SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player

Welcome to the ultimate gym workout partner -The Sandisk Clip Sport MP3 player. It has great sound quality and durability that matches your activities.

The screen is a 128×128 resolution OLED display which is huger and less battery hungry than previous versions giving it 25 hours of battery life time.

Get active with the lightweight MP3 player that clips to your clothes, hat or wristband, allowing you to listen to high-quality music and audiobooks during your workout or outdoor
activities. With durability that matches your stamina, dynamic sound to keep you in the zone, and an expandable memory card slot for even more music, staying motivated will be a snap.
All that plus an FM tuner and large, intuitive color LCD screen for on-the-move navigation make the SanDisk Clip Sport player the perfect workout partner.

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Shunderz says:

Can you use the stopwatch while playing and skipping songs? Please reply.

cinetici says:

the format is m3u8. I somehow managed to add to my playlist 1000 songs that I want to delete them all. Ive tried to delete through VLC editor but after I unplug my sansa clip zip they are all there again. Can someone help me out? Thanks please very much!!

PatriotWatchUSA says:

This player doesn’t work with Rhapsody………… It sucks

WinterIce says:

I know this is a minor issue, but I Hate the display on this one, it’s like a child’s toy almost. I definitely prefer the San disk Clip+’s more minimalistic approach to a screen, This one is just ugly looking.

Sweet Princessa says:

you can touch the screen and choose your folder by the way

Charm D says:


Jos de Jongh says:

having problems creating playlists; i followed the instructions on-line and i can see my list in folders including content just under music there is my empty playlist….anyone can help me?

2passnthru2 says:

it wont upload music from Windows media or from Amazon digital downloads

연하 says:

해석 좀 ㅠㅠ 한국인입니다 죄송합니다 .. ㅠㅠ 해서..부탁합니당 ㅠㅠ

Steve Seamans says:

I just want to say this is a Super- Great product! Very light weight, in fact, lighter than my ear buds and cord. easy to use, FM radio reception is very good. All in all, a best buy of anyone that wants to work and listen.

NexisFilms says:

WOW, WOW, WOOOOW,…. Unbelievable . That’s a new record for me :
So I LITERALLY had this mp3 player for 24 ( wait for it ) … not days, not months, not years ….
24 fucking HOURS nd now it won’t even turn on ! Did I sit, piss or shit on it ? Did I feed it to my dog ? No, none of that .
I was … listening to music, as I thought I was fucking supposed to with it…
Ahahahahahaha … Well done Sandisk ! 😉

MrTroll Alot says:

i usually eject my sd card and put it in to a sd card reader and upload my music that way

Samflower says:

Does it work with iTunes? Can you transfer your albums directly from ITunes to the player?

MultiAwall says:

Would you be able to transfer google music to this device?

outerspacefunk says:

the back arrow button doesn’t work does it have repeair?

ICICspyTV 2 says:

Do I just drag and drop files (audio files) with my PC? Please reply. Thanks in advance.

Ronickon says:

I like your video.
I still have a feeling the sansa clip plus has a better design.
The clip sport’s buttons are too small.

Andro Enzo says:

sport function works simultaneously listening to music?

Richard Sackett says:

how much does SanDisk cards with Country Music embedded cost ??

TalesInc says:

Hi FMRevu, can you tell/show me where the menu goes to after I press on Genre? I wish to know that as it is the most important factor I am considering purchasing my next mp3, so it will be helpful. 🙂

khayreedidit says:

so I really liked this mp3 player all the way up until I tried putting music on it and from then on has proved to be a POS. I bought a 32GB SD card to to transfer all the music from my phone onto, after all the music is on the SD card I inserted it I to mp3 player. at first glance everything looked fine, but when I tried to play music it jus skips through songs every couple seconds and restarts songs.. jus completely starts glitching, ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS AS TO WHY THIS IS HAPPENING?? plz share asap.

oscar castillo says:

is there a WAY to switch music from one SanDisk clip TO another

Hernan G says:

my mp3 does not display genres.  instead it shows playlist.  Does anybody know why or how to fix it.

danielcvs1975 says:

Lovely video, could you tell me how to change the album/folder while it is playing?

Jeroen Bakker says:

i want to get something like this for my mum, but she isnt verry good with digital shit, so is it easy to use?
and does it have a “sleep” option like on your phone?

2passnthru2 says:


Mervyn Rees says:

the only bad point is the bass is very poor for rock and heavy metal,if the sound was deeper this would be the best you can get.

Chase Baumgart says:

Just get to the point

NorthernKestral says:

I had a first generation Sansa Fuze that was a gift from my late husband. A couple of days ago I was in tears to find it accidentally smashed, and there’s no way I can afford the hundreds of dollars sellers on eBay want for them. I haven’t heard anything good about the Fuze Plus, but this Sansa Clip sounds like it might work well as a substitute so I’ll go have a look for it in electronic stores. Thanks for taking the time to make such a thorough video – I almost feel like I’ve held it in my hands. Well worth subscribing to.

Shavian1 says:

Would it be possible to post a video that shows how to use the device? Thanks

Ronald Guzman says:

up to how much gigabites can the sd card support?

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