Waterproof MP3 Player Review | First Impression

Hey guys! Todays video is a first impressions/hot or not on the waterproof MP3 player! I mention that I would do a video on this in my “What I Got For Christmas” video and though it was time to follow through. Please give this video a big thumbs-up and subscribe to see more videos!

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Products Mentioned:

Waterproof MP3 Player http://amzn.to/1roQatz

Vestpac Waterproof Earbuds: http://vestpac.com/store/waterproof-cases-headphones/waterproof-earwraps/


Nocturnal Forest says:

I think the tube is supposed to be on the back of your head, so it doesn’t get in the way of your stroke

Scott Snyder says:

Finis Duo works well, until it stops charging.

Jack Smith says:

Very informative video and damn you are cute :)))

Nicholas Ehrhart says:

amazing video I liked the waterproof MP3 player. where can I get an MP3 player that’s waterproof. so that way I can become an excellent swimmer in Pittsburgh

Brooklyn Jackson says:

I love your swimsuit

MrBetoman528 says:

ok Lindsey esta vez lo mejor del mp3 player son tus gogles. Se agradece mucho que nos muestres q todavia hay mucho por mejorar en estos mp3 player.
Lindsey sigo esperando un video sobre aletas. Muchas Gracias. Suerte!!

Taro B. says:

please review more swimming goggles

Aleka Corston says:

Can you do a review on the speedo opal mirror goggles please

Masen Decker says:

Do you know how much they costed

K C says:

That would suck if a song you did not like came one and your doing a 500

Rebecca Black says:

love ur channel

Ali Aldahier says:

this mp3 is better than the speedo aquabeat only the price is awesome and the accessories and special thanks from me iam a swimmer from iraq und danke schon fur das schone video und weiterso damit

DD Maco says:

I love your channel. Its the only swimming channel I watch on YouTube

Jisung Pwrk says:

where did you get the MP3 player?

lily says:

love your channel!! it’s so helpful!

Martina Seidlová says:

I’ve got this MP3 player, but I bought other headphones. I train with it for long distance swimming. It’s good, but not on the best. Better is necessary Lenco XEMIO 1000 it is not so big and heavy. But it costs more. Please excuse my English I am from Czech.

maxin306 says:

Massive player. I started to using waterproof iPod shuffle(DIY)and 3$ cheap earphones from aliexpress (same as you have on the video) and more than happy.

Kit Kat Swims says:

Great video

Craig Duncan says:

I’ve been using a player from a company called waterfi I got through amazon- I’m in the uk but they’re based in the US. I’ve used it for my 4 or 5 a week sessions for 2 or 3 years now and it’s brilliant – I spent a long time researching the various kinds before buying this one. Basically it’s an ipod shuffle they’ve injected with silicone and sealed outside similarly. As it’s a shuffle it’s tiny and fits on the back of my goggle’ strap without being obtrusive. I had some similar problems with the earbuds as you had but the ones that come with are very short by comparison and basically have 2 to 3 inches extra flex if you have the ipod on your goggle strap at the back of your head so don’t get caught up during swimming. I did have problems like I said but they were really good in sending me free replacements when I had problems with water getting in and stopping one side playing. But now I hang them with my trunks, and goggles on a towel rail above the radiator in my bathroom when i get home and (after experimenting a lot with the various tips supplied and techniques for putting them in) they work great! I’d tell you how I put them in but I guess everyone’s ear canals are different so it is down to experimentation. highly recommended though – I love going to live gigs and festivals and doing my sessions to bands I’m about to go see in a week or two really works for me. Hope this helps.

Emily Ally says:

Hey you should do swimmers life hacks

Annika Lewis says:

Where About’s did you get your Costume from I love it? And plus we’re both Swimmers. What’s your best time? And ps I’m from Australia!!

iva lola Kovac says:

How old are you?

xxxConanexxx says:

I love the rainbow goggles <3

Tacherra E. says:

I love your channel it’s so helpful

lola sepos says:

love your makeup!

Devyn & Jojo says:

I love you!!

Jason Rosales says:

I love your videos please create more

BTS ARMY My Bias is Kookie and Jimin says:

hi its me again! and i have one of that but it did not wrk quite well but i am happy beacause we win in the olympics but i love your vids by the way i sub to you 🙂

Harley Kessler says:

Is anyone going to state games of America 2017 in Grand Rapids Michigan?

TORIE Rogers says:

Were u disappointed by the results of the MP3 player

Millie Castoldi says:

I’ve been watching your videos for five hours (it’s 12:46) and I’ve already subscribed

Will4Jesus says:

Have you had problems with it being stuck on radio and if so how did you fix it?

TORIE Rogers says:


Kasey M says:

This is amazing❤️

Alexander Zgura says:

Hi I don’t know if you have seen the H2O audio MP3 swim system but works very well. I do think they changed their name though but would recommend checking them out and give them s try.

Mia13 says:

I have those goggles and i love your suite!

Enya Aileen says:

hii i just came across your channel and im loving it! im a swimmer from switzerland and im so excited to find youtubers that are swimmers! 🙂 xx

Ilovemypenguin18 says:

You should do the Swedish goggles review

G Chal says:

I had bought this product from China but it has stopped work after 2 days in pool.

Yujie Hao says:

Haha, I made the 200th thumb up!

Madde lawrence says:

What swim team do u swim for?

swimmer5967 says:

how old are you? nice vid btw!

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