Sony Walkman: NW-A45 Super Review

In which I find out, there IS a reason to own a Walkman in 2018. The Sony NW-A45 is a hi-res audio player to go along with my hi-res headphones.

See the Walkman A45 on Amazon:
See the Audio Technica headphones on Amazon:

The NW-A45 is part of the A40 line of Walkmans which also includes the A46 and A47. Those latter models are essentially the same as this A45, but with more built-in memory (and perhaps different items included in the box).

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Black Tractor says:

Sony walkman tape cassette should be rereleased.

Sean DEntremont says:


sai ganesh says:

Nice rare video on mp3 player . Between I have a sony nwz a25 music player which is also high res supported . But I feel that inspite of using the VPT surround mode from the settings , I feel the sound stage is not wide as my samsung galaxy s8 . Can you please tell whether the sound is wide enough and if possible , the difference between this and the a25. Thanks in advance…..

albino_gringo says:

All headphones are capable of “hi res” audio; headphones sound as good as their source. All audio has to be converted to analog in order for you to hear it. All bluetooth headphones do is bypass the DAC in your phone for a crappier one build into the headphones. Studio headphones are always going to sound better.

R T says:

product looks good, only thumbs down for supporting apple

Tony Bartone says:

So I bought this because it has Bluetooth but it can’t find any of my Bluetooth speakers. Can you help ? I am ready to send it back the Sony forum sucks on this topic.

xiaoli12345 yang12345 says:

the price is too high

Emre Karaman says:

it should have been an android and inculude spotify.

Mali Symphony says:

I just want an genuinely good iPod. A music device which I can store my music for years I am not the kid from the 90s or something. I am a 20s kid. Still I want a cool music device which just for music. But doesn’t to find the perfect one. Quite disappointed there is no bring back the iPod. It was quite a device. I am pretty patiently for a perfect IPod to pop out right now. Love your video and great job on reviewing it.

zhang2003 says:

You look like Mon El from Supergirl. Good review.

Lonewolf bundy says:

If i was 2 buy this cos mainly i be connecting it through my Sony cassette adaptor “not a cheap one sounds great i fink” to play through my retro Sharp GF777Z boombox would this player sound better than your usual standard mp3 player like Philips Gogear SA4VBE04KN/12 Vibe 4GB mp3 player that i got & use at the moment and my music files are 128 bit rate in mp3 format???

monkeh88 says:

16 gb is more than enough

Paul Appleby says:

1:44 Cable is a ‘Sony’ Cable and we all know what those are 🙂 Great review!

Thomas Williams says:

I don’t listen to music on a phone as I am lacking in space from all the photos I take

skyseasun333 says:

Super…? No specs… amp/DAC info…just a lackluster review. Suggestion… revamp the review and make it super, otherwise it’s just an opinion.

Eclipse Gaming says:

The new Sony NWA

rameez328 says:

does it have FM stereo radio?

Christopher Leamons says:

This video could do with some “hurry up”. I found it difficult to get through the slight stuttering and parts where it should have been jump-cut or simple edit.

Tokama Tokamiszka says:

Fajny test. Dziekuje.

Simple Buddy says:

Is is your new channel mr. Michromatic? When i saw your face on thumbnail instantly subscribed. Good luck!

Darren Lester says:

Holy shit I thought you were “Dynamo” the Magician.

Jan Jankovsky says:

a45 sound very bad compare to old A15

ZexonRaider says:

Which is better? NW-A35 or NW-A45?

Gow Cow says:

8:02 You can fix this in the settings. Go to “Playback Settings” and switch “Artist List Display” to “Album Artist”. A file can have an album artist tag (singer) and a song artist tag (singer featuring …). If you play the song now, it displays the song artist, but there’s no mess in the library.

The Lone E says:

Did you use iTunes to download the music into the mp3?

shahvaze12 says:

we have smartphones

Roberto Fortuni says:

Poor guy, he starts the video saying “i’ve got a hi-res compliant headphones…” and then adds “I didn’t know about hi-res audio” facepalm

Melchor Gubaton says:

Which is better Sony nw-a45 or Cayin N3?

Josh S5 says:

Take a walk with a walkman.


Even the newest iphones have ANCIENT audio codecs if your doing wireless, they haven’t even adopted aptX yet. It is way behind everything else. Their still using AAC, if you do use the dongle, you can get a decent inline dac/amp, for 50 and under, or the dragonfly for 200 is awesome.. fiiO makes a superb dac/amp with balanced outputs for 99 bucks. Sony has one to, that looks almost identical, for a good bit more, surprisingly fiiO used top notch D/A converters, from Burr Brown and ESS as found in OppO players. and good Ti Op~Amps, so dont dismiss them, their build quality is great to, If you are rocking an iphone, I would seriously consider one of these, even if your doing android, These new walkmans are awesome, check out the top of the line one, its incredible! great review!

Blaze And Co. says:

Hi Charlie day

Ahmad Royyan says:

it starts to make sense..


Tbh, MP3 Vs FLAC’s difference is night and day for me

Deadcyde says:

love the pronunciation.. not just Walkman.. it’s a Walk-man

Affectionful Cat says:

The NW stands for Network Walkman, a.k.a. a Walkman that you sync with your PC. The convention naming goes way back. There was the NW-HD* series. They used a hard drive as a storage medium, hance the “HD”.

Agnieszka2047 says:

Could someone give me hint how to use bookmark list on this walkmen? I mean I know how to add songs to bookmarks list for egz. 1,2, etc. But no idea how to find bookmarked songs ;(

Fruitarian says:

So basically its an ipod

Эльдар Мухаметзянов says:

I found out that Sony is still making Walkmans when I saw Kojima using one.

Kicking Saturday says:

Welcome to toys for kids unprofessional

AboValdez says:

Can you add Spotify?

Blaze And Co. says:

Hi Charlie

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