Ultra Slim MP3 Digital Music Player – Ruizu X02

Ruizu X02 MP3 Digital Music Player Review
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Dean Clarke says:

Hi Dave another great video,I can remember when you used to review Archos media players way back when,keep up the good work thanks. I

rave master says:

I have this mp3 player and the bass is really weak, but the sound is very clear

PrognatusSeptem says:

Thank you David.

Tiza says:

I’ve been lately checking aliexpress for cheap but decent mp3 players and those Ruizu players caught my attention almost inmediately. Checked some videos on youtube and all reviewers so far seem to agree those are really nice cheap little devices. The other Ruizu player I wanna buy is the A50, but the fact it uses an analog knob kinda worries me, since I’ve seen some analog knobs that break after a few months of use.

Dunno if there’s a Ruizu player you can recommend me. The only things I want are: SD slot and cover art support

Michael Nguyen says:

Still loving my Apple iPod Classic 120GB.

Mike Mo says:

This tech is very 2005 lol

Voornaam Achternaam says:

Dave, maybe you should tell that this device RUIZU X02 Digital Music Player comes in several versions under the samename. Some have only 64 Gb expansion slot,the newest version 128Gb!

Marianne Suesli says:

audible files?

Humildad Plena says:

What’s the material of that MP3 Player ?

Voornaam Achternaam says:

Hi Dave! Reallyamazing small, does ithave bluetooth?

paulb4uk says:

I still have my old iriver h320 media players these days I am more interested in flac format I like the Sony hires players just not what they cost.

Darren Gator says:

Pretty decent player and the price is fantastic. I still use my iPod Touch 5, saves space on my phone and since I do not use my phone for music the batter lasts longer.

CurbSideManor says:

Still have my iPod Classic! 9 years and counting! Still the best!

pamanshu dhiman says:

i just recieved it …. and i am upset that i can only play music with earphones ……….. i regret … can i use it without earphones any chance ?

Sally Oh says:

How do you add music? Argh.

Rich Smith says:

Good review, man.

123 123 says:

Cool, but pointless

newmanscott60 says:

Are MP3 players till relevant when mobiles will do the same thing?

Adelle Leavens says:


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