Ruizu x02 digital music player review and tear down

This is a no nonsence great little stand alone music player that supports .mp3, .wav, .wmv, .ape and FLAC file formats.
Has an FM radio and voice recorder to boot.



I became an Ipod collector, just cause so many people throw them out ! Started happening ..take a guess. yeah around 2008 with the roll out of the Iphone. Sometimes they are in perfect shape, sometimes a bit of screen crack, but all of them I have found boot up. Look around the bottoms of those recycling bins, and frequently in bags of wires and stuff like that.

Tomasz Wisniewski says:

My old sony walkman mp3 player is still working. I keep it at work in the drawer. It is a good fallback when I land up with crappy music on my phone

Graham Smith says:

Thanks very much for this very informative review. You don’t say much about the sound quality though. Is is good or not?

henry hillary says:

i like old stuff style, especially a high res player, even i got good iphone and honor, i seldom use them as music player, most of the time for internet surf, social, youtube tech and news only. i even order cheap convert cassette player to mp3, why i buy it because i got old cassette tape that i miss to play and feels the sound

coondogtheman1234 says:

You can change the record settings. I have an RCA MP3 player with an FM recorder and It would only record and play back FM in stereo at the highest quality setting so maybe try that. the audio is 48khz at 384kbps stereo and IMA ADPCM compression.
I like my player but FM reception is weak.

shaun says:

A headphone socket on it , first thing I was looking for .
I cannot go any lower than 360 compression in audio , I guss it will as these old phones do it in stereo .


How will we put songs into it?

GG Yubari says:

Do you know if it is compatible with MAC OS? Can I make folders and transfer songs easily using my Macbook Pro?

Bluethunderboom says:

I had the Microsoft Zune MP3 Player, when I ttry to recharge the battery for the Zune, it doesn’t want to charge like it suppose to, which tells me it might be dry as a bone to the point the battery may no longer hold the electric.

And I have the Nextbook Model NEXT2, I use for MP3 Content for like playing musics, or Mother Nature’s sound. I use for to play one as Majestic Niagara Falls to block the annoyances, and to ease my stress when having a good nap or a sleep.

Zipp 1 says:

Is she Bluetooth

gmcnewlook says:

I’ve worked in places I couldn’t bring a phone (one place fixed phones) but a mp3/ iPod was ok, I still use an older iPod when I work out, if something happens to it, no loss….

glenn goodale says:

1 Another great video

Digital Tech Stop says:

I got my Ruizu X02 today and when I copy MP3 files on to it using Win 8.1 Windows Explorer the unit keeps disconnecting. And my track numbers in the MP3 tags do not control the order the songs are played (Shuffle is not on). Did you have any of these problems? Thanks Volt.

slotec says:

still use mp3 player dont have to charge it every day like a phone and sounds better

Jason JJ Cruz says:

I still have a ipod classic 2007 its.a 80GB the ipod classic was a awesome music player. The only thing it needs is a new hard drive so the songs won’t skip

Maico says:

cat love from heaven

N Gauge England -Synthematix- says:

I DONT AND NEVER WILL own any phone, they are sad

Mike Collins says:

This is a review _par_ _excellence_ ! It’s not many that include a tear-down. It’s a shame the battery didn’t show its capacity. One thing you missed is how to carry it – it doesn’t seem to have an attachment point for a lanyard. Does it have to be carried in the hand all the time?
I use an MP3 player all the time for listening to podcasts. Till now, I’ve used the Ruizu X06, which has been good, but prone to failure after about a year. Its battery capacity is 850mAh. I load up the unit in the morning, and it gives me 8-9 hours listening while in my workshop, cycling, shopping, etc. Sometimes, I download an audiobook, which can play for as much as 18 hours.
My last X06 failed last night, so I’m looking for a new one. This one seems promising.

meek miLL says:

why is this company sending these to every youtuber I watch? Chinese junk!

EvilStreaks says:

Another reason why you’d want a dedicated MP3 player is you can just put your hand in your pocket and press next or whatever without having to get it out and look at it. Touchscreens demand full attention. I hate that.

VWestlife says:

The first demo song it comes with is “All Rise” by the British group called Blue: An odd choice to be paired together with the Carpenters! And of course that spectrum analyzer-like bar graph it shows when playing is completely fake.

lookoutleo says:

great review, battery looks 500mah , can you tell me does it recognise folders? as i like to copy my music over in folders to keep everything organised. makes it easier to play albums individually

Digital Tech Stop says:

Thanks Mr. Volt for this well done video review of the RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Music Player. I have a very similar unit which is the Dansrue M01. The controls on my unit are touch spots on the face and I have to lock the unit to keep from hitting them when placing the unit in my pocket. A BIG PAIN! I like this Ruizu player a lot better and since the price here in the U.S. is only $25.99 I will be ordering one from Amazon today. I wish I had seen your wonderful video 2 months ago. Dear Friend keep the great content coming. My mind goes back to a video of ours that I watched where you were in a half underground box with a million wires going everywhere. That was fun! Thanks, Your Alabama Friend 🙂

Wade Prince says:

Have you reviewed any players, not Apple, that will play AAC files? I’m getting sick of Apple but I suppose I would have to convert all my AAC files to mp3 to use this player.

Ryan Olsen says:

Many of my young employees do not buy music anymore. They just listen to Pandora or another music streaming service. I still like to buy my music, but it’s getting harder to find physical music now. I have transfered all my CDs to mp3, and I use a mp3 player at work.

Sallie Page says:

I just got this little unit because my new car does not have CD player . I listen to books all the time while I drive. Wish your video would show how to upload books. I borrow from the public library where they still have many books on CD. Also available are downloadable books but you can only have them for 2 weeks so I would prefer to use books on CD, as I would hate to be part way through when it suddenly disappears.

ptp - says:

How does it handle .m3u playlist files?

Luc Peeters says:

Looks like a nice unit. About 12 years ago I bought a 4.3 inch media player that played everything. Had a really really nice clear screen which looked like HD, had really good DA converters etc etc. It had an FM radio I mean it was almost perfect.
It had 2 dead bright red pixels on the screen and I send it back to the ebay seller to be replaced. He refunded because it was the last one he had. Never saw one like it again and I was angry at myself that I had send it back. Seems like smartphones killed all these nice players

Bushougoma says:

29:32 I have one issue with the PCB layout around the TSOP Flash IC they have some unused pins and for some reason decided to remove the pads under them.

To make matters worse those pins are directly on top of other traces and vias. They’re relying on the solder mask to prevent the pins from making electrical contact with shock and vibration (something anything portable will see) they could potentially scrub through the solder mask.

Hopefully those pins are not connected to anything inside the IC in which case it’s still dodgy but ok. When I’m laying out PCBs if a pin on an IC won’t be connected to anything I still leave the pad for mechanical support.

Nothing else stands out to me the layout looks fine otherwise.

bigtom1001 says:

this looks perfect for me,my work doesn’t allow phones or ipods/mp3 players,i wonder would this thing be able to pass through a metal detector?10 hours a day without music is just so wrong!!there’s no reason why i shouldn’t have some joy in work!

Agreeable Dragon says:

I hate carrying my phone at the gym. It’s too bulky and weighs down my shorts, battery goes quick, and there’s a potential for dropping. I miss my old Ipod nano 5th Gen, but this looks like a good alternative. Is this thing pretty lightweight?

outlawrickenbacker says:

‘MEOWWWRRRRRRR’!!!!  Ah, good to see your old friend back in tribute on the intro.  Hypothetically, are we falling behind in batteries?  My first analog mobile phone could last quite easily a couple weeks after a charge, and that was even when it was used.  Obviously the processing power of Smart Phones is leaps and bounds above those.  Every modern phone I have had, seems to at least need charging every single day.  So my question, what will be the next advance in batteries?  I don’t like the idea much of carrying around an additional power supply. Nice teardown, Thanks. These newer devices need more juice!!  Another nice cameo….(MY Philips screwdriver to be left in my will)

umajunkcollector says:

huge advantage, COST, if you drop it…

Jupiter-8 says:

I’ve brought a couple of dirt cheap mp3 players in the last couple of years which sound reasonable but are a nightmare to use, just ordered one of these for a good few quid more and from this video it looks a lot better 🙂

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