SanDisk Clip Sport Plus (Unboxing)

Watch me unbox


julesdownunder says:

play the bl**dy thing!

Darkbdlz says:

how many playlists can you make with this device?

gm paglinawan says:

5:38 OUCH

Patty Hall says:

I bought one when I lost my iPod Nano. I was extremely disappointed to find that there was no genre capability. I used it all the time on my iPod. So I’m putting it aside and buying a used iPod on eBay.

bloo jkl45 says:

When it looks great and you want to buy it but it has bad reviews on Amazon…

Jar Head says:

16gb with no expandable storage for 50+ dollars? Wtf SanDisk!

David Ziffer says:

Amazingly your video does not show even one minute of normal operation or music menu navigation. I’ve seen about 20 reviews of this product and not one of them shows, for example, whether you can simply play an album in normal track order. There are tons of negative reviews on Amazon about this product because the original version wouldn’t do that for at least two years after its release; supposedly this has been fixed by a firmware upgrade, but I cannot determine what normal use of this player would look like. Plenty of time spent unboxing and navigating the Bluetooth menu, though. Wouldn’t the details of actual use be of interest?

John Brock says:

Does anyone know if this device connects to bluetooth speakers?

Lenny Anders says:

The Sandisk Clip Zip was the best MP3 player this company ever made, unfortunately it was discontinued in 2013 and after that it all went downhill.

napadaan lang says:

Can this mp3 player play loud music without earphones? (if I decided not to put earphones). Thanks

slszter says:

Video editing is a lost technique

Rafal Matela says:

Excellent review about recording with a smart phone and peeling off stickers.

Fortunato Salaz says:

Can you shuffle song while on Bluetooth?

Brandi Benavides says:

I have this and I barely get any battery life. If anything touches the buttons, it will drain the battery. Its dumb you cant expand the memory. You’re better off buying a cheap smartphone and using that instead. You’ll get more bang for the buck!

Being Gamer2704 says:

Can anyone tell me,,,,,will it support 64 GB sd card?????

LyonA says:

I’ve been using the SanDisk Clip Sport since 2+ years during workout and at home and I really like this product; It’s very compact, easy to carry during sport and it has high quality audio. Highly recommended!

Mitch Mabee says:

Stop talking. It shouldn’t take 11 minutes to say absolutely nothing important about the product.

You weird So do I says:

….. Can sandisk download music?…. I just want to listen my favorite music… And i don’t know how to fix it………….

Joel Almemdarez says:

we ate breakfast

BBudget says:

How is the bluetooth on the mp3 player? Im thinking of buying this one

lostn65 says:

does the screen turn off after a while when you’re listening?

emi Underwood says:

I’m currently having issues pairing with Bluetooth

Barry Zaremba says:

Very good, informative video! If this Bluetooth Sandisk MP3 player works well with the Powerbeats Bluetooth headphones I just bought, I will be very pleased!

OM FIRAS says:

Thanks for the video . Where can I get one like it ?

Michelle Schmid says:

Hi Brian, does this work with iTunes?

Amy Drazen says:

Can I create multiple music playlists? Thank you for your help. 🙂

Marie Griffin says:

Really excellent series. Wish he was doing the one I have. I’m going to keep him on my BOOKMARK PAGE because he’s someone I’d come to for info. Brian, this camera was fabulous & thanks for taking time to educate folks like me, truly appreciate it!

lane aloha says:

Are the headphones water resistant?

Distinguished Patron says:

No need to spend 10min explaining the concept of needing an MP3 player…

Jeff Harrington says:

I accidentallly put wrong language in, can you tell me how to fix that?

Dan Packard says:

How many songs can it hold if it has 16GB of storage?

Pheara Lim says:

Did you test it out the Bluetooth on the Sandisk Sport Clip Plus? If so, does it works well?

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