This Thing is Amazing & Dirt Cheap! Ruizu Mp3 Player 2018

Ruizu Portable Music Mp3 Player
Best Price:
International: (amazon)

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In Todays video we will be taking a look at a Mp3 player under $30 that has 80 hours of Battery life, video play back, 4 colors to choose from and more. Check out this Ruizu X02!

My Bamboo Speaker:

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Thank you guys for watching and being part of my dream! The channel is alive and better than ever! I hope this video helped in deciding if this is the one for you!

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Hafiyyan R says:

MP3 player is cheap and tiny batteray was very fat for u love music

RoachDoggJR says:

I’m getting rid of my smartphone, so this little thing will be perfect.

Lucinda Ochoa says:

Wont let me retweet your post

Cesar Miranda says:

What’s good bro great review like always

Any Passanger says:

Whats the material of that MP3 Player ?

Peggy Hill says:

Awwww! This mp3 player is cuuuuute! I love it!

joe says:

Great , ordered just what I need mostly for radio, thanks 🙂

Joseph says:

I didn’t hear you say it had bluetooth

No Thing says:

kinda guy whose girl hides her phone

Angie M says:

Not to be too rude, but I’d highly recommend NOT wearing a cap backwards…. that is SO not good-looking. Makes you look like….. well, a huge dork. (sorry) Other than that, a clear (non-foreign) explanation of this product, which is helpful in making a decision about which MP3 to buy.

Tanuki says:

What do you think about the x18?

Yukl says:

what is the difference between ruizu x18 for the new x19?
who save more battery?

also, do you understand about intra bluetooth earphones? i was in doubt about QCY QY19, MPOW Wolverine and Anker SoundBuds Slim

Miguel Almine says:

Is this eve Bluetooth connection ?

kevin espinoza says:

Make a new studio tour video?!?

Russell Borrego says:

I think mp3 players still have a pretty significant place for today’s potential users.

Yes, a phone does all the same things for the most part… And the decline in actual computer sales is a huge impact. No computer, no download music. No ability to put music ON a mp3 player either. But when battery life is a concern? An mp3 player is the way to go.

I’ve wanted to get a new one for a long time now for work, where I have no ability to charge my phone. This may be the way to go for me once I build my Blu tooth speaker.


Kredo Tessay says:

Flac Support..???

Mind Seed TV says:

Hey Guys! To Enter to win this months give away visit the link below

Sloe Bone says:

What’s a radio? It’s so hard to keep up with new technology these days.

Maradona Digo says:

nice bro

Daniel says:

Mine broke by itself after a year and a half

nykel007 says:

Exactly what I was looking for.


I love MP3 media players still, I know people use phones but I don’t cause of radiation, also it’s over kill and I want to save my precious phone battery.

salma waleed says:

great review!
i found this model on aliexpress for around 18$ , is it original? also , how durable is this device?

slynbob says:

New studio is lit AF

Goaticorn says:

Cannot wait for this channel to blow up. Always enjoy the content, unique items, and solid editing. Thanks for the vid!

j love talking about the things I love says:

I like the MP3 player my question is what is the highest SD card that can go in to that MP3 player I have a 200GB S DE card will it go into that MP3 player that is my Question

andrew kligerman says:

Nice and cheap MP3 player.

legend 23 says:

Dang all that for me?lol keep it up bro and keep grinding.

Assaf Cohen says:

How is the sound quality?
How is it compare to Nano 7th generation?

Tristan_H29 says:

A few days ago I was in my 8th pd class (PE) and we were in the locker room for most the period and a friend of mine was using his mp3 player cuz he doesn’t have a phone and I was thinking to myself “My birthday is in 3 weeks, what if I asked for an MP3 Player?” So I started looking for some and found this one. I hope I get it for my birthday.

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