The ‘Updated Tape Player’ Review: an iPod & Cassette Tape in one!

Cassette Tape adaptors are nothing new, but this little SD Card adaptor/MP3 player is something kind of neat and different. I decided to review it because I genuinely found myself enjoying and using it day-to-day, and because I’ve way too much time on my hands (clearly).

You can get the ‘Updated Tape Player’ on eBay: (updated link)

Anker Ultra Portable Speaker:

The FM Transmitter I use:

Bluetooth Cassette Adaptor (mentioned at the end of the video):

My favourite channel Techmoan also did a video on this, I came to find out while making this review! (is there anything he hasn’t done?!):


Questions or queries to:


the blue leader says:


Xavier Rdz says:

I want that “Themes” cassette so bad

AirplaneRandy says:


edgar12334 says:

Hey man, comming from /r/EDC and I really liked this video! Great production quality, hope you get more viewers cuz you got one more follower for sure

Shitlord Diabettus says:

any updates on the tape player? is it good?

Ryan Y says:

Anybody found a working link?

WolfRamiO PULSTAR says:

The only cons that i find is that need be charger to work, would be perfect with a build in dynamo.

Shitlord Diabettus says:

what is the song at 8:07

Shitlord Diabettus says:

Dude, I found something better than this. There is this kickstarter that is exactly like this but 10x better.

MJ says:

I used to have that exact toshiba cassette tape player when I was growing up! Well, maybe not the same model number but it looks pretty damn similar.

7h3 m057 4u71571c y0u7u83 Ch4n37 3v3r says:

how did yiu make the sd card laybels?

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