Sony NW-A35 Review! (Hi-Resolution Audio Player)

This is a review of the #Sony NW-A35 Portable Hi-Resolution Audio Player. This device can play numerous file types such as MP3, FLAC, ALAC and DSD. Is Sony’s 21st Century #Walkman going to be a classic? Find out in this review.

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Just another Geek says:

When you play music do you turn off the screen or is it on?

Hamish McPenguin says:

Can’t a phone do all this? – Mine plays FLAC files

rich t says:

I need a small dap and was just about sold on the Shanling M1. I have a couple of inexpensive Sony players (<$100) and liked them. Punchy sound is important to me (also would like as wide a soundstage as possible). The A-35 is a bit more expensive than the M1. Does anyone have experience with both of these? Any recommendation?

Cyanide says:

I transfer long podcasts in mp3 format to players like this. But my one complaint is that if I turn off the device, I have to start it from the beginning, or hold the “fast forward” button down for like 10 minutes to reach the point I left off at. Does this touch screen allow us to simply tap at any point within the duration? (like how I can just click on the 2 minute mark on your youtube video without waiting) hope my question made sense!

Edward Francois says:

I want to really give this a go. I know it’s probably 4 trillion times better than my simple apply iPod touch 6 gen.

pspblackhorns2k8 says:

should i get this or ipod classic 160gb 7th gen?

Ray Shade says:

Wonder how does this compares to the NW-A45

Malith Geekanage says:

Just a question, how’s the bass quality of this device. I didn’t find any info anywhere. I’m coming from a nwz a815. Can you please help? many thanks in advance

Konad Benz says:

sony is yesterday.
they don’t care for the customer.
get fiio

Bavani Balakrishnan says:

Hi how to connect fm in this I bought this

darthmaulx says:

Little bit confused about the comment you made about Fiio. Which Fiio player did you compare it with? I compared the Fiio X7 with Sony NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A . I found Fiio X7 to be better.

Paolo Gonzalez says:

Do you use the clearaudio+ ?

Stoom Beehoover says:

Nice review.

Samuel Saldibar says:

Aye Megadeth

alejandro lizardi says:

Hi bro, I have one question for you, how many hours does the battery last?, in sony website is specificated around 50 hours but this may be just marketing you know..

starfleet76 says:

Will it do multi speed playback for audio books or podcasts? Thanks

Juan Jose Marentes says:

Hi the walkman have some noise cancellation modes?

PhotonsAcrossTheAir says:

Hey does this have VPT Arena mode? Thanks

sarthak sekhar says:

How is the volume output in sennheiser598se

Just Jezz says:

I too bought this semi-blind. I agree completely with review, good audio, nice interface but WHY the cable. It’s bound to be the first thing I lose or break. It’s a shame it has no wifi, which would make uploading files (particularly podcasts) much easier. However, I’m happy with my purchase. Nice video.

Ms.Nikita XXX says:

Apple also use a proprietary cable and no-one moans about it.. At least Sony uses the *same* cable across *all* it’s audio devices. Ideal for people who own Sony Walkman Docks.

Matthew Davies says:

You don’t want a FiiO. Their firmware are very buggy and they never finish updating. They just stop and leave the issues unsolved.

Luke Clarke says:

sound is so subjective*

Samuel Ling says:

What’s the difference between a40 and a35

plmvirginiauva says:

The old X series and Z series is still the best. Both can play video and watch pictures. The Z series has android.

Count Ravendark says:

Where is the clock?

Vartan K. says:

Hello, which part is the metal and which part is the plastic?

Zekestah says:

You can make playlists on foobar iirc

J RxN says:

Will this sound better than an iPhone 7/8
Or is the iPhone still better?

Barnaby Rumbler says:

So you can upgrade to 200 gbs on this device? Just with a micro SD card? Any issues with performance that comes with such a large upgrade?

r c says:

Can some one compare this with the Fiio mark 3 2nd or 3rd generation, in terms of sound quality and UI

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