Why you should buy an MP3 player

MP3 players are obsolete. Or are they? We tested a few to see how they hold up in the smartphone era.

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Frisbee says:

Just put your phone in your pocket dumbass.

but my phone(s) broke so i am gonna get one

C Armstrong says:

Instead of having to choose between a smartphone and an mp3 player I would rather have both.

nenabunena says:

i still have my 120gb zune and it’s been with me for a couple of years and hasn’t broken down unlike the classic ipad 4th gen i got that broke down within 9 months.  i have all my music on my zune and some on my phone


does anyone think of an audio player that is a shape of a card but has a smaller screen with USB type c and Bluetooth?

Charles Lee says:

I doesnt do any good what kind of player u have if u listen to beyonce

T Orrent says:

What is the obsession with apple’s crappy players? No screen in 2018?

My Transcend 8GB player has great sound, radio, and records. It weighs barely 30 grams so it doesn’t bounce on a neckstrap or wriststrap.

N for Noah says:

hahaha was that the bart

ermonski says:

Dedicated MP3 players/DAPs have way better sound quality than smartphones. Plus you can fill it up with lots of high-quality MP3s and lossless format audio without worrying of running out of space.

Azarhru DDin says:

Spotify is the reason i am not buying music player

Aylee says:

All these people in the comments…..you’re missing out.
I have a sony mp3 player (pink lol) and it’s great, I love it. No regrets.
And no I’m not 80 (which you could probably tell) I’m a teenager so

EDIT: sony walkman mp3 player*

Nathan Strunk says:

NewDrew2, what do you mean by the word – SATIRE … Huh, man?

Scott Warmbier says:

Just get a smaller/older phone and use it without an active SIM – you can use Spotify (or other music services where you can download content). “Go Phones” like older Kerocera have expandable storage and I’ve found them new for about $25. Older iPod touches are pretty inexpensive – they’ll run Spotify too but are sometime slow…

JH Piano Anime says:

what is a good mp3 player and some comfortable earphones

Adam_ Monteiro14 says:

Did anyone notice the spotify playlist have a song called n*gga concentrate no just me ok

Inebriatd says:

It never gets old when people in the gym pocket their phones during dynamic workouts then lose them by the 2nd or 3rd repetition.

Pyrotechnics 8 says:

Gogear aria

CJAdams97 says:

Good point. I don’t get the hate tho its smarter and save battery like hello?

Skye Fuego says:

I bought one ever since the phone I had deleted hundreds of songs.

Paul Olsen says:

All of you cool and edgy phone users just look like a load of sheeple to me, forcing yourselves to use cluttered reflective touch surfaces instead of buying something that actually works in the sunlight and feels nice in the hand. It’s one thing if you want to stream music, but if you’re streaming music then you already look like a bit of a toss to me. Fuckin young people.

RS1 says:

only reason I can think of to get an mp3 player is to save your phone’s battery life on long trips where you may not be able to charge it. this video reminded me that I have a 8gb zune somewhere.

Dirtsmack4 says:

0:09 you could get a Samsung so you can drop it more that once before the screen cracks

Ray R says:

There are mp3 players the size of a quarter, and cost $0.49 from the Chinese. They work great too. Bought 4 myself. Cellphones work too, but are too bulky for some occasions.

Matthew Smith says:

I recently DOWNGRADED to an MP3 player….I’m sticking to my Sony Atrac stick walkman, I have 15 of them…

Ekees says:

I bought a cheap one, about $2.50 in America, included with earphones and micro sd with 8GB.

Hussain Mudasir says:

Why not just put a memory card in your headset?

Elijah Contreras Velasco says:

At 1:01 Cool, I know that place as I have actually been there.

Kevin Lau says:

MP3 players can help u save your smartphone from wasting battery

R.A.R 108 says:

Mobile phone industries and their big lobbys are killing mp3 players all over the world. That´s a shame. I love the mp3 players 🙁

Cameron Szachta says:

Googly eyes? Really? *sigh*

Roger Childres says:

i need a good cheap mp3 player with built in speaker.drag n drop format.

Sabre Samuel says:

hi Hi love you’re young non of your besnes

Jesus Cardenas says:

The beginning felt like an ad

Денис Черенчиков says:

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Ohlamon says:

Where is my Ipod nano with wi-fi? So poor.

Girly glam says:

can we send any music from mobile to mp3 player?

Milton Goodwin says:

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Bessie Douglas says:

Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive see something like this before. So nice to find someone with some original ideas on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this youtube video is one thing thats wanted on the youtube, somebody with somewhat originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

triclaireatops XD says:

I have tons of them but I lose them after 30 mins lol

viki vik says:

blue thoooooth

leonardo h says:

you can use a Mighty, it uses your spotify playlists and it’s the same size as an ipod shuffle.

5 venoms says:

best mp3 player is toshiba gigabeat f40

Karen Guistino says:

I have a book on CD that is MP3 and my sis sent me 2 CD MP3 books on CD. I just want something inexpensive to play them on.

T Orrent says:

“Obsolete”? Dumb question. MP3 players don’t get interrupted by phone calls, and they are tiny and lightweight. Not everyone is obsessed and carries a smartphone everywhere, and some people turn it off.

Seamus Mc Donnell says:

better off with a high res player

ilmothedude says:

Why I use seperate music player:
1. Battery, smartphone battery drains very fast even with no music listened. My Colorfly C3 lasts 16h so no recharge needed in 1-2 weeks.
2. Memory, I have 64gb + 8gb music in my music player, smartphone would be jammed with all that music.
3. Sound quality, my smartphone sounds crap and produces very audible backround hiss. Music player is designed to playback music and is high fidelity which I appreciate.
4. I don’t care about streaming services.


Herman Silva says:

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A B says:

Why are people so mad lol … Its a good idea instead of taking up space on ur phone

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