This $1.50 MP3 player is surprisingly good

More details at:

$1.51 from Gearbest:


Bill Killernic says:

Why should your opinion about their audio quality be enough? why not just connect that minijack and let us have a listen? useless comparison.

ratana neang says:

Hey I got that for 1.75

Jane Fitzwilliam says:

I am finding this will not work with a Mac. Any suggestions for downloading from a MacBook Pro? I want to get some podcasts on this device. Thank you.

Vincent Maturo says:

Wish you had mentioned if it resumes play where you left off.

Austin Souslin says:

i was about runout 4gb of freespace

077 Di says:

Thank you do you have H quality mp3 players in a budget? like 50$ or so?

Wiktoria Stoinska says:


roshan firozkhan says:

The audio quality of these are not good. Theres always a shhhhhhh sound on the background

Austin Souslin says:

I put 16gb stoage SDHC SD Card 4u

T Orrent says:

While in the Philippines, I bought the one you say is your favourite. The solution for having no screen? Combine your MP3s into one large file, either the original album or your favourites in a compilation. And maybe add two seconds of audio at the start to announce it, either your own or a synthesized voice. Scanning through 10-50 large files is easier than going though 100-500 songs.

Ram M says:

Honestly I’m gonna go back to downloading my music, there is many songs I like that are exclusive to soundcloud and YouTube that GPM, Spotify, Pandora don’t have.

NerdHelpDesk says:

just picked one up, perfect for running it looks like.

stellal7099 Lee says:

ummm how many hours does it charge and umm what light umm if it finish charging

Diys Tv says:

it is onlyy 1 50 i buy it

Adrian Andronache says:

I had one of these, it is good except does have some hum noise when used as sound source for an amplifier; because is not screened. But this can be workaround with some metal foil under it, connected to the ground of the headphones output. It’s very good for the price; but does not have shuffle..

M says:

Does it have shuffle?

Boulos Khouri says:

I have the first one and it works good

champion says:

You might can swap the insides of those players I believe that they have the same pcb dimensions

John says:

this shit gives you earaids.

shahd mohamed says:

My mp3 just play for 4 songs and skip on the other
why this happen and what shall I do ?

mysirius1000 says:

$1.50 but $10.00 shipping lol!

Bleached Kidney says:

I got the little blue one from my mom around easter and it worked great for about a year and it messed up

Hitz Network says:

What is battery backup of those devices?

digitalwallflower says:

Thank you! so much for the link. On long bus trips my phone battery gets drained listening to music on the way there. Then when I get there and want to take lots of pictures…there goes the rest of my phone battery! Then if I get lost can’t use GPS cuz my phone is dead.

Kim Toufectis says:

Great advice, got one that has served nicely.

lonku says:

I got that mp3 on an ebay auction for £0.01. they gave me one with the navigation button that fell off but it still worked. used it for a year and it is a great value for money, but I stopped using it simply because bringing a mini usb cable is a hassle when I have a micro usb cable lying everywhere for quick plug

Johan Kurniawan says:

I just realized that rose gold one is a knock off of apple ipod shuffle. I own it for 2 years now and just realized it

PrimalJay says:

Can you play any music?

Sourav De says:

does your favorite one has fm radio?

Jane Fitzwilliam says:

Do any that you like (last place not counting) have a decent FM tuner? I may have to get a new sandisk for about $28 as I love the radio feature and they make an awesome tuner…unless you’ve found one that works as well, or nearly, and is under five bucks!


Can you give one to me ?

Ray R says:

I bought 4 of these last year, for about $0.49 each with free shipping! Had my doubts, but they work perfectly. Of course, you have to add your own micro SD card, but for forty nine cents!. A candy bar costs more. Just amazing.

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