiio X1MKII and returned it 1 minutes after I got it delivered. It was anemic, there was no bottom end whatsoever (confession, I’m a basshead sue me). Just ordered a PlenueD and a Fiio A5. Should be just like what I had before, but just a little better.

I can’t agree with your recommendation of the Fiio X1. I thought it was crap.

naftali DG says:

yes it’s 2 hours but worth watching!

B Carroll says:

I’m getting the Fiio x1 (2nd gen) to replace my beloved (now water damaged) ipod nano 5th gen my sister gifted me many years ago. One of the many reasons I’m getting to the fiio x1 is because of the scroll wheel. I know i sound like an idiot but I’ve been using solely my ipod for 6 or 7 years for listening to music and i miss the wheel and the sound. Most important of course is sound quality and my ipod had really good sound quality for such a small player. Hoping it can compete with it! Will do a mini review when i get it.

Honza Marek says:

Do you have any experience with FiiO X7?
Does it sound better than A&K in same price range?

Rzk Zkr says:

Review the budget dap pls.

Sush Bomb says:

can you even use spotify with this?

Nukefest2179 says:

just got my Cowon M2, it’s way smaller than i expected after watching this video 😀

Ali Almatook says:

Do you recommend hiby r6 or sony zx300 (sound quality) if there is a difference ?

Dont-be Evil says:

can you give a grief list for this year?

Max Isenberg says:

How does the X1 hold up now with the latest firmware update?

can you review the fiio m3k & fiiio x3iii

Spartan E45 snook says:

i see you got some good old halo music playing threre 40:12

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