SanDisk Clip Jam Review

In this video I review a small MP3 player

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No One In Particular says:

Note for people looking to put large SD cards into this thing:
There’s a 4,000 file limit on the file database on the SD card and internal storage (meaning 4000+4000=8000 total files on both the SD card and internal storage), so large SD cards may not be necessary if all your files are low bitrate MP3 files, or if you’re unwilling to dig through the SD card using the internal file browser to listen to music.


Is there a maximum size limit for the SD card?
Clean your fingernails next time you do a close up video with your hands.
You wouldn’t go on a blind date with broccoli in your teeth, would you? Oh, you would? Never mind then.

Alejandro Cervantes says:

FM radio record?

zombiemontage says:

Most important question, does it have EQ control in the settings?

kdlofty says:

Is it bluetooth capable?

Roi Bokobza says:

Thanks dude

Sujata Subuddhi says:

Can we rockbox it? Also can we customise the equaliser?

Barath Vedant says:

Thanks for posting! My dad is looking to replace his square iPod nano with something new as it’s glitching out and he needs something with good FM radio and audiobook support. Would you recommend the Clip Jam given this? I’m telling him to move all of his audiobooks to his iPhone and use internet radio like TuneIn but he’s really looking for an audio player solution.

project10bball says:

fast ff and fast rew?

Z M says:

In case you were wondering, the radio antenna is the ear buds/headphone wire.

No One In Particular says:

You can (probably) fix that ordering problem by appending 0s to the beginning of the 1 digit chapters. Also, does this player do gapless music playback?

The G-Man says:

How is the audio quality? (and I’m not talking about the included ear buds) You kinda left that part out 🙂

Potato Dude says:

i just bought it from my store its still charging im excited

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