The Small and Mighty Shanling M0 Audio Player

The Shanling M0 DAP is tiny! It also packs a punch and is ideal for those on the move listening to flac or mp3 – whether at the gym or travelling. With 2-way Bluetooth and USB DAC functionality, it’s an impressive player and possibly one of the best for under £100.

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Happy Listening !


TheStone says:

How good is it compared with the Fiio X1?

Draco 10 says:

You’ll look a right perv, digging around in your pocket trying to find the thing, just to turn the volume up or down. 😉

T A says:

Mmm I used some of Shanling DAPs and I disagree most of it. Wireless functionality is just not good because it makes nosies somehow

Don Cornell says:

It sucks don’t get it, I had to return mine since the sound is just and I mean just for a introductory audiophile. Oh yeah, and they took the Hi-Res Codec out of the dac. But the v20 gets it. lol.

Aerza Mezame says:

Will you do a review on the Fiio M7 DAP?

Matthew Davies says:

Been waiting for this review. I too like Shanling…. hardware. I do not like their firmware or the way they don’t finish a product before they issue another one. Frustrating for a Shanling owner.

Guitarmage 007 says:

Which sounds better the M0 or the M1?

Anas Khalil says:

Looks like Apple Watch :3

roi jayson sanchez says:

Can you use spotify on it’s 2 way bluetooth?

Tigerex966 says:

What mic is that, looks great

Kritika Kills says:

Can it play videos like movies and it mau be asking too much but can you give me mp3 players looking like this design

HiFi Headphones says:

Shanling have now released an improved firmware 2.0 update – 🙂

Arthur Salvador says:

Is there something like this ready for streaming?

John Tait says:

Thank you. This was very helpful. I’m assuming I can easily transfer my music/audio files from my desktop to the M0 via the USB cable?

uk zen says:

I want a player with a remote like the old sony MD players or the RF remote for the Ipod touch.

Mark Tsundoku Pasha says:

This or Fiio M3K or Hidizs AP80?

T. O. says:

This vs Shanling M2s, Xduoo X3?

Mohd Azri Mohamad says:

when the screen goes off, how do you skip track, and pause the music?

Jarillei Kath says:

This or Hidizs AP80?

Dave Fries says:

This is a great review. Great paste and very good content. Everything is very professionally made except the video quality. The camera zoom is just a little too far from you and the differences (color and sharpness) between your two cameras make the video look just a bit “unprofessional” looking. But great video after all, very informing. hope Some of these my opinion can help you to make this channel better.

Gonzalo Arrazola González says:

Where do you download your HiFi music?

bharat sharma says:

Great Vid!
Question: What’s the most significant difference between this and the M1?

Veeral Dogra says:

Hello! Can this be used as an external DAC for USB C phones?​

HSB R says:

0:47 why is there a pube stuck on it? where do you put the player? LOL

Aarón Espinoza Castro says:

It has line out?

msalome84 says:

good video! i read on the web that you can’t lock the screen. REALLY? the screen is always active also in your pocket?

Andres HQ says:

El Hidizs ap60 ii es mejor que el shanling m0?

Gabs Michel says:

Can I connect my Mojo to this M0 ?

Oneplus 27 says:

Really like this M0. Thinking of buying M0 or Fiio Q1 Mark II. I only have the budget to buy only one of them. Without considering the Bluetooth abilities of M0, which one would be better just on sound quality?

PocketWow says:

I’d wanna see this against the FiiO m3 or the new m7

Tigerex966 says:

needs a watch band or knecklace band, and spotify.
and aptx hd and the abilty for wifi chrome cast dlna airplay 2
headphone jack should have opt out

naftali DG says:

If I am looking for a neutral/balance sound and I have a Audio-technica m40x and fiio f5 is this worth buying?

CloudSound says:

I have lg v20, is this player better?

skypjuh says:

There’s small and there’s stupid

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