Sony Walkman (NWZB173) 4GB MP3 Player – Unboxing/Review & Setup

Bass boost, enhance the bass with one touch of a button. Plug directly into a PC to access your music library via the built in USB.
4GB memory.
1.2 inch screen.
Touchscreen display.
18 hours battery life.
LCD/LED display.
Stores up to 900 songs.
Built-in microphone.
USB port.
Includes headphones, quick start guide.


Biji Shajahan says:

can we transfer files from smartphone by an OTG?

Ben Knight says:

i’m amazed sony still makes these simple kind of mp3 players. would’ve thought all the touch screen based technology would’ve taken over like it did with mobile phones. glad to see these things are kinda making a comeback. i remember owning a 256mb mp3 player that had the same kinda built in usb plug as this does. this videos got me all nostalgic now 🙂

Ansi Noushad232 says:

How to voice recording plss rply

Angela Jaramillo says:

Hi, can you record voice on this? Thanks.

Sheik says:

Is the microphone external?

Ansi Noushad232 says:

How to voice recording plss rply

Zinger Sinh says:

Is folders the same as playlists? And can you change playlists while using it?
Great review btw

georgetuckley0 says:

How good is the sound quality? I heard some say there is no bass and others say the volume is too quiet!

Erwin GO says:

Do you know if you can control it with the apple earpods (pause/play/ forward/backward) songs?

londonisnotcool says:

i have one of these and i’d just like to say- it’s awesome.

shagnik bhakat says:

how’s the base?

Kali Dasan says:

does it have any software problem?

GenXtasy says:

How long is battery life now after all these months?

Juthika Pachal says:

can you please tell me how to charge it?

TechnoCrap says:

should I buy this or iPod shuffle?

PlayStationNation says:

That is really nice mate, I remember paying over £100 for my first MP3 player and it only had 1gb memory! Phones have taken over really but like you say you don’t always want to have your phone to play music when you’re doing stuff.

asyila azmal says:

can this record voice ?

gn0015 says:

So there’s no playlist support? That’d be the dealbreaker for me.

Marcello Araujo says:

thanks man, it helped me a lot! I bought one because I got sick of my smartphone. This MP3 player is small, the battery last a lot longer, the sound quality is way better than my phone and is much simpler to use it at the gym.

Ryusenko Hon says:

this item already in my cart 😛


I have the same walkman player. It works when it is attached to computer but not able to start. How can we reset it. The reset button on this is not solving the problem. May be it has some kind of virus. Please give me link for software to update/recover it.

Hamzah Batha says:

thanks for the review my one came in the post today and its blue

Surjan Bibi says:

Am going to buy red one tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t let me down

Gonzalo Lino says:

is it works with a macbook?

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